Brookdale News – June / July 2014

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December 2013

Dear Members


It has been another busy but exciting couple of months.  On Tuesday 1st April we joined the Theatregoers on a trip to the Bolton Octagon Theatre to see “This may hurt a bit”, an unusual but interesting and well acted play about the problems in the NHS.  We then attended the Gardeners VP’s evening on Friday 4th Aprilwhere we had a delicious buffet and we were then entertained by George Beaumont who gave an excellent slide presentation on “A Gardener’s World”.  This was followed on the Saturday with the Theatre coffee morning and 250 club draw.  On Sunday evening we attended the Bar Quiz with Question master Arthur Watson.


On Monday 7th AprilI was invited to bowl the first wood at the start of the outdoor bowling season.  We had had quite a lot of rain so I had some difficulty in getting the bowl to go very far!  Some of the experts were not much better as the pitch was exceptionally wet.  The rain clouds soon gathered and the rain became torrential so we decided to take a break for tea and cakes.  This wasn’t an easy task as the water supply has been cut off!  But in good Brookdale style, water had been brought up in all manner of containers and tea and cakes were enjoyed as we admired the pretty patterns made by the torrential rain from inside the hut. It looked as if the rain was on for the day, so unfortunately it was decided to abandon the session.


The next day was quite exciting for us as our latest grandchild, Lily Grace, was born weighing in at 6lb 2 oz.  Daughter in law and baby are doing well.


In the evening I attended the Forum in the Jubilee room where many interesting points were raised.


On Friday 11th Aprilthe Food and Wine Section had their Spanish evening where we enjoyed a meal of Paella followed by a demonstration of Spanish dancing given by some members of the Dancing Section. This was followed by a Spanish Quiz set by Harvey and Barbara Dickinson.


The Saturday evening was the Dancing Section Spring Dance.  The MC for the evening was Harry Pickford.  This was a very pleasant evening with a nice variety of music to dance to.  On Sunday evening we were entertained in the Bar by Whinge and Racket, plenty of good music and really enjoyable night.  Thank you Alan Streak and Gerry Needham.  This was followed on Wednesday by a Walrus lunch and a talk by Harry Pickford about his childhood in Oldham.  On Friday we travelled a long way from Oldham with the Travel Section  to Vietnam, and some nearby Asian countries.  Very entertaining.


The next morning we went to the Andante coffee morning where the choir entertained us with a very good selection of songs.  I drew the raffle tickets between the songs.  A most entertaining morning.  The choir gets better every time I hear them.


The following Saturday was Theatre day, starting with Theatre coffee morning followed by the 250 Club draw.  In the evening it was Amanda’s VP evening where all the VP’s were treated to an American supper at the reception followed by the production of “42nd Street“.  What a fabulous show it was.  My congratulations to all involved.  The following evening we attended the Bar Quiz led by that well known theatrical, Bryan Lingwood.  It was quite challenging at times for some of us!


I have received a card from Cyril Tuckey, who is a Club life member, thanking us all for the hamper which the Club sent him for his 100th birthday and enclosing a donation for my charity. We are very grateful for this.


The month of May has been mainly taken up with section AGMs interspersed with the Gardeners coffee morning and their splendid trip  to Harlow Carr in perfect weather.  We have now attended 16 AGMs and have been warmly welcomed at all of them. Many thanks to everyone for all the gifts Joan and I received, they are very much appreciated.  Saturday 17th Maywas my President’s Evening.  This was very much enjoyed by myself, and members of our family.  My thanks to Elaine Wallman who directed the show, MC Andy Altree, BYT and everyone else who was involved in the show, including the technical and backstage teams, it was fantastic. Thanks also to Richard Church and all his helpers for the refreshments and also Brian Wood and helpers for organising the Raffle.


On a sad note, on Friday 23rd May, we attended the memorial service at St Michaels for a long serving member of the Club, Henry Garrood.

On Tuesday 27th May we attended the funeral of another long standing member of the Club, Frank Smith.


There have been a number of illnesses recently.  I send best wishes to all who have been unwell or have had hospital treatment.  We hope to see you back at the Brookdale soon.


Ron Clare


President’s Charity Appeal 2014

Stockport Samaritans


Saturday14th June Closing date for Digital Photography Section’sCharity Cup Competition.   Subject  ‘Holidays’(entries will be on display at the fair)
 Sunday15th June 3:00 pm Andante/Whinge and Racket Charity concert in Main Hall
 Tuesday17th June 1:30 pm Charity Bowl in Bramhall Park
Wednesday18th June 7:oo to9:oopm Charity day Tombola collection evening.  Bring your gifts for the Tombola to the Lesser Hall.
Thursday 7:30pm Charity Whist Drive.  All welcome in Upper Hall
19th June 
Friday20th June 7:00 to9:00pm Gifts for Grand Raffle, Tombola, and all other stallsTo Lesser Hall.
Saturday21st June Charity Day
10:00am12:45pm Fair opensCharity Luncheon 
 Sunday22 June 2:30pm8:pm Charity Tea DanceCharity Bar Quiz
Wednesday25 June 1:30pm Charity Bridge Drive – Main Hall
Saturday28th June 7:30pm Charity Evening‘Sisters in Song’



Stockport Samaritans have about 12,000 contacts per year from members of the public by phone and about 500 by email and 20 face to face in Heaton Moor.


The vast majority are adults but they do have contact from some young people.  People contact them talk about all sorts of different things which are causing them problems.  It’s usually something they can’t talk to other people about or they feel that they don’t have anyone to talk to.  The problems can be, relationships, unemployment, debt, drugs or alcohol dependency, physical, mental or sexual abuse.  There is no typical call.

About 3/4 of callers are distressed or suicidal.  The people who contact by email are more likely to be thinking of ending their lives and they are also more likely to be younger.


Samaritans  provide an “active” listening service.  They focus on how the caller is feeling about their situation and the impact it’s having on their lives.  They also help people to explore  what they are able to do about their situation.  They don’t provide practical help or advice on what course of action to take but do sometimes refer callers on to other organisations who might be able to provide specialist help.


All conversations with Samaritans are completely confidential.


Feedback from callers suggests that some of the most important things they can provide are time and space to talk things through, safe in the knowledge that they wont be judged and nothing will be passed on.


