Brookdale News – September / October 2014

6, Liskeard Drive,
Cheshire.  SK7 2JA
29th September 2014

0161-349 6095

Dear Members,


When the phone rang late one Monday evening in mid-July, it was Ron Clare, our President for 2013-14, inviting me to become president for this year. He was actually ringing from the meeting of Past Presidents who had just selected me for the task. I was left utterly speechless with surprise and had to ask to be given till the next morning to come up with an answer. After a somewhat sleepless night, I was able to gratefully accept the invitation. I feel very flattered and not a little over-awed at the thought of having to follow in the footsteps of such eminent previous Presidents. I shall do my best to live up to the expectation placed in me.


I had been warned by recent Presidents that the year starts in a bit of a whirl and that I would have to hit the ground running after the A.G.M – it turns out they weren’t giving me the whole picture. In reality it’s been a whirlwind and my feet only touched ground half-way through the following week!


In the 10 days since my election Ingrid and I have been to one Travel Section meeting, two coffee mornings, V.P’s night, a meeting with all the new V.P’s to outline their duties, a Linguists’ English group meeting and a quick visit to the September Table Top Sale.


The Travel meeting was a fascinating talk on Burma by a member of the British Intelligence

service who was in Burma leading up to its independence in 1948.


The Caracamp and Ramblers’ Coffee mornings were the usual busy, friendly get-togethers – thank you both for the hospitality shown to us, I commend the scones and butter the Ramblers served.


V.P’s evening was a superb and successful celebration for all the new V.P’s. Well done Carol Streak for conceiving the new format for this event, and thanks to Social Committee for organising the event.


On Monday evening a meeting at our house was held with all the new V.P’s to set out their duties for the coming year. We should all have a very enjoyable time, all the more so if we make the most of this opportunity to socialise in other areas of Brookdale


After the hectic start to the Presidency there has been a bit of breathing space – a couple of days with nothing happening (nothing at Brookdale that is) which were filled by our German classes at the Wilmslow Guild re-starting.


The Lingust’s English group entertained us to a mass ‘Scrabble’ evening on Thursday – very taxing to the brain – with the relief of coffee and some very nice cake. Sybil and Peter Browne were the hosts for the evening.


Sunday saw me looking in at the Table-Top sale. Parking at the club on those days is impossible, as someone always pinches the reserved spot, so as the weather was a nice I walked. It was nicely busy and I secured a box of Winter Pansies for our hanging basket.


It quite amazing just what is on offer at these sales!


Looking at my calendar, the coming months will be much busier with many more meetings and Coffee Mornings as well as a Play staged by Theatre, a Musical later in November and, of course, the Christmas Fair in December.


Something you can all do to help is let your Section V.P know if you become aware of a member who has become ill. We like to send them a card to wish them well but aren’t clairvoyant. All too often we don’t know someone has been unwell until they recover and return to activities at the Club.


With our very best wishes to all members and success in the various ventures Sections have planned.


Ray Halls





Please note that Rule 3 and 4 of the Club Rules were amended by a proposal passed at the Club AGM on 18th September 2014 as follows


Rule 3:-

There shall be seven classes of membership namely a) to g):- a) to f) remain as shown in the current Rules with “g) Associate” added.


Rule 4:-

The following paragraph is added:

“Associate membership shall be offered at the discretion of the General Committee to those persons who have been Ordinary Members for a period of not less than ten years and who in the opinion of the General Committee shall have become unable by reason of age or infirmity to participate in Club affairs or attend at the Club on a regular basis. Members who wish to be considered for this class of membership should apply to the General Committee in writing stating the reason for their application but the General Committee shall not be obliged to give reasons for their decision”.


It was further proposed and passed at the meeting that the membership subscription for Associate Members will be the same as for Country Members, currently £8.


* * * * *




A book of Christmas Draw Tickets are enclosed in this issue of Brookdale News (unless you have previously indicated you do not want to receive them). The Christmas Draw is an important part of the Christmas Fair, a significant fund raising event for the Club, helping to keep the cost of our annual subscriptions lower.


This year’s draw features a cash prize of £150, a HUDL tablet computer, a case of 6 bottles of wine and other valuable prizes, all to be drawn during the Christmas Fair. For those of you not familiar with computers the tablet computer represents an easy introduction, without complication, to computing and the internet. As well as searching for information you can also read books, watch films (movies), listen to music, take photographs, play games and much more.  Even if you think computers etc. are beyond you, you will be surprised how easy a tablet makes it. And if you have children or grandchildren a tablet computer would make a fine Christmas present.


