Brookdale News – February 2015 / March 2015

31st January 2015


Dear Members,


The festive season has come and gone, so let me offer my best wishes for the coming year. Let’s hope this year’s widespread outbreak of persistent coughs and colds is coming to an end.


Ingrid and I managed to snatch a few day before Christmas to take a break at Grange in the Lake District and then two weeks in the Canary Islands immediately after New Year – both arranged long before I was elected President. My thanks to Carole Streak, Club V.P and the various other V.P’s who deputised for me whilst we were away. I was sorry to miss the Andante concert and I was unable to venture out for Christmas Eve in the Bar.


Since the last Brookdale News, Ingrid and I have attended 3 coffee mornings, a Bar Quiz, and one Walrus Lunch. Also there has been the Christmas Fair, the New Year Ball and a Play. Plenty to keep us busy.


There have been a variety of Section meetings: The Wine and Food Section held an enjoyable Christmas Extravaganza with a light supper followed by games and music then there were two Travel Section talks – both of which coincided with the day we travelled home from our breaks and, luckily, travel arrangements went to plan so we were able to arrive in time for the talks. In December we learned about the Scottish Island of St. Kilda and the January talk took us all the way to Patagonia; both were fascinating and informative.


The Christmas Fair was bustling and the Club filled with all sorts of delights to purchase from both our Section Stalls and those of the professional traders. Thanks to the Social Committee for the decorations throughout the Club.


We really enjoyed the New Year Starlight Ball. It turned out to be quite spectacular with the Main Hall decorated in an Astronomical theme plus a moving view of the stars in the night sky. Starting with Bucks Fizz and canapés, then a superb buffet served by Reflections and a D.J who provided an appropriate mix of music for a variety of dances made the evening very satisfying. Thanks to all those who helped in any way, especially Alan and Alec who stepped in at the last minute when I was too unwell to climb ladders.


We jetted off to the Canaries the day after and did enjoy the winter sunshine and walking – a bit of a shock to return to frosty Manchester.


We have now moved on to the season of Section Lunches. Ingrid and I have been feted at the Bowling Lunch in the Alma Lodge and by the Caracampers at the Deanwater. Both were really good – we will have to watch our waistlines as several more lunches are in the offing.


The highlight of the past week has been the Play – Noel Coward’s ‘Present Laughter’. I saw a few minutes of performance at the Dress rehearsal when I visited to wish the cast well and thought it looked very promising. The final performance, which we watched on Saturday, exceeded my predictions. Well done, both Director and Cast who all pulled together to produce a stunning performance where every member of the cast, whether having small or large part, put the same enthusiasm and energy into their performance to make this a particularly memorable one – incidentally, as I write this, a radio adaptation of the play is being broadcast on Radio 4 and I don’t think it is being performed as well as did the Brookdale cast!


Arrangements are being prepared for Charity events and I will be giving more details in the next Brookdale News.


We were all saddened, during the Christmas period, by the deaths of Margaret Withington, Stuart Dickson, June Binns and that of former member Norah Toyne who was a few days short of her 105th birthday. Our condolences go to their families.


Ray Halls





Whist Drives held in the Upper hall on the third Thursday of each month, are open to anyone wishing to  join us,  you do not have to be a member of Brookdale, or to have a partner, to attend, even if you have not played whist for a few years, you are still welcome if you remember how to play.


Play commences at 7.30pm in the Upper hall, admission is £2.00 per person and tea and biscuits are served in the interval, when raffle tickets are also sold.


There are normally five whist prizes and two (sometimes more) raffle prizes to be won, thanks to those players who occasionally donate extra prizes.  The next dates are Thursdays 19th February, 19th March, 16th April and 21st May.


250 Club


The prize draws for the 250 club take place in the bar at 11.45 am on the first Saturday of the month, normally following the theatre Coffee morning.


The President normally draws the three winning numbers, and hands out the cheques.  If the winner of the first prize is present, a bottle of wine is also won.


To join in this fund-raising club, just complete an application form from the stand in the entrance, and place it with your remittance of £6.00 for the March to August draws (£1.00 per month) in the box below the notice board in the corridor outside the main hall.


The winners of the last draws were:


DECEMBER 1st Sally Hemsley JANUARY 1st Jean Tudge
2nd Jean Tudge 2nd Sally Hemsley
3rd Jackie Grant 3rd Jackie Grant


We can assure members that the numbers drawn each month from the raffle drum are genuinely randomly drawn, and they are not necessarily the same actual numbers previously drawn.




Many thanks to George and Hazel Wilson of their December Quiz complete with refreshments, then to Ray Wood for his interesting one – we actually won it!  I can’t believe it!  We wouldn’t have done so without Janet Wood, the champion quiz girl  Thank you to Jean Tudge for her “Christmas Eve in the Bar” sorry we couldn’t be there – grandchildren duties.


We enjoyed our evening with Harry Newton on his ninetienth birthday and wish him many more to come.


A Happy New Year to you all and hope you are all in good health.


Our next Quiz is on Sunday 1st February when the Theatre-goers will be in charge and Sunday 1st March, Arthur Watson will be our Quiz master and hopefully Sheila will be with him.