The Stockport branch is run entirely by volunteers who take calls from the public.  There are 80 volunteers in the Stockport branch 3/4s of whom are women.  Their ages range between early 20s and 80s.  They come from all walks of life.  A lot of these volunteers have been through difficult time in their lives and have needed support.  Sometimes people find that talking to a complete stranger in anonymity is an effective way to get support.  Volunteers often talk of wanting to give something back.

It costs about £20,000 a year to run the branch.  They get a small grant from the council and some donations from individuals; the rest of the funds they raise themselves.  There is no central funding


They lose about 20 volunteers each year and so need to recruit at least that many.  Most volunteers stay for about 3 years but some have been with the branch for over 20 years. They have a small team of speakers who go out and give talks at local community

groups to raise awareness of the local service and the need for volunteers.




Resurfacing of the floor in the Jubilee room is being planned to start sometime in August and is expected to take four to five days to complete.  It is desirable to strip the present surface all in one operation which will means storing the chairs and tables somewhere in the  Club for the duration.


This will require some rearrangements of room bookings but as August is a relatively quiet month there should hopefully be minimum disruption.


When a final date is known for the work to begin the room users will be notified and new bookings can be organised.


We apologise for the disruption this will cause.


* * * * *




A start has been made on refurbishing the ladies ground floor toilet and like the gents toilets at the stage end (now completed) it will have up to date equipment and décor, make the room easier to clean, more pleasant and more hygienic.


Initially the toilets will be subject to temporary closure on some days of the week whilst the maintenance team do preparation work before contractors move in to complete the facility, which will, of course, mean that the room will increasingly look like a bomb site.


The completion date (which will be posted when known) is planned to to be Mid-August and it is hoped the toilets will remain usable for as long as possible during the preparation work.


When it is required to close the toilets, the adjacent gents toilets will be modified and made temporarily available for the ladies plus, of course, the disabled, the shower room and upstairs ladies toilets.


We apologise for the disruption this will cause but we are sure you will enjoy the improvements this will bring.


* * * * *


HAVE YOU PAID YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION FOR 2014-15 YET ?If not please send your cheque for £63 to the membership secretary as soon as possible together with a stamped self addressed envelope for the return of your membership card. Your renewal form was in the last edition of the News but if you have mislaid it – just send the cheque with a note of your name and address.






The membership secretary now has a supply of  Brookdale Car Stickers for any club member who would like one.  These are useful to show that you are entitled to use the Club Car Park and also as an advertising aid for the Club. To obtain your sticker just place an envelope marked “car sticker” (size:- to take a 3 inch square) stamped and addressed to yourself in the membership secretary’s box and one will be sent to you in due course. Your envelope can be addressed via a Section too but please remember to collect it. Initially, only one per household please.


* * * * *




Mrs Dorothy Woodall a deliverer of the Brookdale News for many years has retired.  We thank her for all she has done over those years, when she, as the other deliverers do, has saved the club a considerable amount of money which would otherwise have been spent on postage.


Is there another member prepared to undertake delivery of the “News” to about 12 members living in or near to the “Racecourse Estate” in Hazel Grove?

We welcome Mrs Sylvia Jones, who took over the late Noel Clark’s round and delivered the previous edition.  Thank you Sylvia.


We would also remind all members who regularly collect their own copies of the News from the Club that the August edition will be available for collection mid-August.




CHARITY WHIST – The President’s charity benefits from the entire proceeds of the whist drive to be held on Thursday 19th June, in the Upper hall, commencing to play at 7.30 pm.


Admission for this is £2.50 per player, which includes tea and biscuits, and a raffle is also held.


Our regular whist drives, are always on the third Thursday of the month, continue on Thursdays 17th July, 21st July and 16 October.  We do not meet in September as the club AGM falls on the third Thursday.


Admission for these is £2.00 per player, and there are both whist and raffle prizes to be won.


250 CLUB


Application forms for the year September 2014 to August 2015 are now available and there one is in this month’s “News”.  You may purchase as many “Shares” as you wish, with each one costing £12.00.  Every “Share” gives you one number, which is entered in the twelve draws held during the year, on the first Saturday in the month at 11.45 am, in the bar.


Application forms and remittances may be deposited in the white 259 Club box, which is situated in the corridor outside the main hall, underneath the main notice board at the Club.


This is a fund-raiser for Brookdale, with half of the money raised going to the club and the other half being divided into the three cash prizes paid out each month.


The number of people responding by Friday1st August determines the amounts of the prizes to be paid out in September.  Remember, the numbers which you hold for the year 2013/2014 will not continue to be yours into the next series of draws.  You will need to join again.


People can join at any time during the series of draws, and the prize money will rise accordingly, BUT we do need as many as possible to join from the start in order to have reasonable cheques for the President to give to the winners.


If the first prize winner is present at the draw, a bottle of wine is also won.


The winners of the last draws were:


April 1st Elsie McCaskill May 1st Chris Constantine
2nd Mary Wyles 2nd Rana Das
3rd Ray Halls 3rd Ron Clare


* * * * *




Many thanks to Bryan Longwood for a very entertaining and brain-straining quiz and to Judith Berry for doing our nibbles.  Thanks also to the Linguists for their quiz and lovely refreshments.


We now do just nibbles as we thought that, as our numbers grow it was becoming more difficult to prepare piles of sandwiches etc.


On Sunday 1st June we have Iain Dickinson in charge and on Sunday 22nd June we have the Charity Quiz with Barbara and Harvey Dickinson.  Do come and support your President’s charity, the Samaritans.


The following quiz will be on Sunday 3rd August and the next one on Sunday 7th September.  We thank all our Bar stewards for all their hard work and appeal for more help.  We shall have to close on some nights if there is no-one to do the job.  As it is, we shall be closing on Mondays in July and Mondays and Tuesdays in August.


The Bar AGM is on Monday 16th June at 8 pm with refreshments.


* * * * *




New Committee Members.


A warm welcome was extended to Judith Hewitt, Sandra Swan and Moira Stoter. Ingrid Halls will be Chairman for the new season.

VPs’ Evening: Saturday 20th September2014


This will be a ‘Gala’ Performance!’ Using a different format than previous ones it never the less promises to be a good ‘do.’ This time we will be using the raised seating, which we think enhances entertainment quality, and I guarantee it will be entertaining! Watch this space for further details. Your new VP will soon have tickets at £12.00. each. This is a ‘ticket only’ event as usual, but even more necessary due to the precise seating arrangements needed. You will enjoy this one.