Of course you may be more interested in the other great prizes, so do, please, consider buying and or selling Draw tickets – they are only 50p each (or £5 for the book).


Ticket counterfoils with name, address/telephone number and cheques (payable to Brookdale Club Ltd.) may be placed in the white box under the main notice board in the corridor outside the Main Hall – the same box is also used to collect 250 Club entries and is labelled accordingly.


Further tickets can be obtained from Jean Tudge (0161 487 1324) and will also be on sale at the Fair on Saturday 6th December.  Prize winners not at the Draw will be contacted by telephone later in the day where possible.


* * * * *









Our Front of House (FOH) managers are the public face of the theatre section and I am sure you will agree do a sterling job.  Every season we need to fill 54 slots (2 managers per performance and extras for matinees) and have a list of magnificent FOH volunteers, many who have done FOH for many years for which we send a huge thank you for their continued support.


Unfortunately the list is dwindling due to retirement and/or ill health and we desperately need to replenish the list, so we can cover all performances.  If we have a larger list of FOH volunteers then the load can be spread more evenly and people will not have to do duties so frequently.  Therefore we are asking that you consider joining us.


The role is not particularly difficult; basically FOH managers are responsible for the safety of the public during the theatre performance and in the event of any emergency evacuation. Duties also include admission of the public into the auditorium, directing them to their allocated seats and ensuring the auditorium is cleared after the performance. Full training alongside experience house managers is provided.


If you can spare the occasional evening and would be happy to join us, or require any additional information, please contact Tommy Farrell on 0161 439 6340 or via e mail [email protected]


Hope to hear from you soon


* * * * *




With immediate effect David Greenfield is taking over responsibility for swipe card issue, replacement and cancellation.  That is, Sue Greenhough no longer has this responsibility which she has born since their inauguration in June 1999.  All swipe card queries should be addressed to David on: 0161-439 9371.


His e-mail address is: [email protected]


* * * * *




Shirley Best has delivered the “News” around the Reevey Avenue/Aldwyn crescent area for some years, but now, for health reasons has found it to be time to retire.  We thank her for all she has done and wish her well with her forthcoming back operation.


We welcome Jean Grimes to our delivery team who has agreed to take over the round.




Whist drives take place in the Upper hall on the third Thursday of the month.  These are not restricted to Club members, anyone who can play whist is welcome to join us.  Play commences at 7.30 pm, admission is £2.00 per person which includes tea and biscuits in the interval.  You do not need to come with a partner,  there are five Whist prizes to be won and also raffle prizes. The next dates are Thursdays 16thOctober, 20th November and 18th December.


250 CLUB


Not all members who were in the 250 Club for the 2013/2014 year have yet rejoined – remember, you have to be in it to win it!  Anyone who wishes to join after the October draw may buy a “Share” for £10.00.  This will give you one number which is yours for the year ending August 2015, and will be entered in the monthly draw for the three prizes each time.  The amount of prize money paid out will increase as more members join- as will the amount raised for Brookdale funds


The draws take place in the bar, on the first Saturday each month, and are normally drawn by the President at 11.45 am, when the winners are handed their cheques.  If the winner of the first prize is present, a bottle of wine is also won.


The winners of the last draws were:


AUGUST 1st Agnes Paxton SEPTEMBER 1st Agnes Paxton
2nd  Christine Donnelly 2nd Barry Bryan
3rd Mary Jones 3rd Betty Nixon

Remember – you can buy as many shares as you wish – each one gives you more chances to win, and also helps Bookdale.


* * * * *



It has just turned a little colder today- does that mean summer is over?  We have had a lovely one so we can’t grumble can we?


We enjoyed the quiz in August with Brian Wood and we had one in September with Jean Tudge ; both very interesting and October will give us Lawrence Rayner followed in November by  Niel Lingwood. We look forward to those in anticipation.

All our Bar Stewards are back in action after the closure of the bar on certain nights in August. If you could manage one night per week as a steward, we would love to have you!

Also don’t forget the cleansing of the bar area on Tuesdays –more help needed for that job. Not difficult, just wiping the shelves etc. to keep it looking good for all our visitors: members and non-members.  Don’t our new toilets look good!


Well done to Gerry and the other helpers from Maintenance.


I hope Ray Halls, our new President, has a very good year as well as Ingrid, his wife- enjoy your year.