We still need extra help behind the bar on some nights.  Please, if you could spare an evening a month, do volunteer and we shall show you the ropes before we leave you to it.  Also, on Tuesdays we need one or two helpers to tidy the shelves and make sure everything is spick and span behind the bar.  New members can you help?




Table Top Sales


Many thanks to Alex Joyce and the team for running the last Sale on Sunday 8th February, your support is much appreciated. The next Table Top Sale is on Sunday 22nd March2015.  The telephone number for anyone wanting to book a table is 439 0606. The following sale will be on Sunday 12thApril.   Anyone who is willing to help with these Sales in any way will be very welcome. The tasks are not onerous and most need only take just over an hour of your valuable time.  If anyone not already on my list feels able to volunteer, you will be most welcome – Ray Rodwell – 0161 485 4665.


Christmas Fair 2014


Thanks to Niel Lingwood for taking the lead once again with the Fair and also to all the Sections and members who helped with setting up, clearing up and for their work during the day – there’s a lot of work for many people and we do need and thank you for your support for what is a major fund-raiser for the Club. This year the total income was over £5,200 resulting in a surplus of £3,620 after deducting VAT and expenses.  Grateful thanks are also due to Roy and Jean Tudge who have run the Christmas Draw for over 20 years and now wish to take retirement!  The total money raised by the Draw over these years would require lengthy investigation of those records that still exist but is likely to be in the range of £15,000  to £25,000.


New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve was attended by over 120 members and friends who were provided with an excellent buffet meal by Reflections. Unfortunately our comedian did not live up to expectations but our DJ, Dave Jones, played a great range of music for dancing before and after the midnight chimes of Big Ben. The traditional singing of Auld Lang Syne and exchange of New Year greetings to friends and acquaintances completed a most enjoyable evening.


The Social Committee warmly thanks all those who contributed their time and effort to the arranging, setting up and taking down for this event, all done in a happy atmosphere.


Committee Changes


Ingrid Halls has decided to step down as Social Committee Chairman and spend more time supporting President Ray as the busy period of his year approaches. Thank you Ingrid for your efforts over the past 8 months.  Carol Pimlott has also retired from her role as Honorary Secretary after over 4 years in the job.  Carol has been very supportive and conscientious, many thanks. Judy Rodwell has agreed to become Honorary Secretary in her place, but we are still awaiting a replacement Chairman. We can also use some more Committee members, particularly males, as your scribe is one of only two men amongst a large number of attractive ladies! How about some input chaps?!


Social Events

Our next event is on Sunday 3rd May when we will be charmed by the Affinity Show Choir.

The Affinity Show Choir is an exciting ladies harmony show choir based in Stockport.  It all began in June 2010 when their Musical Director, Lesley Carson, decided to create an exciting new singing and dancing show choir in Stockport with the aim of introducing ladies into the wonderful world of harmony singing and performance.  After a series of singing workshops, Affinity was born.  There are now forty of them, all local ladies from early 20’s to late 60’s, who love to sing!

At the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers   National Chorus Finals held in Llandudno in October 2013 the choir were the highest scoring novice chorus and were placed 8th overall out of 32 choirs. A quartet selected from the choir’s singers won the Silver Medal in the contest for Quartets.

There is a ticket application form in this copy of the News, so please get in your requests in  good time.



Many thanks to all the section Scribes for sending me your reports in plentytime.  I have just a couple of requests.


Please please when you give me a name don’t forget their surname  and also when you give me a date of your event please include the day, date, venue and time, I am not clairvoyant.


Sections News (in alphabetical order)




Happy New Year!  We have started rehearsing for our next performance at the coffee morning, Saturday 25th April and of course we hope you will all be there to enjoy the occasion with us.

We have just welcomed back our leader, Alan Streak, after his cruise around the Med, taking in sites of Rome, Olympia, Ephesus and Istanbul to name a few.  He looks thoroughly refreshed and he is full of enthusiasm to introduce us to his ten new arrangements of songs, probably inspired by the ‘on cruise’ entertainment. So you just have to come and listen!

Saturday 25th April, don’t forget!

Our concert on Saturday 13th December, 2014, was a real success.  Many people commented on our improved performance so we feel that the two practices per week beforehand, certainly paid off.  Alan was on top form and the audience really enjoyed his banter in between musical performances by the choir singing popular songs, solo artists Joan Sharp, Tommy Farrel and Sheena Anderson all singing, Pam Griffiths playing a piece on keyboard, and of course the audience’s contribution of Carols accompanied by our own Melvyn Owen also on key board.

Thanks as always to Carol Streak (who has also just enjoyed the Med cruise, with Alan of course) for organising with her team the welcome refreshments at half time.  Also thanks to Carole and Brian Taylor for taking care of the VPs before the show, Brian Wood our VP was pleased to entertain all the club VPs with their help in serving wine and tending to the VPs’ every need! Ron Clare also made a big contribution by controlling the sound and lighting from that little raised room  at the very back corner of the hall, thanks Ron. And thanks to all the choir members for setting up the room and making it look so inviting. Sheilah Mullen and Elaine Stafford did well to organise presentations at the finale before we sang our last song, Happy Together.  And we were!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning, April 25th and if you fancy a good night singing every Wednesday, come and join us.




