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The Brookdale Club is more than a theatre.  It is made up of many different sections and each “Section” is autonomous.

What do we mean by that?   Each Section has its own Committee which is responsible for all its own activities.  The odd exception to this is the Bar Committee and the Social Committee which are both sub-committees of the General Committee.

This autonomy is important to the way the club is run.

Take, for example, the Wine & Food Section.  They plan are promote a function each month which is connected to Wine & Food – isn’t everything? The Committee plan an event like a Dinner with an entertainer.  The cost to attend is about £15 and this would give you a three course meal and an top class entertainer.  Not bad.

The Section pay a room rental to the club for their function and, at the end of the year, they give all their surplus to the club.

There are many Sections.   Bridge, Andante, Gardening, Travel, Theatre, Linguists, Art, Bowling, Dancing, Rambling and Luncheon Club.

Even Theatre is supported by sub-committees for Workshop, Casting etc..

Confused.  Why not talk to a member and find out what might be right for you?

Ring (0161) 302 2 302 and select the option to find out about membership.  You can talk to a member who will answer all your questions or put you in contact with someone who can.