Table top Sale. Sunday 28th September 2014


Contact Ray Rodwell or any member of the Social Committee if you can help.


Xmas Fair Gift Collection Coffee morning  Saturday 8th November 2014


This is a request for some good quality, unwanted or otherwise donated gifts for our Xmas Fair stalls on Saturday 6th December. So do join us for free coffee and biscuits and make a gift donation.


New Year’s Eve.Wednesday 31st December 2014


We have already planned an outline of this event. Last year’s will be a hard act to follow but the Social Committee will be putting their usual enthusiasm and energy into this annual celebration. Tickets will be limited so make a note in your diaries and – watch this space for how to obtain them.


* * * * *



Sections News (in alphabetical order)




The Coffee Morning on Saturday 26th  April was a great success and was very well attended, thank you to all who supported us and well done for singing along so well.


We are performing again on Sunday 15th June at 3pm cost £5,Whinge and Racket will also be featuring at this concert; coffee and biscuits will be provided in the interval. It is in support of the President’s Charity and we hope you can all come along and enjoy yourselves again when you sing along with us to your favourite songs.


We recently held our AGM when our chairman Mel Owen thanked everyone for their hard work over the year and the president Ron Clare gave a lovely talk about his charity and the many functions he has attended up to now as president of the club.


Once again we invite you to join the choir on Wednesdays, we are always ready to welcome new members


* * * * *




Our outing to “Patchings” festival of art, photography and craft was very informative and interesting.  Our purses were lighter after visiting the stalls and exhibitions of craft.


We are providing our original Art cards for sale on Charity day.  We will also have a selection of paintings for sale.


Our last Summer meeting will be our Watercolour Challenge on Tuesday 22nd July and Wednesday 23rd July at the popular venue of Bramhall park.  We hope for good weather this year, if not, there is always the café or a visit to the hall.


We commence on Tuesday 9th September and Wednesday 10th September full of hope and enthusiasm.  We have a demonstration booked for Tuesday 30th September and also our coffee morning on Saturday 18th September to look forward to.



* * * * *





Outdoor bowling started well, Ron Clare the Club President bowled the First Wood on Monday 7th April on what was a reasonably pleasant day weather wise. Since then the weather has been rather inconsistent, lots of fine days but also days when it was too wet to bowl.  Again a reminder that we do bowl on Mondays contrary to what appears to be the general misconception. Attendance is rather erratic but with the weather forecast predicting rain most of the time, this is not surprising.


An omission in the last Newsletter I wish to correct. The indoor bowling competition on Thursday 20th March between Dorothy Heywood and Charles Piggin resulted in a win for Charles.


A brief summary of the AGM Tuesday 13th May, attendance 40 members.  The VP elect was named as Hilary Black. Our best wishes to Hilary who I believe will make an excellent VP when Christine Lant’s term of office expires in September.  Two new members have been elected to the Committee, Ron Boucher and Carol Streak who will serve for a period of 2 years. Christine Stokes did not seek re-election, sincere thanks to Christine for her past contribution to the Committee. The Bowling section cash surplus handed to the General Committee representative, Carol Taylor was £847.23  The Chairman thanked members for their co-operation in dealing with the water situation at Bramhall Park and also those members that keep us supplied with a constant supply of water. No solution expected in the near future unfortunately.


Just a brief mention of the need for Duty Stewards, as the Chairman remarked the requests are usually ignored. No Duty Stewards, no bowling. Thanks to those who volunteer on a regular basis.  Indoor Bowling starts on Wednesday 1st October. The rental for hiring the Jubilee Room to be increased to £23.00 per session. It is imperative therefore that attendance is adequate to cover this extra cost. Please endeavour to attend  indoor bowls whenever possible otherwise it may be necessary to increase the subs or decrease the number of days we play.


Current membership of the Bowling Section, 87 full members, 13 Social and 4 life members.


Bowling Charity Day will be held on Tuesday, 17th June and as most of you will know, all proceeds from this event is donated to the President’s charity, the Stockport Samaritans.


Donations are requested for the raffle and should be given to any member of the Committee as soon as possible.


Your name for application to enter the Outdoor Bowling Competition should be noted on the list at Bramhall Park and entrance fee given to Roger Grimes or Barbara Hopkinson.


Captain’s Day at Poynton Sports Club on Wednesday 25th June. Names for attendance to Roger Grimes.


* * * * *




I hope you have retained April’s Brookdale News. If so, look at Mike Parr’s teaser and we will take up the story. This is an example of “Deceptive Play “. After taking the first trick with  KH declarer, as a prelude to finessing diamonds, leads up to AS on which east drops the K.  He takes the view now that his spade suit offers the route to his success. He returns to hand with  AC;  then he leads a spade to take the “marked” finesse. Up comes the JS from west!. Having the lead he plays a heart, allowing east the pleasure of taking the last five tricks in that suit!!  Declarer has taken 7 tricks, but E/W has taken 6 to defeat the contract.


It’s with pleasure that I tell you that Adrian Lee and Derek Bailey were Runners Up in the in the Higson Plate – a competition  within the structure of the Manchester Bridge League.  Our Bramhall Green Section hosted” teams of eight” at Brookdale on Sunday18th , May.  Marple Bridge came first; Brookdale 2nd team were Runners up; our side had Lee and Bailey doing their stuff again! The catering team headed by Wendy Joyce, came out with flying colours – a feast enjoyed by all – winners and losers alike


I turn to other matters; Joyce Stewart, an occasional Thursday morning player, has passed away. Sadly, I report the death of Frank Smith in his mid-nineties. He was a man of strong character and played a steady game, never accepting new and complicated systems; did you know Culbertson – he did and stuck to him to the end? It’s good to know that Pat Schoupe is home from hospital; she does not require surgery. Rejoice and be glad! In mid June the beloved Ann Pickering will celebrate her 90th Birthday. Congratulations!


The AGM of the Bramhall Green Bridge Club (BGBC) took place on Thursday 22nd May. No changes to table money were thought necessary. Indeed the club’s financial position is most satisfactory – details of which were explained at the Bridge Section’s  AGM on Wednesday 28th May. BGBC’s officers and committee members were re-elected. Now to trophies and prizes – the highest average score went to Geoffrey Barlow, even though we see him rarely these days. The best three scores in the first part were those of Dawn Hodgkinson, and the second part of the year those of Joyce White. Dawn also took the prize for having gathered most Master Points.