Vice Presidents’ Evening


Did you enjoy this? We’d like your feedback eventually in order to improve / replan next years do. The responses we’ve had so far have been very positive. No, we didn’t do food this time but maybe next year. (Any catering volunteers?) Bill Woollend was good as usual, fitting easily into Brookdale traditions and routines even though some VPs were not as talkative as others! ‘Is it a secret society?’ he asked at one point much to everyone’s amusement. The photo competition was fun too. Of course we don’t always have to do VPs’ night like this like this but it was well worth a try and kept the ticket price down for you.


Monday, 6th October 8.00pm. Meeting re Christmas Fair


Everyone is invited to this meeting held by Niel Lingwood in order to plan the Fair, enlist help and generally make our Christmas Fair a success. Any help will be much appreciated. I am not sure of the venue for this meeting yet but I think we’ll manage to find it.


Sunday, 26th October. Table-top Sale. 9.15am


This sale will be run by Bob Wallman and a team from the Theatre Section.


Saturday 9th November, 9.30am. Christmas fair Collection morning


Please bring any cakes, wine etc, unwanted gifts and other acceptable items on this morning. Free coffee, tea and biscuits will be served all morning.


Sat 6th December. Christmas Fair


Do come and support this important, traditional fundraising event. Father Xmas will of course be there along with our traditional stalls plus others selling a variety of goods. Come and seek a bargain and spend a pleasant hour or two with familiar faces. There will be a grand raffle of substantial prizes. Snacks and coffee etc will be available.


New Years’ Eve Starlight Ball. Wed. 31st December 2014


(Please see insert in the centre of the magazine.)


Yes, the theme will be stars and anything astronomical. This will be a special evening produced by your hard working and enthusiastic Social Committee. Ladies get out your glittering evening dresses (although any nice evening wear will be fine of course) and men, wear your bow ties for the ladies.

We’ll start at 7.00pm with a reception in the Upper Hall with drinks, canopies and music played by the Winge half of our talented ‘Winge and Racket’ duo. Then, a sumptuous buffet meal followed by a cabaret act with the comedian Tony Vino and then of course dancing and music until late with Dave’s Disco and the letting in of the new year. There will be a variety of kinds of music for dancing, even for the most ‘two left-footed’ amongst you.


Remember, tickets always go very quickly for the Brookdale New Year Party so keep the insert from the centre of the news ready to fill in ASAP.
































Sections News (in alphabetical order)




Welcome back to everyone for another year of singing after the Summer recess and hopefully more of you will join us every Wednesday evening for a great singing experience and lots of fun!!!


Our “Summer Soiree” took place at the end of July. Master of Ceremonies for the
evening, Ron Heywood, introduced 12 members of the choir (including our leader Alan Streak) who stepped up to the podium to give fine performances ranging from a soliloquy, songs and recitations. Thanks to our Chairman Melvyn Owen for as usual providing the musical accompaniment. The Grand Finale was choreographed by Maria Nolan and involved the ladies of our Alto Section singing “We’ll Gather Lilacs” accompanied by Doreen Shannon on the keyboard. Mention must be made of the magnificent refreshments provided by members of the choir in such quantities that we were able to invite the Brookdale Dancing Section, who were close by in the Upper Hall, to share it all with us. Thanks to everyone who contributed.


We are now busy preparing for our concert at Christmas, and again we will be attending two rehearsals per week starting with the first extra one on Thursday 23rd October. Members of the choir have been given the six week schedule by our secretary Pam Griffiths and thanks to her for organising the room and extra times.


The concert will be on Saturday 13th December; further details and the booking form can be found in the centre of this edition of the Brookdale News.


We look forward to your continued support, as usual a mixture of new and old popular songs and carols for you to join in.


Brian Wood had a great evening on Saturday 20th September when he celebrated the start of his year as our new Vice President, replacing Elaine Stafford. Thanks to Anne Morley for her lovely flower arrangement.  We hope Brian enjoys his year and we wish him lots of luck.


We are delighted to see the return of Sheilah Mullen to choir after her recent hospital visits and she thanked all members of Andante and Brookdale for their very much appreciated gifts and cards.


Thankfully Brian Webster is over the worst of his illness and we send him our good wishes.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Maureen Owen who sadly passed away during our summer recess. Maureen was a member of the choir for many years and she is remembered fondly.


We look forward to seeing you all at the concert on Saturday 13th December, fill in the form and get your tickets ASAP!


