About Us

The Brookdale Club was founded in 1943 to provide a social centre for the community. Set in several acres of greenbelt land in Bramhall Green this limited company is today a lively, friendly and popular club for people from a wide area.

Financially Brookdale is self-supporting, relying upon members’ subscriptions and money raised by club activities. There are three major halls at Brookdale which are rented to the club sections and to outside organisations and this together with the profits from our own licensed bar provide the sound financial basis for the upkeep and maintenance of our clubhouse.

All Brookdale Club officers are volunteers who give their professional expertise for the benefit of all. Brookdale is essentially a family club catering for many and varied interests of a wide age range of members from a youth drama group to a luncheon club for retired members. There is something for everyone within the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of our pleasant clubhouse.



Brookdale’s warm and friendly atmosphere is nowhere more apparent than in the club lounge bar where you will be welcomed to enjoy a drink in convivial and comfortable surroundings.   You can always be sure of meeting familiar faces for a pleasant chat whilst enjoying the benefits of club prices at the bar. There is also a TV in the Lesser Hall


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