The full Section’s AGM  was held on Thursday 28th. May; we thank all those who contribute to the running of the several parts of our Section. Our membership is now in excess of 340. All is well, running smoothly and showing ourselves to be financially sound. Our Treasurer reported a net profit of over £10,000, much of which was passed on to the Brookdale Club’s  Treasurer.


Shields and trophies were presented; Monday’s highest scorer was Ron Slack; Wednesday’s “hero” was Len Lush and Friday’s “best” was Ed.Leonard The winners and runners “Teams of  Four”had been mentioned in earlier edition of “News”. Next year’s VP was announced – Karen McNicol – a bundle of fun and sweet as they come – like bees round a honeypot! We wish her a happy time. Our Officers were re-elected for a period of 3 years. So too were the committee to which were added by re-election, Wendy Joyce and Pat Wareing.


The Club President spoke well of us and encouraged us to continue supporting his charity “Samaritans”. We shall help him when we hold our “Charity Drive”( open to all) on  Wednesday 25th June.


Finally on your behalf, I congratulate the Gardening Section’s Spring/Summer display seen as we pass to and from the car park.


* * * * *




The Caracamp AGM took place on Thursday 8th May.  It was a pleasure to have our President Ron Clare with us, together with Joan, and Ron was presented with the traditional “President” clematis in gratitude for all the support he has given us during this year.


The business of the AGM passed smoothly and everyone was delighted when Joyce Doodson, our present VP, introduced Harvey Dickinson as VP Elect for 2014 – 2015. We have to remember that the year of office does not end with the section AGM however, and Joyce is still representing us until September. We are very grateful for all she has done for us this year.


Also from September our Chairman, Harry, is stepping down and Kerry Blake will take over the reins to keep order at the Caracamp committee meetings!  Harry has been an excellent and very amusing chairman and fortunately will be remaining on the back benches next year.

Again we send good wishes to John Birch–Jones and also to both Sheilah and John Mullen, all of whom have been feeling under the weather recently.


It was a great pleasure to send greetings to Cyril Tuckey on the occasion of his 100th Birthday in April.  Cyril was a keen “caracamper” in his younger days and is well remembered by several of the present members.


There are now three planned Carabreak weekends this summer:-

Thursday 3rd July – Tuesday 8th  July at Bridge House Marina, Garstang led by Harvey and Barbara Dickinson (439 1707)

Thursday 31st July –Tuesday 5th August  at Naburn Lock, nr. York led by Graham Gabbatiss and Janet Chisholm (439 4276)

Thursday 4th September – Saturday 9th  September at Laneside Caravan Site, Hope  led by Arthur and Kerry Blake  (439 9782)


Information about these breaks can be had from the leaders.


We wish everyone a healthy and happy summer!


* * * * *




Although number were down at our Spring dance on Saturday 12th April, the evening was a success.  Harry Pickford put together a varied programme of dances.  The committee prepared and served a good supper, and decorated the hall with a Spring theme.  Feedback from members and visitors was, they had enjoyed the evening.


Wine and Food section asked if Dancing section could “Do a Spot” for their Spanish evening.  Dressed for the theme five dancers performed Passo La Paz.  The applause was enough to say we had done alright, without being asked there was about twenty “volunteers” on the floor.  They were magnificent, the cheers from the audience nearly lifted the roof.  Best of all everyone enjoyed themselves.


The Dancing section was honoured when Mr President asked if we would organise refreshments for The President’s evening.  All the committee and some members answered the call and made an excellent job if it,  also, two  or three members helped with the raffle.


Our next event is our contribution to the President’s charity (Stockport’s Samaritans) it is to be an Afternoon tea Dance on Sunday 22nd June in the Main hall. Everyone is invited but you must have a ticket.  See or phone our secretary Alison Dawson on 0161 439 7518, if you are wanting tickets.


Our Coffee morning is on Saturday 2nd August at 10.30 in the Upper hall.


Could we remind Dancers, there is no dancing in August, we resume again on Wednesday 3rd September, when Kim Apthorpe starts her term of office c as our new Vice President.  Richard has decided to resign as chairman, also Diane Bowker and Brian Bellass have also resigned.  We thank them for the hard work and giving of their time to the section.  We welcome Jean and Roger Grimes onto the committee.  As there was no other candidate from the new committee Lucy Bryan was elected Chairman of the Dancing section, we wish her well in her term of office.


* * * * *





Our April meeting, and our V.P. Ray Halls gave us some further help and advice regarding the use of the Picasa photo editing software, which is a free download from the internet. Much easier to use than the more professional Photoshop and Elements, it will still do most of the required improvements to our photographs quite simply. We should always remember to save a copy of the photo we are going to work on before making any changes, so that if we are unhappy with our efforts we have not lost our original. We can remove red-eye automatically and crop off parts of our photos which are surplus, thus improving the composition. This can be done in auto mode to retain standard photo sizes or manually to produce a panorama or other non- standard shapes or sizes. Horizons can be corrected to horizontal if sloping and re-touch used to remove any intrusive items in the photo. Colour picker will correct colour balance. If clicked on a white area of the photo all  colours will be corrected if the colour temperature is too Blue or Red in your photograph. Fill light and auto contrast can be used to correct contrasty scenes which the camera has not been able to successfully cope with. All in all a very useful addition to our photography, ably explained and demonstrated by Ray Halls to whom we owe a big vote of thanks.


A victim of it’s own success!! The Digital Photography group started about 12 years ago when a group of like- minded people met at the Brookdale Club to discuss the change in photography from film to digital cameras. Realising some help to work these computerised cameras was required, the Digital Photography section was formed about a year later, with the intention of helping people to understand the workings of the new cameras. Over the ensuing years many Brookdalers have been helped and advised, but of course, once confident with their cameras they went off to take photos and many did not need to return to our group. This left only a hard core of keen amateurs who wanted to learn more about photography and computer enhancement techniques. With a dwindling membership and increased costs, especially when booking outside speakers, it was decided to put to the members at our 11th. A.G.M. on Tuesday 20th. May a proposal to wind up the section. After some debate, and general feelings of sadness, the proposal was carried by a majority vote. With regret I thus have to announce that our meeting on Tuesday 15th. July will be our final one, after which the Digital Photography Section will cease to exist.


On a happier note we intend to continue to sponsor the annual President’s Charity Cup photo competition, when entries are invited from all Brookdale club members to enter photos on a subject chosen by the President. This year’s subject being for a “Holiday Photograph”.