* * * * *




The Art group heard with sadness of the death of Dick Mattinson, a long time member of the Art section. Dick had been on holiday with his family to Greece and collapsed at the airport on his return to Britain.  He was a lovely man and will be missed by many.


Our coffee morning is on Saturday 18th October in the Upper hall from 10.00 am.


Calendars and Christmas cards will be in sale.  Our own Joe Sambrook will be regaling us with more tales of life in Moss Side and Salford.


The workshop booked for Tuesday 30th September was cancelled due to the indisposition of the artist.  We held an “in house” workshop in lieu featuring still life.  We hope to have regular sessions featuring different subjects; portraits, figures and landscapes.


Well done to the “Mad men” for refurbishing the ladies loos to such a high standard.  I haven’t been into the gents but I expect they will be equally magnificent.


* * * * *




All prize day took place on Thursday 14th August.  There was a good attendance, the weather was cloudy with the occasional slight shower.  The games consisted of six ends of 321 as detailed in the last newsletter.  The clear winner was George Morrissey with an outstanding score of 52 points.  Bottle (Jack) in the middle won by Jan Graham.  Our thanks to Barbara Hopkinson who organised this event and produced  score cards etc.


The Outdoor Bowling competition finals were held on Tuesday 26th August. The ladies finals was between  Barbara Hopkinson and Jean Leach and the winner was Barbara Hopkinson, the gents finals was between Denis Cherrington and Denis Downham and was won by Denis Downham.


At the Club AGM on Thursday 18th September, Hilary Black was appointed to serve as the Bowling section Vice President.  Our best wishes to Hilary on this appointment and I am quite sure she will enjoy her year in office.  Our thanks to Christine Lant, the retiring Vice President who represented the Section during the past year.   Our best wishes also to Ray Halls who was nominated to be the Brookdale Club President for the coming year.


The Indoor bowling will have started by the time you read this report and members are reminded that  there willbe no bowling on the Sundays that Table Top sales take place.  The lack of Duty Stewards is and very like will remain a problem.  As I have stressed many times in the past if nobody volunteers to prepare the Jubilee Room for play  there will be no bowling.  Also as mentioned before we are still charged room rental whether we use the room or not.


Mercia Leslie although not a current member, has passed very recently.


The next event on the agenda is the Bowling coffee mornng, this takes place a t 10.30 am on Saturday 11th October.


* * * * *




I regret to record the death of Isabela Garlic; this occurred in mid August. She was a Thursday morning player. We offer our sincere condolences.


Late in August Jean Crowhurst took a tumble on the golf course sustaining a severe ankle injury. A helicopter was quickly on the scene but it was not possible for its crew to get her aboard. Soon an ambulance appeared and got her to hospital. She had significant fractures which required surgery. Jean is progressing well .She turned up a couple of nights ago, leg well plastered, but bridge skills untarnished.


The “eternal” Elsie Howard, slowly approaching her hundredth birthday, has had a set back. After she had fallen she was taken to hospital and found to have a hip fracture for which she had a major procedure.  Initially she proved, as ever, to be resilient and was allowed home, only to be readmitted after a few days later. We await further news with some concern.


We welcome our new Sectional VP; Karen McNichol is a cheerful soul who seems always to have with her a bagful of sweets. We gather around her like bees round a honey pot. He mother, Jean, is proud of her and so too are we. Smile dear lady and we will too. Her predecessor, Margaret Baron, a gracious lady, retires from the post and takes our thanks and leaves memories of a job well done.


* * * *




Although the number of members now towing caravans or using motor homes is quite small there was still plenty of fun and enjoyment at all the Carabreak  gatherings this summer. Our chairman, Kerry Blake, will try in the future to look out for sites which offer static vans or holiday cottages, or the opportunity to take a tent, so that those members who still miss the “rally weekends” may have the chance to join in again sometimes.


Our new V.P. Harvey Dickinson was unable to be with us on Vice President’s Evening but it was very nice to have a recorded message from him read out while he was cruising  the high seas.


Our first Autumn event was a Coffee Morning on Saturday 20th September we hope that he will enjoy his year of office and that he and Ingrid will share more dates with us.  It was a shame that at this particular coffee morning  we were unusually low on numbers but it did coincide with the date for Vice President’s Evening  and was unfortunately left out of the News calendar so we hope for an excellent turnout for our next one on Saturday 10th  January 2015!


It was good to have both John Birch-Jones and Sheilah Mullen back with us and we hope that John Mullen will soon be back at the raffle table as well!