We would like to wish everyone at Brookdale a happy and healthy 2015. Can I introduce myself my name is Joe Sambrook I have been a member of Brookdale for quite a number of years mainly involved with the Art section. Apparently I am the new scribe for the art group, I have been called some things in my time but never a scribe. We would all like to thank Janet Wood for keeping us informed with the various activities taking place within our group over the past few years. Janet as decided to put down her quill and take up modelling for us artist, she recently offered to sit for a life class until some wag said I don’t what Janet is wearing but it needs ironing (only joking  Janet).


2014 was a very productive year with various workshops and some great demonstrations which most people enjoyed. Our second coffee morning was quite successful I gave a talk on the Tales of a Salford Lad  but the sales of our Christmas cards and calendars was just amazing which was no   surprise due to the very high quality. We also sold 3 paintings.


Why not make 2015 the year you learn a new skill. Come along either a Tuesday or Wednesday morning between 9-30 am -12noon and see what you have been missing all this time. We are a very friendly bunch and for less than the price of a cappuccino you will have a very enjoyable time ,we charge £2 per session which includes tea or coffee .


By the time you read the magazine the very popular Margarta Martynuik  returns to give us a demonstration on how to paint and draw from photographs personally I can’t wait.


We are holding our annual  lunch at the Deanwater Hotel on Tuesday 3rd

March the cost is £20 including tip . Should you care to join us you will be made most welcome, we have a menu available just contact Delia Haslam on 0161 486 0550 or Janet Wood at the art group.


We have many things planed throughout  the year we will keep you updated



Christmas is over and we are well into the New Year. Alas, in early January, June Binns died quite suddenly. This delightful lady, a good bridge player, will be missed but long remembered. Pat Schoupe is in hospital again but we’d love to have her back. Anne Thompson, a few days ago, developed a nerve problem in her face. She feels miserable but hopefully she will return to the bridge table in the not too distant future. I shall miss her cheeky little smile. Then there’s Tom Burniston, poor “sole”, he has had surgery to part of his foot; there’s no truth in the rumour that is due to repeatedly kicking his partner under the table, if you know what I mean. But he is a brave Scot and “he’ll” come quickly back to us.

Teams of Four continue to give pleasure to those taking part – it’s exciting and competitive. As of Monday 19th January, heading the field is John Varley’s team.


Late reminder – our bridge lunch is on Saurday 21st February.  By the time you read this newsletter, it maybe that the event is sold out, but contact Rosemary Moorhouse and you may be lucky.


Finally let’s go on to Gil Fletcher’s teaser



S    J 8 3

H   9 8 7 5 2

D   A K 5

C   Q  6


W                                                                                                              E

S   7                                                                                                                        S   10 6 5 2

H  A 6 4                                                                                                                 H   Q J 3

D  Q J 8 3                                                                                                                               D   10 7 4

C  A J 9 4 2                                                                                           C   10 8 5




S  A K Q 9 4

H  K 10

D  9 6 2

C  K7 3


OZ Emerald City Congress Pairs

Do you want to be Declarer (Dorothy) or Defender (Wicked Witch of the West) in this critical game all last board?


South opens  1NT(15-17)), West passes  and North bids 3NT. WWW leads 4C to QC, 5C and 3C, How can Dorothy make 9 Tricks or the Wicked Witch hold her to 8 tricks. Sadly for Dorothy best defence will prevail and limit her to eight tricks only. However, best option is as follows:


North (dummy) has won the first trick with QC and declarer runs off five Spade winners, East follows four times and then discards H3 (nb Must keep Three D’s and 3 C’s to protect end game). Wicked West meantime has to find four discards on the spades and avoid being end played, so she discards QD, JD, 4H or 9C (but NOT the 2C).


Declarer then gives herself an extra chance (of dropping 10D) by cashing AD and KD. West can’t afford to discard 6H to keep all her Clubs but being thrown in with the now bare AH. Declarer’s last chance is to lead the 6C from dummy and duck East’s 8C/cover10C. Without the earlier discard of JC or 9C West would be end played to win three Club tricks then have to concede a trick to Declarer’s KH.


As defended, if Declarer ducks, West can lead to cash 10D, then third club or QH switch gives West the remaining tricks. If Declarer covers with KC, West wins and then the retained 2C to East’s hand to cash 10D, then third Club or QH which gives West the remaining tricks


As you can see any discarding/unblocking slip the Defence will let Declarer make her contract. Three unblocks plus the reading/placing in partner’s hand is essential to succeed. (If Declarer held K, 10xC opposite Q x C she would have played low at trick one to guarantee two club stops.)




Although we are well forward with 2015 activities we wish all members a Happy New Year.

The decorated notice boards in the club looked very festive over the Christmas period and for anyone who did not see the “Christmas Greetings from Caracamp” I feel it is not too late to publish them here, in the form of  a little poem by Kerry Blake.


Whatever the weather we have fun together

While seeing a bit of the world.

Now Christmas is here, let us be of good cheer

And remember what we have been told.


A wee dram of this with a good slice of that

Will stop us from feeling our age.

With a caravan here or a motorhome there

Or a tent with a car said the sage….


There’s fun to be had for a girl or a lad

And you won’t have to travel too far

There’s many a good reason to welcome next season

While fixing your gaze on a star.