At our A.G.M. 15 high quality photographs were entered on the subject of “Springtime”. Voting was close and 4 photos were awarded an equal number of votes, so our congratulations go to:-Iain Dickinson (2 photos) Frank Sinton and Judy Rodwell, well done!


Our last two meetings are a day of photography at Quarry Bank Mill replacing our evening meeting on Tuesday 17th. June and Gadgets, Gizmos and Accessories, our final talk in the Lesser Hall at 19:30 on Tuesday 15th.July when our last photo competition will take place, the subject being “The Last Hurrah”.


May I now take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading my reports, and I hope you have derived some pleasure from my writing. I will end by wishing all members of the Brookdale Club good health and much happiness over the coming years.


* * * * *




With summer approaching the Brookdale garden is coming into its colourful best.  People often remark on the pleasure it gives throughout the year.


Vice Presidents Evening Event

On Friday 4th April the VP Evening Event attracted a full house to listen to George Beaumont’s excellent talk “A Gardener’s World”


Visit to RHS Harlow Carr Gardens

On Tuesday 6th May we visited RHS Harlow Carr Gardens on the outskirts of Harrogate. The garden in its spring splendour was a cornucopia of colours and scents with swathes of bluebells, wonderful tulips and majestic rhododendrons making it a most enjoyable day.


Coffee Morning Saturday 10th May

Our Coffee morning on 10th May was extremely well attended. The table flower displays were once again very attractive and testament to the skill and dedication of all who contributed. Conversation, tea and coffee flowed in abundance (and the biscuits were nice too).


Our Head Gardener and Chairperson Maureen gave good gardening advice to all, as ever.  Another successful morning!


Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting was held in the Upper Hall on the Thursday 22nd May 2014.  The meeting was well attended.


There were a number of changes which you should be made aware of.


Maureen Walsh, Our Head Gardener, has been reappointed Chairperson.

Colin Smith has been appointed Vice President.

David Evans has been appointed Hon Treasurer

Val Evans and Diane Bowker have been appointed Hon Secretary and Assistant Hon Secretary respectively.


Lesley Davies (Scribe) has retired from the committee and did not seek re-election.

Carole Wyatt retired as Hon Assistant Secretary and did not seek re-election.

Dorothy Woodallretired as Hon Secretary but remains on the Committee.

Harry Pickford retired as Hon Treasurer but remains on the Committee.

Margaret Longdonwho has represented the section with great enthusiasm has stepped down from her role as Vice President but remains on your committee.


I am sure all members of the section would like to thank Lesley, Carole, Dorothy, Harry and Margaret for the excellent work they have undertaken on our behalf.


Forthcoming Events for your diary


Saturday14th June Coffee Morning and Rose Show Main Hall

The Rose Show is open to all members of the Garden Section and all are encouraged to exhibit whether you are seasoned entrants, new or not yet started.

Monday 14th July Vice Presidents visit to Newby Hall, Ripon

We will be leaving the club at 9.30 a.m. This trip is fully booked. If you wish to be placed on the reserve list please contact Christine Pickford on 0161 439 1948.


Saturday 19th July Coffee Morning and Flower Show in the Main Hall

The Flower show is open to all members of the Garden Section and all are encouraged to exhibit whether you are seasoned entrants, new or not yet started.


Saturday 16th August Coffee Morning in the Main Hall

Tuesday 19th August Half Day visit to Abbey Wood Garden near Kelsall

Further details will be issued at a later date via the coffee morning and at the notice board. Bookings at coffee mornings, or from Christine Pickford on 0161 439 1948


Saturday 13th September Coffee Morning and Home Grown Show Main Hall

The Home Grown show is open to all members of the Garden Section and all are encouraged to exhibit whether you are seasoned entrants, new or not yet started.


Friday 31st October Martin Blow will be speaking about Perennials at our Friday evening meeting

Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal


The Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal will be presented to the overall Gardening Section Show Competition Winner for the year 2104-2015


* * * * *




Macbeth, who I am sure we can all agree was not the most uplifting company, talked at some length about tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeping in this petty pace from day to day. Be that as it may, another Brookdale season is coming to an end, and the only event I have to report on is the Section AGM which took place in Monday 12th May.


It was a good opportunity to reflect on the most enjoyable events which our committee have arranged during the past season, to thank them for all their efforts and to thank Sylvia Walters for representing the section so well as our VP. We also heard that our VP for the next season will be David Greenfield – modesty forbids any further comment.


When the weather becomes a little more inviting, our Boule players will be starting the year’s action in the car park on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings, so do watch this space and the notice board for further details.


Our committee are already laying their plans for the coming season, and the first date for your diary is the Autumn Tea Afternoon on Wednesday 24th September. Details of this will be announced as soon as possible, so look out for them in the next issue of the News and on the Notice Board.


Shakespeare does not enlighten us about Macbeth’s preferred holiday plans, but I am sure that members of our language groups will be taking the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. If you would like to improve your skills in one of the languages we cover, do consider joining one of the groups. They require a reasonable knowledge of the language concerned, and most have some expert speakers. The English group is for anyone with an interest in the spoken and written language, and its activities are very varied – come and try it! To find out more, do contact the Group Leaders who are:-


FRENCH               Jo Moor                                 0161-439-9818

GERMAN             Peter Miles                            0161-488-4130

WELSH                George Beaumont               0161-439-5445

ENGLISH             Jean Harrington                   0161-456-8761

SPANISH              David Singleton                   0161-485-5123


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Leader – Denis Downham.


Arriving at the ‘Bird in Hand’ public house at Knolls Green, parking, as previously arranged with the pubs manager, in their yard and ordering our individual lunch time meal with the pubs staff we were ready for our ramble. The weather that day was dry and quite reasonable.


Leaving the pub’s car park the eighteen ramblers proceeded down Knutsford Road towards Alderley Edge passing the next house which is dated 1777 and then the Joseph Wood Memorial Sunday School,  the old chapel and the 1787 Holly Croft to take a left turn down Moss Lane. On reaching a bridleway, we turned left and this quickly took us to Graveyard Lane, a broad track with a graveyard to the right of the track.  Progressing down Graveyard Lane the leader looked back to ensure that the followers were still following the leading party. Unfortunately, this was not the case, so time was spent retrieving those lost followers. On reaching the end of Graveyard Lane, we reached and crossed Newton Hall Lane and then followed the path, which took us over the fields and stiles. From this area, we got a good view of aircraft taking off from Manchester Airport’s second runway.