We hope everyone will have read the notice board and enjoyed our “ Bingo and Buns” Carachat on Monday 13th October.  All Club members welcome at these events!


Once again we are joining with the Wine and Food section for a joint Open Evening in November. This will be on Friday 14th  November at 7.30pm in the Main Hall.  There will be a two course Buffet Supper followed by a talk entitled “ My Life on the Carpet” from Brookdale’s own Rodney Bracewell.  This will be a popular event so make sure of your tickets, price £12.00 from either Kerry  Blake  tel. 439 9782 or Hilary Wharton  tel. 217 2487



Firstly we’d like to thank Pauline Ward, our VP in 2013-14, for all her hard work and welcome Kim Apthorpe who took over as our new VP in September.


Our second Annual coffee morning in August was a great success and we were delighted to welcome over one hundred visitors.  The committee members looked very smart in their black and white outfits, with the men sporting bow ties (see photo on the notice board).  Who needs The Chippendales when we have The Brookdales?!


We are looking forward to our Autumn Dance on Saturday 8th November at which we would welcome any members and friends who would like to join in with our popular sequence dancing.


Lastly congratulations and thanks must go to the Maintenance Team for their hard work over the summer break and particularly the super job they’ve made of the ladies’ downstairs cloakroom which is now a credit to the Club.


* * * * *




The Brookdale garden is taking on a distinctly autumnal hue. With the coming of autumn, “the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” [Keats], we look forward to the trees turning on brilliant displays of reds, yellows, oranges and browns.


Saturday 13th September  Coffee Morning and Home Grown Show Main Hall


The Home Grown show [fruit, vegetables, flowers, cakes and preserves] and coffee morning was well attended and the entries in the show were a credit to all who entered. The overall winners were George Beaumont [fruit, vegetables, flowers]; Christine Pickford [cakes and preserves]; and Keith Dennis [Novice Section]. Our Head Gardener and Chairperson Maureen congratulated all the winners for the high standard of entries and provided encouragement to those who did not win this time. The Show Competitions are open to all members of the Garden Section and all are encouraged to exhibit whether you are seasoned entrants, new or not yet started; so why not try your hand the next time.  The more people who take part the better. Who knows what talent there is out there waiting to be discovered?


Tuesday19th August  Half Day visit to Abbeywood Garden.


These are wonderful gardens and were well worth a visit. The garden was the perfect place to while away an hour or two. The delightful newly planted herbaceous border and the tropical garden was a pleasure to behold. After taking in the delights of the garden a relaxing time was spent in the Garden café which served delicious sandwiches and homemade cakes making it a most enjoyable visit.


Forthcoming Events for your diary


Saturday 25th October  Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10.00 am.

  – “Purely Perennials” – Martin Blow – Upper Hall – 8.00 pm


Martin will be speaking about Perennials at our Friday evening meeting. Martin, who you may have recently seen on BBC’s Gardeners World, is an expert in his field and this is a talk not to be missed by those who just love perennials or who are thinking of planting out a perennial border. This meeting is open to all members of Brookdale.


Saturday 15th November  Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10.00 am.


Saturday 20th December – Coffee morning with our traditional Christmas Table Decorations in the Main Hall – 10.00 am.


Saturday 31st January 2015  Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10am.


Saturday 7th February 2015 the Gardeners Annual Social Evening [time to be announced]

A traditional meal of Steak Pie and Chips followed by Sponge Pudding and Custard, tea or coffee is on the menu.  [Vegetarian menu will be provided on request]. Entertainment will be provided by

Geoff Higginbottom, a singer of popular songs, who was well received at a recent Brookdale event.  Further details will be issued at a later date via the coffee morning and at the notice board.


Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal


The Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal will be presented to the overall Gardening Section Show Competition Winner for the year 2014- 2015.


To any of our members who are in ill health, or, are recovering, we send our best wishes.


* * * * *




If I were of a poetic disposition (which you will be glad to hear I am not) I could probably write a deeply philosophic ode on the way that the final event of the Brookdale year, the AGM, carries within it the seeds of the new year, with the announcement of the new President and the Vice Presidents Night following close behind. But such an ode is a pleasure I cannot provide.


However, so it is, and the Linguist’s took particular pleasure in hearing that the new President was to be Ray Halls, a staunch member of our section. This is a fitting reward for much hard-working service to the Club, so congratulations Ray and we hope you and Ingrid enjoy your year.


A number of our members celebrated the start of the new season at the Vice Presidents evening, and we all very much enjoyed the new-style event. Many thanks to the Social Committee and all the helpers for all the hard work which the evening must have taken.


