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————————————————————-Contact Telephone Numbers ———————————

The Brookdale

Contact Telephone Numbers

Box Office – 0161 439 0505
To book tickets for ANY show or play
Answering service 24/7 except when Box Office in Open

Table Top Sales – 0161 439 0606
To enquire or book a table at the Table Top Sales
Answering service 24/7

Hire a Room or the Entire Building – 0161 439 9990
Answering service 24/7

Membership Enquiries – 0161 439 9371
Ask about club activities, Section Details and Club Membership

N.B. The website contains a full calendar of activities and is updated regularly

0161 439 2782 – Payphone in club
NB: The payphone will not process calls for Box Office, Room Bookings, Table Top Sales or
Membership enquiries