Continuing along more hedgerows with more stiles to climb we arrived at a pair of metal kissing gates. Following this path from the kissing gates, it took us to Mobberley’s St. Wilfred’s Church where we stopped for our tea / coffee break. There was adequate seating for all with stone bench seats within the church’s covered porch and other bench seats.  The church dates back to 1245 and plenty to view with the old gravestones and the old yew tree. George Mallory (the famous mountaineer of Everest’s proposed conquest) was born in Mobberley where his father was rector.


Leaving the church, we then entered Mobberley Field, which is owned by the National Trust, and walked beside the cricket club, which was founded in 1876. We kept on straight down the slope to cross the footbridge over Mobberley Brook. Continuing on we climbed the field, past grazing horses, to a stile by the side of Knutsford Road. Over the stile and turning left along Knutsford Road, passing Town Lane Hall Farm we crossed the busy road to view the Millennium sundial. We then proceed down Mill Lane into the old village, past the Roebuck Inn (now closed) and the1812 Bulls Head. Following this road, it led us back to Knutsford Road where we turned right and passed the Victory Hall, which commemorates the end of the First World War. Then turning left up Church Lane we stopped at Gorsey Brow to admire the interesting bearded face carving on a tree.


Across the road from the carving, we climbed a stile and then followed the way marked path over the fields and through kissing gates to a track, which took us past Mobberley Hall Farm and Stubbs Farm where we turned right down a grassy track. This led us to a large field, which we crossed diagonally to a gate in the surrounding fence. The path from this gate led us through Hewitts Wood to join Newton Hall Lane. Turning right we then reached Knutsford Road again and the 200 year old Bird in Hand pub, who supplied us with an enjoyable lunch.



 -led by Diana Berry with Jo Moor assisting.


The weather forecast was for rain and rain it did but it failed to dampen the spirits of those 14 Brookdale ramblers who turned up for the walk on Thursday 8th May. By request, we were repeating a walk we had done previously in the depths of winter 2012 on a bright day with ice on the ground when we were but a valiant few. This time was different, we had more people and it was wet. We parked at the waterside (the former Galleon site) in Cheadle and followed a route meandering along the banks of the Mersey, bound for Fletcher Moss Park, Didsbury. We became accustomed to the constant light rain but it did not spoil our enjoyment. Everywhere there was a variety of shades of green contrasting delightfully with a background of white hawthorn bushes, which were flowering in abundance. Spring had definitely sprung and looked a picture the going was easy underfoot and the path not muddy.

We emerged level with a small old church, dubbed “the plague church” and just a bit further on, we passed St. James Church in the parish of Didsbury, and entered the Parsonage gardens. Diana and I left the group to take a break on benches whilst we went to enquire at the old parsonage if our group could venture in. We were fortunate there were no classes on and so able to go inside. Access was limited to the small room downstairs but we were able to pick up information leaflets and spend a while admiring the meticulously detailed small set of paintings of Didsbury’s instantly recognisable pubs displayed on the wall-the Didsbury and the Cock among them.     We had timed our visit well. The Parsonage garden around to the left was it was a vision -a profusion of colour. A huge white rhododendron, its petals tinged with pink with blooms as big as a man’s hand, greeted us along with apricot, yellow, and red azaleas, set with deep blue bluebells at the centre of the bed. This was a charming cottage garden, really beautiful and well worth the visit.

We continued on to Fletcher Moss Park and began to descend the tiered gardens along the path only to find our access to the major part of it including the water garden, blocked by men working and sawing off the remains of trunks. The noise as they worked rent the air. This was a bit disappointing but we felt it was pointless to tarry further. So on we went and made our way through the wetlands and across the duckboards in order to regain the Mersey bank. As we walked, we kept a look out for possible parakeets, which had apparently been sighted in the approaching trees, but none were visible.

Once back at our cars, the rain had stopped (isn’t that always the way?) and we drove the very short distance to The Cheshire Line restaurant located in the grounds of the Golden Days Garden Centre where we were to eat. A long table was set for us and a very reasonable and varied menu was on offer, which we took full advantage of and were served very quickly. A fitting end to a very enjoyable walk.



Sunday, 27th  April 2014


Ten hopeful strollers, under the leadership of Sheila and Dieter Salden, left Brookdale for Hare Hill, Alderley Edge.  We were hopeful that it wouldn’t rain and optimistic that the Rhododendrons and spring shrubs would be in bloom.  We were not disappointed on either count and we rounded off a lovely stroll around this National Trust “hidden gem” with lunch at the Three Bears, Hazel Grove, where we were joined by Chairperson, Sue Greenhough.


* * * * *




Congratulations to Iain Dickinson on becoming the Section’s VP-elect, here’s wishing him a great year when he takes over from Amanda in September.


Congratulations also to everyone involved in 42nd Street, it was a toe-tapping success from beginning to end and audiences left the auditorium smiling.


There was a good turn-out at the get-together on Monday 12th May, when we heard about next season’s productions and enjoyed a pizza supper.  Fidler on the Roof singing rehearsals have been held since that time, so that members can get to know the music, and auditions are now underway.  We look forward to welcoming some members of BYT to the Fidler cast, along with members old and new.  In the meantime, casting has been taking place for the three plays, Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders, Present Laughter and Two so, along with the BYT production Grease, it promises to be an exciting season.  A meeting will be arranged at which you will be able to volunteer your help backstage in all sorts of ways, keep an eye on the notice board and your emails.


The entertainment at President’s Evening was provided by BYT with comedy interludes from Theatre members – and even members of the Dancing Section – all very well received by the President, his family and the rest of the audience.  The following day BYT reprised their performance for their own proud families and friends.


At the time of writing, plans are being made for the End of Season BBQ on 8th June, so thank you if you helped in any way and I’m sure everyone who attended enjoyed the food and joined in the fun.  The season has been one to celebrate for so many reasons, not least because we have enjoyed some great comments from the GMDF adjudicators.  Their award nominations are to be announced any day, so fingers crossed!


The Theatre Section’s next main social event will be on Saturday 1st November, details to be announced, so please save the date in the meantime.


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Here I am again with more wise words and information flowing from my quill pen.


On Monday 31st March we went by coach to Appleby – or to give it its full name – Appleby-in-Westmorland.