The first two events of the Linguist’s year, our Tea Afternoon and Vice President’s evening are still to come as I write, but will have taken place when you read this, so more about them next time.


The only date I have for your diary at the moment is (incredibly) our Christmas Coffee Morning, which will be on Saturday 29th November at 10.30am in the Upper Hall. We will be serving the usual Gluhwein and Stollen, which are welcome at any time, but since many of us will still be reluctant to think about Christmas so early, we think it is better to leave out the usual entertainment so that you have more time to chat to your friends and enjoy the comestibles. The present intention, however, is that there will be some carol singing, so come in good voice!


Now, the final call for contributions to this year’s Clipboard, our annual celebration of the writing talent within the Section. So, if you have not already done so, sit down at your keyboard or with the ballpoint, pencil or quill pen and let your imagination roam freely. The closing date for copy is, as usual, 31st October. Please either type or write your piece and leave it in the Linguist’s box at the Club, or e-mail it to [email protected].


The dark days of winter present a good time to improve your skills in one of the languages we do cover so why not join the relevant group? They require a reasonable knowledge of the language concerned, and most have some expert speakers. The English group is for anyone with an interest in the spoken and written language, and its activities are very varied – come and try it, and relish our varied and beautiful language! To find out more, do contact the Group Leaders who are:-


FRENCH               Jo Moor                                 0161-439-9818

GERMAN             Peter Miles                            0161-488-4130

WELSH                 George Beaumont               0161-439-5445

ENGLISH             Jean Harrington                   0161-456-8761

SPANISH              David Singleton                   0161-485-5123


* * * * *






 Edale Valley on Thursday 14th August 2014.

 Leader: Denis Downham.


The weather as given out by the weather forecasters remained true to form that morning with cloud and heavy showers.


Sixteen ramblers set off from ‘The Rambler Inn’ in Edale to walk a very short distance to the “Moorland Centre” where we spent ten minutes or so looking at a number of interesting items including a model of the Peak District, the conquest of the moors by the mass trespassers and the protection and restoration of the moors flora and fauna. Leaving the Moorland Centre, we took the path, which led us to the Vale of Edale. On reaching the Vale, we took a sharp left turn and following this path, it brought us to the road where ‘The Old Nags Head’ pub stands and the ‘Pennine Way’ begins.

The Pennine Way starts at Edale, passes through the Yorkshire Dales, the Northumberland National Park, and ends at Kirk Yetholm just inside the Scottish boarder, a distance of 268 miles.


Leaving Edale behind us, we followed the Pennine Way for 1.25 miles with its slight gradual climb across the lower grass slopes of the moors to the highest point of our ramble. Here we stopped for our tea / coffee break and took time to admire the wonderful views around us. Continuing on we followed the path downwards to Upper Booth where we again changed our direction to start to head back to Edale through more well sign posted green fields and via the hamlet of Barber Booth. Before reaching Barber Booth, we had to cross the railway line that runs from Sheffield to Stockport/Manchester. We stopped on the bridge over the line to gaze, in the distance, at the start of the Gowburn Tunnel, which passes under the moors. To our delight along came a train heading towards the tunnel. The train slowed down before reaching the tunnel and then on entering the tunnel our eyes focused on the two rear red lights at the rear of the train which grew smaller and smaller as it proceeded along the tunnel and then disappeared into the darkness. Leaving the bridge, we then followed the track down to Barber Booth where we meet the road to Edale. Turning right and following this road away from Edale for about 50 yards and where the 16% road incline starts we turned left onto a path, which we followed across more green fields with grazing sheep and lambs to the tree lined track at Harden Clough. Here we turned left onto the track and in pouring rain followed it, passing Hardenclough Farm and then reaching the River Noe where we again met the road to Edale.


The short walk along the Edale road and passing Edale Station led us back to ‘The Rambler Inn’. Having enjoyed the tranquillity of the valley and surrounded by the beauty of the moors and despite the rain, the happy ramblers then sat down and enjoyed their lunchtime meal, which was quickly served up.


Leader: Angela Cowap


On Thursday 11th  September, eighteen walkers set off for Wilmslow and drove towards Knutsford before turning off into Paddockhill Road, which led them to the Plough and Flail Pub where they parked their cars and prepared for the walk. It was a beautiful day and the greenness of the countryside seemed to emphasise this. We walked across the road and down a path at the side of the Alpaca Farm, into a field near some old farm buildings. We continued across the field under trees over rather boggy ground and down a track, which led, us back to the Knutsford road where we turned left and walked to a small road, which led us down to the local Primary School of Lindow End.