May love fill your home with peace and goodwill

May your larders hold seasonal plenty,

Good health one and all and good luck next year

May your tank of friends ne’er run empty.


Congratulations from us all to Harry Newton who celebrated his 90th birthday at the end of December.  Several members will remember Chris Cameron who was a caravaner for many years with her husband Alec. Chris celebrated her 100th birthday in January and our VP Harvey Dickinson visited her with a bouquet on behalf of the section.


It is sad to report the recent death of Charles Telfer and we send our sympathy to Jean and remember happy rally weekends they spent with us.


Our January coffee morning was well supported and the scones and jam much appreciated, so we look forward to an equally successful morning on Saturday 28th February when cakes will be served with the coffee.  On Saturday 28th  March HARVEY’S BRASSTACULAR will take place with Hazel Grove Brass Band performing for us. There will be a hot supper and the evening will begin at 7.30pm.  This will be a popular event so make sure of your tickets (price £15.00) from Barbara Dickinson – phone no. 439 1707.


The section has recently enjoyed a splendid Sunday Lunch at the Deanwater Hotel and once again we thank Sheilah Mullen for organising the event.


The first Carabreak of the season will take place at Edgerley near Oswestry from the

Thursday 7th  May to Tuesday 12th May  and after that there will be one at Carog. North Wales, from  Thursday 11th June to Tuesday 16th June.




In the Garden


The January snow brought out the beauty of the trees, coloured bark, foliage, texture and twiggy shapes which show off quite well against an uncluttered background.


Now is the time to take stock and plan ahead.  Maintenance may not be the most glamorous job but it has to be done in winter when the garden is a skeleton of its usual self and it is much easier to reach the bits that need attention.


Once done we can welcome the first bulbs, catkins and early flowers making a cautious debut.


Indoors Plants


As growth slows reduce watering frequency and move them to sunny south facing windowsills to make the most of wan winter daylight. After the winter some house plants may not look their best. Examine them carefully to decide whether they can be rejuvenated by treatment during the coming spring or whether they are better discarded and replaced.


Greenhouses and conservatories should be ventilated on mild days to reduce diseases such as Botrytis.


20th December – Coffee morning and the traditional Christmas Table Decorations Competition.  .


Our Coffee morning was well attended. The entries to the “Christmas Table Display Competition” were very attractive and testament to the skill and dedication of all who contributed. The worthy winner of the competition was Lucy Bryan. Our Head Gardener and Chairperson Maureen gave good gardening advice to all, as ever and Colin Smith our VP provided the group with much jollity and mirth. Conversation, tea and coffee flowed in abundance and the delicious mince pies were appreciated by all.  Another successful morning!


31st January 2015 Coffee Morning.


Our Coffee morning was well attended. The spring flower table decorations with their glorious colours and fragrances lifted the spirits and all who contributed should be commended.  Our Head Gardener and Chairperson Maureen gave good gardening advice to all followed by Colin Smith our VP who was as entertaining as ever especially his factual account of connected coincident between President Abraham Lincoln and President John F Kennedy – “Spooky!”


The coffee, tea and delicious biscuits rounded off a most delightful morning.


Forthcoming Events for your diary


14th February Coffee Morning and Bulb Show in the Main Hall – 10am. Further details are available at the coffee morning and at the notice board.


27th February Evening Event – Exotic and Traditional Flower arranging demonstration by Mark of Hazel Grove Flowers in the Main Hall at 8pm.  All Flower arrangements will be raffled on the night. Further details will be available at the coffee morning and at the notice board.


21st March - Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10am.


18th April – Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10am.


24th April – A Fun Evening “Gardeners Question Time” In the Upper Hall at 8pm

A panel of expert gardeners answer your questions on your gardening problems and give sound practical advice on virtually any problem that might arise in your garden relating to Trees, Shrubs & Herbaceous, Houseplants, Fruit and Vegetables and Pests & Diseases. The main emphasis of the evening will be “Fun” followed by a Raffle.  Further details are available at the coffee morning and at the notice board.


9th May – Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10am.


21st May - Gardening Section AGM in the Upper Hall at 8pm.  Further details are available at the coffee morning and at the notice board.



To any of our members who are in ill health, or, are recovering, we send our best wishes.




Another Christmas and New Year have been successfully negotiated, and as usual January feels a bit like emerging from the dugouts after the bombardment. We have cleared away the decorations, removed the last pieces of turkey and mince pie from under the armchairs and thrown away the boxes of empty bottles, and look ahead to the pleasures of the winter with Spring not far away.


But we cannot let Christmas go without reporting on the Winter Coffee morning. We enjoyed the usual gluhwein and stollen, and gave a spirited rendering of several Christmas carols, ably accompanied by Doreen Stretton on the piano and Peter Miles on the harmonica. Well done to both of them – playing in public to a group of untamed linguists takes real nerve.


After Christmas, our first event was the New Year Coffee Morning on Saturday 24th January, when we enjoyed a good cup of coffee (or two), the Linguist’s high quality biscuits and a good gossip with all our friends. As ever, this was very pleasant, and thanks to our committee for enabling us to continue in the 350 year tradition of coffee houses.


There are two events for your diary. First, the Spring Coffee Morning on Saturday 21st February, at 10.30am in the Upper Hall, when we can again indulge in coffee and gossip.