We all managed to squeeze into the meeting room of the Moot Hall, where one of the recently retired Lord mayors gave us a superb talk about the history of this medieval market town and showed us some of the old weights and measures used for measuring grain and beer.  After lunch we went to Settle by train on the settle to Carlisle railway over the Ribblehead viaduct.  Our coach met us in Settle and we arrived back at Brookdale early evening.


Trevor Davenport’s talk on “An Asian odyssey”, covering Vietnam and the Mekong Delta was very interesting, as all his talks to us in the past have been.  He has certainly done some travelling.


From comments I have heard the short break to Llandudno was very good.  The hotel was comfortable and the meals were excellent, as were the excursions.


May is the month of section AGMs and ours on Friday 23rd May went smoothly and we were able to hand a cheque for £1,000 to the chairman of the General committee, with another £400 to be collected by the Club Treasurer before September.


The Vice President of the Travel Section to be elected at the Club AGM in September will be Edna Prophet, who I know will carry on the good work of previous Vice Presidents. Congratulations, Edna.


I will report on the Thursday 5th June Excursion on “The Mersey Explorer” in the next Brookdale news.


Charity day is Saturday 21st June and we will be glad to receive gifts for the lavender, white and green stall.


On Friday 27th June Gordon Gadsby will talk to us about “The High Pyrenees”.


Saturday morning 12th July will be our annual coffee morning.


I should mention that we hope to have an outing on Thursday 7th August.  This will be before the next issue of the “Brookdale News” so watch the club notice board.


Our best wishes go to any members recovering from or still suffering ill health.


* * * * *




It seems  but yesterday since our last Newsletter was published in which we wrote of the onset of Spring and our hopes for the weather that we could expect for the next few months. Well, although the period between  then and now it has varied some what Easter weekend was kind to most of us when some were able to enjoy a  Barbecue in the sun. The rest of April remained fairly dry and some of the earlier days of May were really like Summer. In other words we were enjoying what we are used to in the U.K.


Our April Lunch was enjoyed by a goodly number who were able to listen to Harry Pickford speak and tell us, in some detail, about his early years. Thank you Harry once again.  On Wednesday 21st May  we held our AGM when the usual loyal number came to listen to our annual report and our results for the past season. It was with some regret that we have had to note a drop in our surplus once again. It was explained that it appeared lower than usual because our numbers seemed to be growing less and our costs seemed to be on the increase. If this is the case it is a great pity, for the Walrus Committee work hard in trying to provide a daytime event at a budget price for the senior age group we have at Brookdale.  Apart from the Luncheon the  event also provides the opportunity of Members to meet up for a congenial chat with all their friends. It may  be that some of our more recently joined Members are not aware what the “Walrus” Section is about. If this is correct why not ask us for details or even better come and have a trial Lunch with us after which you can decide if you wish to join the group.  So much for that part of our AGM. The good news is that our Vice President Elect for the season 2014/2015 is to be Arthur Watson. As a past member of the committee and as a serving waiter and great helper over many years, this is an honour very well deserved and we wish him a very happy year when the time comes in September.


We also had the opportunity of thanking our retiring V.P Jean Lingwood who has been a great ambassador for the section as well as being our Secretary throughout this season. She is greatly looking forward to hosting the afternoon tea party.


As we all know, we have been using new caterers since Blenheim finished at the end of 2013 and the temporary agreement with those we have used was terminated following our AGM. New companies are now being contacted for the coming season but in the interim our Afternoon Tea on Saturday 21st June  will be catered for  by Jamie and his Blenheim Team


On Monday 21st July we are hoping to take a group from Walrus to Dunham Massey and the much publicised Exhibition I of the hospital set up there towards the end of WW1.  We  now need to know who wishes to go on this trip which we will be booking at our Tea Party  on Saturday 21st June in order to make the final arrangements.


As mentioned at the May Lunch Refreshments are available at Dunham. The cost of the Coach trip will be £9.00 each and for the Dunham experience of Hall and Gardens a charge of £10 to those who are NOT Members of the National Trust..That just about  completes our News for this entry, however the Newsletter that comes next will hopefully have particulars  about our 2014/2015 Season as well as our progress on the catering field.


We hope that you are all keeping as fit as possible, please let us know of any members who may be poorly,  that we may not have heard about. Have a good Summer and best wishes to everybody.


* * * * *




Doesn’t time fly?  Another News deadline looms.  What news can I tell you? …….


A little quotation maybe…. I like to cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food….


To business ……


At our April meeting we were joined by matadors, sultry señoritas, and decorated fans galore to celebrate our Spanish evening. We ate paella and Sue’s delicious creme brûlée, drank sangria and participated in Spanish themed quizzes, ably compered by our Spanish speaking host, Julio, alias Harvey who was assisted by Señor Halls. The beautifully dressed dancing group entertained us with their fabulous foot tapping flamenco and then it was the turn of our eager volunteers!! Harder than it looks methinks!


All a lot of fun. Muchas gracias to all concerned for a great evening.


At our AGM on Friday 9th  May our current VP Carol introduced us to our VP elect, John Swait, who was obviously absolutely delighted to accept.  We wish him and Ann a special year,  We also congratulated Sharon Turner on being made a Life Member after so many years in various positions within our section.


As we look forward to the last event of our year, Carol’s VP evening on  Friday 13th  June, too late for inclusion in these lines, I think we can safely say that the first year of our newly named Wine and Food Section has been a successful one. Our programme for next year looks equally enticing and we look forward to welcoming all our existing members and any new folk who care to join us.


To whet your appetite, the first get together of the new season will take place on Friday 5th  September, when, instead of meeting in the evening, we will travel to Nantwich by coach for the Food Festival. Tickets, priced at a mere £8 are available from Roger Salt, and further details are on the notice board.


Future dates for your diaries are as follows…….

Friday10th  October you are invited to our Foodie Movie Night, which promises to be fun.

Friday14th November will be our joint evening with Caracamp, always a popular function.

Friday 12th December save the date for our Christmas Extravaganza, when all stops will be pulled out to start your festive season with a bang! Not literally I hasten to add.

It has been lovely to see the return some of our members who have been poorly or out of action recently. Stay well, Harry Newton, June Lythgoe and Sheila Watson. To any who are not on top form at present, we wish you well and hope to see you soon.


As always, our good wishes for a wonderful summer. I can picture those chilled glasses of wine in the gardens already!