We walked past the school and to the end of the track and again went left down another track passing some kennels and onto the Paddockhill Road again. We turned left and followed a long track until returning to the Pub. We went into the farm opposite and looked at the Alpacas and the shop where the wool is spun to nice thin fibres for knitting. The wool is very soft and quite expensive when spun and knitted into garments. We then went to our lunch in the Plough and flail. A much shorter and flatter walk than usual.




Etherow Country Park Sunday 24 August 2014

Leaders: Alan Barker and Tony Cummings


Ten strollers set off from Etherow Country Park car park on a lovely warm and sunny day. We walked along the middle path that cuts the old millpond in two. The smaller part of the millpond was full of Canada geese and ducks and people sailing model boats. Several people were sailing on the larger part of the millpond and taking advantage of the sunny weather.


As we walked along, we saw plenty of anglers trying their luck but didn’t see any catches. A few hundred yards past the end of the millpond, we crossed over the bridge to the west side of the stream that feeds it. The path was tree lined but opened out to a clearing as we reached the weir, with Weir Cottage uphill to our left. The area was bathed in sunshine and looked a perfect spot for a picnic.


We stopped for a few minutes admiring the weir and the surrounding area and then headed back along the path to the east side of the stream. We arrived back at the car park after an enjoyable stroll. All of us headed off to the nearby Andrew Arms for an excellent lunch. The landlady was also the cook and did a marvellous job catering for 10 strollers with no long delays. After chatting away after the meal most of us sat on the benches outside the pub taking the sun. A brilliant way to finish a stroll. Presumably, the pub is named after George Andrew the local landowner who built Compstall mill and village in the 1820s.  So thanks to him.


Styal Country Park Stroll on Sunday 28 September 2014

Leader: Alan Barker


Eight strollers set off from Twinnies Bridge car park on a beautiful warm and sunny autumn day. We walked along the path on the eastern side of the River Bollin through the woods towards Styal Mill. There were lots of other walkers with dogs and children heading the same way. We soon crossed Heron’s Pool Bridge. The stream had dried up after the recent prolonged good weather. After passing the old quarry, which had provided stone for the mill, we eventually reached the millpond. The pond was covered in green algae with a few ducks swimming about leaving tracks in the algae.


When we arrived at Styal Mill, we found a craft fair was in progress in the meadow opposite the mill. Some strollers decided to sit in the sun on the benches in the picnic area overlooking the meadow. Others decided to wander around the stands in the fair, which included a hog roast stand, and an archery stand.


Some strollers decided to walk to the Ship Inn. The others walked back to Twinnies Bridge and drove to the Ship Inn to find the strollers who had walked to the pub sitting outside sunning themselves in the brilliant sun. The pub has recently been refurbished but still retains a lot of its old features. We had an excellent lunch in a wood panelled room at the front of the pub.


All agreed it had been a most enjoyable stroll in beautiful countryside and gorgeous weather.


* * * * *




So, did you guess who dun it?  Miss Agatha Crusty certainly had her work cut out solving all those village hall murders, what with all the red herrings and smoked trout paté throw in!  If you missed it, you missed a treat!


The Theatre social on Saturday 1st November will be a Race Night with a difference.  At only £7.50 per person, with a hotpot supper included, it promises to be a fun evening, beginning at 7.30pm.  You can be involved as much or as little as you wish, from a little flutter to owning a racehorse!  Two booking forms are enclosed – one to book for the evening and one to buy your racehorse for an extra £5 if you wish.


For our next production BYT will perform the ever-popular Grease from Monday 24th to Saturday 29th November with a Saturday matinee. It’s got all your favourites: You’re the One that I Want, Greased Lightnin’, Summer Nights, Hopelessly Devoted to You …. the list goes on.  Energetic dancing, hand-jiving, great singing, slick-backed hair, a “real” car on stage!  Seriously?  Don’t miss all this, get your tickets today: booking form enclosed.


Whilst on the subject of BYT, there’s a number of ex-members who have gone on to pursue a career in drama/music; here’s a update.  All of these were in BYT’s production of Les Miserables.