Secondly, there is our “Main Event”, which will be on Saturday 21st March, and marks the Linguist’s Golden Anniversary. Since we began in 1965, it is appropriate that the evening will feature a talk by Brian Hallworth entitled “Down Forget-Me-Not Lane 1960-65”, when Brian will tell us about the other (less important) things which happened around that time. Keeping to the 60s theme, there will also be buffet supper which will be the well-known Linguist’s platter, this time based on the Berni Inn meal we all loved then (but not, obviously, a “steak and chips” meal – more details on the Notice Board poster). This will be in the Main Hall at 7.30pm, and tickets are £11 each. There is a booking form in this “News”, and places are limited so be sure to book early.


I am very sorry to report the sad death of Stewart Dickson. Stewart was an enthusiastic member of the Linguist’s English Group, and we will all miss him. We send our deepest sympathy to Trudy and the family.


Finally, the usual trumpet call for our language groups, which always welcome new members. They require a reasonable knowledge of the language concerned, and most have some expert speakers. The English group is for anyone with an interest in the spoken and written language, and its activities are very varied – come and try it, and relish our varied and beautiful language!



To find out more, do contact the Group Leaders who are:-



FRENCH               Jo Moor                 0161-439-9818

GERMAN             Peter Miles                            0161-488-4130

WELSH George Beaumont               0161-439-5445

ENGLISH             Jean Harrington   0161-456-8761

SPANISH              David Singleton   0161-485-5123




Ramblers Section


Bramhall Park Stroll on Sunday 23 November 2014


Tony and I checked the planned Dairyground stroll the day before the stroll and found that one of the paths was completely underwater in a couple of places.


As a result, the seven strollers agreed to walk around Bramhall Park. We set off from the club car park on a cool, cloudy but dry day. We crossed Bramhall Lane and entered Bramhall Park. We kept to the left of the brook and eventually crossed the high walled stone bridge and reached the lake. The slope to our left below the hall was completely waterlogged after the recent wet weather.  A little, further along the lake a man and his children were feeding the ducks.  Suddenly two male ducks attacked each other. Maybe each one thought the other had had too much of a good thing. There was plenty flapping of wings, splashing of water and biting of necks. At one point, both ducks disappeared under the water. Eventually all quietened down, much to our relief. We didn’t relish giving first aid to ducks. The lake was full of Canada geese, mallards and mandarin ducks. There were also other two ducks with a completely pink plumage looking very striking and swimming about quite happily amongst the others. We walked round the lake, up the hill and along the back of the old walled garden to the entrance to the old stables. Apparently, there are plans to restore the walled garden to its former glory. This can’t come soon enough as currently the garden is an unkempt square of soil surrounded by an uneven paving.

Three strollers decided to walk up to Carr Wood Road to look at the big new house being built there. The rest of us went for drinks in the café and waited for them to return. We all walked back to Bramhall Bridge and split up. Two strollers walked to the Ladybrook pub, the remainder walked to the club and then drove to the pub.


Three more people joined us to make 10 for lunch. We sat in the raised area in front of the fireplace and had an enjoyable lunch. The service was excellent and all 10 lunches came more or less together. We decided that we would try to book the raised area next time we were at the Ladybrook as it gave us a superior feeling looking down on the rest of the eaters and drinkers.

It was a very enjoyable rain free outing despite a change of plan.

Leaders: Alan Barker and Tony Cummings


Poynton Pool Stroll on Sunday 25 January 2015


The planned stroll along Angelsey Drive and Princes Incline was checked the day before but the paths were too muddy so the route was changed.


Eight strollers set off from the Angelsey Drive car park and walked up Angelsey Drive to the South Park Drive entrance to Poynton Park. The weather was cool and cloudy with occasional sunny periods. We took the right hand path down to the lake and eventually reached the old boathouse. We kept to the edge of the lake and stopped to read the information board a few yards further on. There have been three manor houses in Poynton Park belonging to the Warren family. The first, built in the 1500’s was demolished in the 1800’s and replaced by a larger house with two towers. PoyntonPool was created and the surrounding gardens landscaped at the same time. The third house, built in the early 1900’s retained the two towers of the second house and was known as Poynton Towers. This was demolished just after World War 2. This was a great shame, as it looked very impressive in the photograph.


There were also plenty of ducks and geese on the lake but not many people around to feed them, surprisingly as the car park was full. We continued along the lakeside path and then along the path along South Park Drive back to Angelsey Drive and the car park.

We all enjoyed our mid-winter stroll and thought how lucky we had been with the weather. Nine of the strollers were joined by two non-strollers for an excellent lunch at Romany’s Restaurant at Brookside Garden Centre.

Leaders: Alan Barker and Tony Cummings


December Ramble            Leaders: Shirley Cropper and Harry Mac Donald


We were very lucky with the weather on our December ramble, although it was quite wet and muddy underfoot we had a very enjoyable walk around The Quarry Bank Mill grounds.13 ramblers took part in the walk.


The Hydroelectric project within the grounds is now complete, but only 40% operational it provides power to the mill during the daytime, and during the nighttime, surplus power is sold to the National Grid. Now the River Bollin has been cleaned up, Salmon and Trout have returned to the Bollin.