* * * * *




We would like to welcome the following new members to Brookdale:-


MARCH 2014



Mrs Claire Freeman Mr Ryan Hall Mrs Margaret Jones
Mr Edward B Webster
Mrs Jacqueline Cassidy Mrs Victoria Geary Mrs Cathie Mortimer Rae
Transfer from Junior to Intermediate
Miss Anna Carley



Mrs Jean Telfur Mrs P Ellison Mrs G Slater
Mr A Ward


 APRIL 2014



Mrs Jenny Burnham Mrs Sheila Flitcroft Mrs Lynda Harrison
Mr J V Heyes Mrs Lynne Lea Mrs Ann Pearce
Ella Clare Lucy Driscoll Aidan McLean
Transfer from Junior to Intermediate
Mr Robert Yates





The Art Group send best wishes to Dick Mattinson and Rosemary Barratt who have not been well.  We hope you will soon be back with us.


The Bowling section sends best wishes to members who have not been well recently.


The Theatre section’s best wishes go to Debbie Bruce, Sylvia Dennis, Mave Jordan, Mary Wyles and Brian Taylor, all at different stages of recovery


Congratulations from the Travel Section to Howard Naylor who celebrated his 90th birthday in May and  congratulations to Sheila Watson who celebrated her 80th birthday on 11th June


* * * * *




On behalf of the President and members of the Club  a donation has been made to Bying House (British Legion), Southport  in  memory of Henry Garrood who passed away recently.


* * * * *


Brookdale News Deadlines


Edition dated Copy to Editor by 17:00 hrs on Delivery from about: Events for the approx period
August to Sept 31st July 15th August September to Nov
October to Nov 30th September 15th October November to Jan
December to Jan 30th November 15th December January to March
Feb to March 31st January 15th February March to May
April to May 31st March 15th  April May to July
June to July 31st May 15th June July to September



If you have any queries concerning a Section or Event you may find the following list helpful:-


Section Secretary Telephone No.
Andante Pam Griffiths 419 9727
Art Delia Haslam 486 0550
Bar* Angela Cowap 439 5598
Bowling Hiliary Black 440 9074
Bridge Rosemary Moorhouse 427 6001
Caracamp Wendy Birch-Jones 483 1672
Dancing Alison Dawson 439 7518
Digital Photo Ingrid Halls 439 6095
Gardening Dorothy Woodall 483 8229
Kitchens* Wendy Joyce 01625 873601
Linguists Sheila Haley 439 5240
Ramblers Shirley Cropper 483 0626
Social* Carol Pimlott 439 5398
TheatreTheatregoers* Marilyn WebleyVivien Whittaker 456 5588439 2648
Travel Jean Hopkins 439 6626
Walrus Jean Lingwood 439 3181
Wine Roger Salt 439 0371

*Sub- Committee

v  Contact details for Club Officials and the Editor are inside the front cover.

v  If you would like any information about joining any of the above groups or helping the committees then please do not hesitate to ring the Secretary shown above for more information.



Sun 15th Andante Charity Concert + Whinge & Racket MAIN HALL 15:00
Mon 16th Bar AGM See notice board
Mon 16th Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Tues 17th Bowling Charity Day BRAMHALL PARK 13:30
Tues 17th Digital Photo’ day of photography at Quarry Bank mill TBA
Weds 18th Walrus: Afternoon Tea MAIN HALL 14:30
Weds 18th Tombola Collection LESSER HALL 19: 00 – 21:00
Thurs 19th Charity Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 20th Tombola set-up and  collection LESSER HALL 14:00
Fri 20th Gifts for Grand Raffle, tombola and other stalls LESSER HALL 19:00 – 21:00
Sat 21st  CHARITY DAY CLUB 10:00 – 12:00
Sun 22nd Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Sun 22nd Bar Quiz – Charity BAR 20:00
Sun 22nd Charity Tea Dance MAIN HALL 14:30
Weds 25th Bowling Section:  Captain’s Day See notice board
Weds 25th Charity Bridge Drive MAIN HALL 13:15
Fri 27th Travel:  Gordon Gadsby – “The High Pyrenees” UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 28th Charity Evening “Sisters in Song” MAIN HALL 19:30
Sun 29th Ramblers: Stroll See notice board
Thurs -Tues 3rd –8th Caracamp break GARSTANG
Sat 5th Theatre coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 5th 250 Club draw UPPER HALL 11.45
Thurs 10th Ramblers: Ramble, Stroll and Annual meal See notice board to sign up
Sat 12th Travel: Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Mon 14th Gardening: VP’s Outing to Newby Hall Leave club 09:30
Tues 15th Digital Photo’ Gadgets, Gizmos and Accessories LESSERHALL 19:30
Thurs 17th Whist drive UPPER HALL 11.45
Sat 19th Gardening: coffee Morning  flower show MAIN HALL 10:00
Weds 23rd Walrus outing – Dunham Massey See notice board
Thurs –Tues 31stAug 5th Caracamp break NABURN LOCK
Sat 2nd Dancing Section coffee morning MAIN HALL 10:30
Sat 2nd 250 Club draw BAR 11.45
Sun 3rd Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Weds 13th All Prize day See notice board
Thurs 14th Ramblers: ramble See notice board 9:30
Sat 16th Gardening Coffee morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Tues 19th Gardening visit to Abby Wood See notice board
Thurs 21st Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Sun 24th Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Thurs –Sat 4th –9th Caracamp break HOPE
Fri 5th Wine & Food – Nantwich day trip See notice board
Sat 6th New Season’s 250 club draw BAR 11.45
Sun 7th Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Thurs 11th Ramblers: ramble See notice board   9:30
Sat 13th Gardening coffee morning and home grown show MAI N HALL 10:00
Thurs 18th CLUB AGM MAIN HALL 19:45
Sat 20th Vice Presidents ‘receptionVice Presidents’ evening  LESSER HALLMAIN HALL 18:3019:00
Weds 24th Linguists Autumn tea afternoon Details to be announced
Sat 27th Ramblers: coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sun 28th Ramblers: stroll See notice board 10:30
Sun 28th Table top sale MAIN HALL     9:15
Sat 4th 250 Club draw BAR 11:45
Sun 5th Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Fri 10th Wine & Food, Foodie Movie Night UPPER  HALL 20:00
Thurs 16th Whist drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Sat 8th Christmas fair collection coffee morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Fri 14th Wine & food and Caracamp joint eve TBA