On completion of our walk after 2-1/2 hours, nine ramblers then went on to the Honey Bee Restaurant for lunch


Ramble Dunham Town. Thursday 8th January 2015.    Leader: Denis Downham


The weather that morning was just right for a January ramble with a light sky and a calmness that followed the strong winds we had. Leaving the Trans-Pennine Trail car park which is one mile to the west of Altrincham the nine ramblers walked along Seamons Road for a couple of hundred yards and passing the Bay Moulton pub we took the tow path which runs along the Bridgewater Canal. Turning right we walked along the canal until we came to School Lane, which runs over the canal. At School Lane, we left the canal and took that lane which took us into Dunham Town.


In Dunham Town, we walked past their original schoolhouse, their Post Office and St Mark’s Church built in 1864, where we turned right into Back Lane and followed Back Lane until it passed over the Bridgewater Canal. Here we left the lane and joined the canal again. Continuing along the towpath of the canal, we came to point where we stopped and looked down a vista to Dunham Massey Hall. Then turning through 180 degrees we followed a trail which lead down the slope of the canal banking to Whiteoaks Wood where a sandstone obelisk stands. It was placed there in the 1700s as the final part of the vista when Dunham Massey Park was landscaped. It was here at the obelisk that we took our coffee break before retracing our footsteps back to the canal towpath. We continued on along the canal until we reached Woodhouse Lane, which passed underneath the canal. Again, we left the canal and followed Woodhouse Lane passing Dunham Woodhouses to eventually reach the Trans-Pennine Trail. The Trans-Pennine Trail, a disused rail track, runs from Lymm and beyond to Broadheath and beyond. At the Trail, we turned right and followed the Trail for 1.5 miles, which took us back to our car park A short drive from the car park took us to the Bay Moulton pub where all nine of us enjoyed our Thai mid day lunch.




Well, did you come away laughing from Present Laughter?  What a memorable production, and I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s not just what we see before us on the stage – the accomplished acting and the excellent set – but also evidence of great support by the backstage and front of house teams.  Thanks and well done to everyone involved!


It’s been a busy period; there was one evening in the Club recently when three different productions were rehearsing at the same time!


As mentioned in the last newsletter, the Committee have organised a fun Karaoke night on Saturday 28th February with a wine reception and supper, and a professional DJ.  Participation not compulsory but why not have a go!  Please use the booking form in this newsletter to buy your tickets and support your VP Iain Dickinson.


You will also find a booking form for the next theatre production: Two by Jim Cartwright (11th to 14th March 2015), set in a Northern pub, sometimes busy, sometimes quiet.  Two actors share the fourteen parts, gliding seamlessly from one to another:  ranging from small boy to wistful old man, from excitable girlfriend to down-trodden carer.  Imagine the stag-night bustle, the pints spilt, feel the tension, the frustration, the tenderness of human relationships.  Sounds intriguing?  Book your tickets soon.


I have it on good authority that rehearsals for Fiddler on the Roof (27th April to 2nd May) are progressing happily with 40+ members, including some youngsters from BYT.  The booking form and more information will be in the next newsletter but don’t wait until then to book, call the bookings line (0161) 439 0505.


Finally, I hope you acting members will be able to attend the March coffee morning when details of next season’s productions should be announced.  See you there!




The Halle Carol Concert at the Bridgewater Hall in December was a great success.  We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Halle Choir, the Halle Youth Choirs and Halle Children’s Choir as well as joining in with a few carols ourselves.


Now we look forward to the musical Top Hat which is on Thursday 19th February at the Opera House in Manchester. We have stall seats and the cost is £28 including coach and gratuity. Although fully booked, we do have a waiting list on the notice board for last minute cancellations.  The coach will be leaving the Brookdale Club at 1pm.




Since the last Newsletter we have travelled 00 miles “Down the Nile” and I must confess to being a little disappointed that you could almost touch a pyramid from the hotel garden., I had always imagined a camel ride into the esert.


Then we had talk on “St Kilda” for which the President cut short his holiday to hear!  It was extremely interesting, and raised a lot of questions from the audience.  We have also been to “Patagonia” with some stunning pictures of the ice formation.


Coming up on Friday 20th February, James Moss is letting us in on “The Secrets of the Taj Mahal”.  This will be our VP’s evening do come along to support her.


Friday 27th March is the date for theT  ravel Lunch at the Alma Lodge Hotel.  Tickets will be on sale at the February meeting or if you don’t come out at night please contact Joan Smith on 0161-456 5485.


On Friday 17th April, Peter Kirk will be telling us about “East African Game Parks”.


On Friday 22nd May we shall be holding our AGM


Don’t forget to look at the Notice Board for more detailed Travel information




When I sat down to write this entry of the Newsletter I had fully intended to express a Sassenachs view of Burns night which will be well past by the time you read this issue.  I then looked out of the window and saw that is was snowing quite heavily. Thinking that it was a slight shower that would soon disappear I took little notice. However it is now snowing much harder and the roads are all gridlocked, not having been gritted and it would appear that  some of us are going to be housebound until the roads and pathways are much more negotiable .PLEASE TAKE CARE AND WATCH YOUR STEP IN THIS SNOWY WEATHER. ONLY GO OUT IF IT IS REALLY NECESSARY, AND IF YOU HAVE A KINDLY NEIGHBOUR ASK IF THEYMIGHT DO SOME OF YOUR SHOPPING FOR YOU. I FEEL SURE THAT THEY WILL ONLY BE TOO PLEASED TO HELP.


Looking forward we can only say that Spring is just around the corner, and this is the issue which covers all that is happening at Brookdale until the end of May.  Our Lunch in January was enjoyed by a reasonable number of members when we were treated to an excellent talk from Susan Craig called “Look Back with Laughter”, and this talk certainly reminded all of us of the many well known comedians of past years with whom both she, and in particular her late husband Mike, had been associated.


Our next Lunch which is on Wednesday 18th February I am sure will be equally entertaining when our speaker will be Neil Cliffe who will tell us “How I made my first Million and spent it”.


Our March Lunch on Wednesday the 18th should be equally interesting for on that occasion we are being entertained by Eric Newton with his Clarinet playing foot-tapping music with an amusing and uplifting tale about “The Life and Times of a Busker” . Eric’s reputation has gone before him and this will be an occasion not to be missed.


Our  April Lunch will take place on Wednesday 15th April and we are currently awaiting confirmation of our speaker for that date.  From the above those who are not already members of Walrus will read of the interesting topics we cover.  Many of you say ‘we are not old enough for Walrus’. Don’t kid yourselves my friends. But the choice is yours, and we really do welcome new faces.


Once again we do hope that you are all keeping well and are clear of all the nasty bugs that have been in, circulation.  We hear that Nora Newbitt is now out of hospital and having a rest in Hillbrook Grange. We all wish her well and look forward to welcoming her back to Walrus when she feels better.  If there are other poorly ‘Walri! that I have not heard about do get well soon.






The snow is coming down as I write; a sure sign winter is here.

We have had two events since the last magazine.  Our Christmas Party in December which was a great success……and all for £5! Our January event featured Ian Bostock speaking about his fascinating and humorous life in the wine trade.


Looking forward we have three more exciting events before our AGM in May.  The first is our ‘Lucky for Some’ Casino Night on Friday 13 February.  Our March get together is on Friday 20th (note the change of date) and is entitled The Price is Right. On Friday 10 April we are holding a Cruise Night.  This will be an extravaganza with food and entertainment on the theme of a Cruise. The committee ‘imagineers’ are currently working hard on the detail to ensure this evening captures the excitement of a spectacular and memorable cruise.  Please contact Roger Salt for tickets at £17.50 Tel. 0161 439 0371.


Get well wishes go the Sheila Watson, Ann Swait, Jean Lingwood and Pauline Helliwell and to any of our members who have been ill this winter. We send Harry Newton belated 90th birthday wishes.


Must go…I have a snowman to build!




We would like to welcome the following new members to Brookdale:-






Mrs Vivhuti Barchha Mrs Shirley Cawthra Mrs Bernadette Davidson
Mrs Christine Finch Mr Michael Finucane Mrs Wendy Goodwin
Mrs Brigid Hemingway Mrs Terrie Hunter Mr Roland Hunter
Mrs Bronwen Jones Mrs Rajni Mehta Mrs Gillian Robinson
Mr Stuart Robinson Mrs Ann Vernon
Amelia-Rose Attoh Catherine Rawling



Transfers of Junior to Intermediate

Mr Thomas Wordsworth



Re-instatement of membership

Miss Nichole Welsh







Mrs Lynn Bracey Mr Geoff Brown Monica Martin
Mr Paul Roberts Mrs Diana Vose



Mr Ashton Keeping



Joshua Roberts Rafe Wootton



Miss Ruth Gazeley Mrs Debbie Bruce



Mr John Birch-Jones




Peter Withington would like to thank everyone for the many messages and cards of condolence received by the family after the death of my wife, Margaret, on 17th December.

The art section would like to send their good wishes for a speedy recovery to Dorothy Woodall and Sandra Cockell.

Congratulations from Caracamp to Harry Newton on his recent 90th birthday.

The Gardeners send best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mary Warrington who has unfortunately fallen and suffered a broken hip

The  Gardeners  send best wishes for a speedy recovery to Eileen Guest, Joan Tate, Mary Warrington and Sheila Watson who are unfortunately having health problems

The Gardeners send their best wishes for a speedy recovery to Sybil Browne, John Brown and Lewis Tate who have recently had operations.

The Gardeners understand that Norah Newbitt has been in hospital recently. Best  wishes for a speedy recovery are sent from all her many friends

The Gardeners send best wishes for a speedy recovery to Sylvia Hill and Roy Tudge

The Ramblers send all good wishes to Sue Greenhough for a speedy recovery after her stay in the Alex.

The Theatre section send best wishes to anyone under the weather and is glad to hear that former theatre stalwart, Doris Makin, is improving after her awful traffic accident.   Sorry also to hear about the sports injury sustained by Jo Lingwood!  Theatre are also glad to hear the good news about Joan Tate and hope that she and Lewis will be well soon.

Theatre send congratulations to Andy and Sue Altree on becoming grandparents for the first time, with the birth of Morgan to Sally and Stuart.




Many of you will remember Chris and Alec Cameron, members from 1970’s – 90’s. They had many happy years in the Caracamp, Bowling, Gardening, Travel and Dancing sections.  Alec died in 2002 but Chris was 100 on 19th January and  enjoyed parties with family, friends and Staff at her Care Home, Bruce Lodge in Stockport.


You may have seen her photo in the Stockport Express on 28th January. She is still in reasonable health, likes to joke and tease and is being very well looked after, though her memory is not what it was.


Best Wishes,    Sue Duncan ( daughter)




The Gardeners send their warmest congratulations to FRANK SINTON who will be 90 years young  in February





The Gardeners were saddened to hear of the death of Stewart Dickson just before  Christmas. Our sincere condolences go to Stewart’s wife, Trudy and family .


The Theatre section’s condolences go to Trudy Dickson on the death of her husband, Stuart, and to Val Miller on the loss of her mother, Doris Jackson.


The Travel Section send their sympathy to Peter Withington and theFamily on the death of Margaret and to the family of Nora Toyne on the occasion of her death at the age of 104.




If you have any queries concerning a Section or Event you may find the following list helpful:-


Section Secretary Telephone No.
Andante Pam Griffiths 419 9727
Art Delia Haslam 486 0550
Bar* Angela Cowap 439 5598
Bowling Hiliary Black 440 9074
Bridge Rosemary Moorhouse 427 6001
Caracamp Wendy Birch-Jones 483 1672
Dancing Alison Dawson 439 7518
Digital Photo Ingrid Halls 439 6095
Gardening Valerie Evans 01625 525580
Kitchens* Wendy Joyce 01625 873601
Linguists Sheila Haley 439 5240
Ramblers Shirley Cropper 483 0626
Social* Carol Pimlott 439 5398


Marilyn Webley

Vivien Whittaker

456 5588

439 2648

Travel Jean Hopkins 439 6626
Walrus Jean Lingwood 439 3181
Wine Roger Salt 439 0371

*Sub- Committee


  • Contact details for Club Officials and the Editor are inside the front cover of the printed version.


  • If you would like any information about joining any of the above groups or helping the committees then please do not hesitate to ring the Secretary shown above for more information.



Please e-mail [email protected] if there are any errors or omissions.

You can notify the webmaster with events due at any time in the future if you wish it to be added to the club calendar


Weds 18th Walrus Luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 19th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 20th Travel: Secrets of the Taj Mahal – James Moss UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 21st Linguists Spring Coffee Morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sun 22nd Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Mon 23rd Theatre Box Office opens BOX OFFICE 19:00
Fri 27th Gardening Evening Event – Flower Arranging Demonstration UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 28th Caracamp Coffee Morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 28th Theatre Social Evening : Karaoke MAIN HALL 19:00
Sun 1st Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Sat 7th Theatre Coffee Morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 7th 250 Club Draw BAR 11.45


11th  -


Theatre Production: “Two” MAIN HALL 19:45
Thurs 12th Ramblers: Ramble See notice board 09:30
Fri 13th Wine and Food meeting UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 14th Bowling Coffee morning TBA TBA
Weds 18th Walrus Luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 19th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 20th Wine & food “The Price is Right” UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 21st Gardening Coffee Morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Sat 21st Linguists “Down Forget-Me-Not Lane” 1960 -65 UPPER HALL 19:30
Sun 22nd Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Sun 22nd Table Top Sale MAIN & LESSER HALLS 9:00
Fri 27th Travel Annual Lunch TBA 12:30 for 13:00
Fri 27th Bowling Prestatyn trip TBA TBA
Sat 28th Ramblers Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 28th Caracamp Open Evening – Harvey’s Brasstacular MAIN HALL 19:30
Sat 4th 250 Club Draw UPPER HALL 11:45
Sun 5th Bar  Quiz BAR 20:00
Thurs 9th Ramblers: Ramble See notice board 09:30
Sat 7th Theatre Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Fri 10th Wine & Food “Cruise Night Spectacular” UPPER H;ALL 20:00
Sun 12th Table Top Sale MAIN & LESSER HALLS 9:00
Mon 13th Theatre Box Office opens BOX OFFICE 19:00
Weds 15th Walrus Luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 16th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 17th Travel: “Eat Africa Game Parks” – Peter Kirk UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 18th Gardening Coffee Morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Fri 24th Gardeners Question time UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 25th Andante Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sun 26th Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Mon 27th – 1st May Travel spring break See notice board
Mon –



2nd May

Theatre Production ” Fidler on the Roof”

Saturday matinee



Sat 2nd Theatre CoffeeMorning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 2nd 250 Club Draw BAR 11:45
Sun 3rd Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Sun 3rd Affinity Show Choir HALL 19:30
Fri 8th Wine & Food AGM UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 9th Gardening Coffee Morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Sun 10th Table Top Sale MAIN & LESSER HALLS 9:00
Thurs 14th Ramblers: Ramble See notice board 09:30
Mon 18th Ramblers: AGM LESSER HALL 20:00
Weds 20th Walrus luncheon and AGM MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 21st Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Thurs 21st Gardening Section AGM tba 20:00
Fri 22nd Travel Section AGM UPPER ROOM 20:00
Sun 24th Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Tues 26th Social Committee: AGM tba tba
Thurs 28th Theatre AGM UPPER HALL 20:00
Fri 12th Wine & Food: VP evening UPPER HALL 20:00



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