Scott Slater – stage name Scott Paige – was a member of BYT from the age of 14 to 18 and his most memorable role was Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.  At his first audition after drama school he was selected to appear in the West End production of the new musical Made in Dagenham at the Adelphi Theatre starting this Autumn.  Co-incidentally he will be performing alongside Mark Hadfield who is playing Harold Wilson.  Mark was a Brookdale Dramatic Society member many years ago (some of you may remember his Prince John in A Lion in Winter and the boyfriend in There’s a Girl in my Soup, amongst other great performances).


Robert Bardsley – played Enjolras waving the flag on the barricade.  Rob will be singing on Seabourn Quest from October 2014 to April 2015 and Seabourn Sojourn from May 2015 to August 2015, so our cruising members should look out for him.


Phil Woods – played Javert magnificently. Phil has just graduated from Chichester University with a First in Music Performance. He has worked on several projects including Assistant Musical Director for Chichester Festival Theatre, then MD / arranger / composer for Arts Educational Schools London and most recently MD for the Triptych in Belfast.


Megan Smith was in Rebecca as the second Mrs De Winter.  Meg has just started her first job as a drama teacher at the Bluecoat School in Oldham.


Anna Carley most recently won Best Actress for the title role in our production of Educating Rita and has now gained a place at Leeds University to study drama.


Ella Maria Danson – you may remember her as Thoroughly Modern Millie – has just taken up her place at Mountview Drama School in London to study Musical Theatre.


Rebecca Birch – made us all cry as Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers - has not really left BYT as she is Zoe’s assistant. She has just taken up a post with the Audacious Church as production assistant within the media department working in design, film shoots and editing.


We wish them all good luck!


* *




Race Night


Horse Owners Wanted!



If you are coming to the Race Night and would like to “own” a horse this will cost you only £5.


You can have your own jockey if you want to and dress up both jockey and hobby horse in your ‘colours’.  You can also name your horse. There will be prizes (and rosettes) for the winning horses.


Please contact Tommy Farrell on 0161 439 6340 or

email [email protected]






There are only 18 “horses” available so don’t delay – buy one today!


See insert for the booking form




In August, 53 of us spent a day in Liverpool where we had lunch at the Adelphi Hotel and then saw the very slick performance of ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’.


We have now booked the Halle Carol Concert at the Bridgewater Hall on Sunday 21st December.  Surprisingly, we were required to pay for all the seats four months before the performance, (not just send a deposit), so we quickly had to sell the tickets to have the money to pay for them.  Consequently, some people did not hear about the booking in time to put their names down.  However, as usual we are running a waiting list and already people have had to cancel, so the top people on this list now find that they will be joining us. The concert is still many months away and people’s plans can change so places can become available.  Please add your name to the reserve list if you would like to join us.


The Halle Choir, Halle Youth Choirs and Halle Children’s Choir will all be performing.  We have booked centre stall seats for the matinee performance and the cost is £31

The coach will be leaving the Brookdale Club at 1.30pm


* * * * *




Now that you have all recovered from your cruises to the Bahamas, we remember the AGM in September started the Brookdale New year.  The Trvel Section welcomed the Club President, Ray Halls and his wife Ingrid to our meeting the following night.


Our thanks to Joan Smith who retired as VP and who represented the Section excellently during her year of office.  Edna Prophet was elected Travel Section VP for 2014/2015 and will no doubt carry on the good work and enjoy her year in office.


You will all have noted our speakers for November and December from the last issue of the Brookdale news, but they will be repeated in this issue, together with the January 2015 speaker who is Reg Way telling us about Patagonia.


Our visit to Leek and the ride along one side of Rudyard lake on the mini train was very enjoyable and the  weather was fine.


On Friday 19th September Des Heath gave us an excellent presentation.  The slides were superb and his description of Burma from early days to the present day was very good.


The Club Christmas Fair is on Saturday 6th December and the Travel Section will have their red, green and gold stall, selling Christmas related gifts.  There will be a Club coffee morning on Saturday 8th November for the collection of gifts for all the stalls at the Fair.  Travel will be represented and will also be glad to receive gifts at our evening meeting on Friday21st November and on Friday evening, 5th  December before the Fair on the Saturday.  We hope you will help us fill the stall with suitable gifts to sell.


On Friday 21st November Alan Hayhurst will take us “Six Hundred miles down the Nile”.


On Wednesday 2thNovember we are having a day out to Hassop and Rowsley in Derbyshire, for coffee and a browse in Hassop bookshop, then to Rowsley for lunch at the Grouse and Claret and a look at the Peak Shopping village.  Lunch and coffee are included in the price.  See the notice board for times etc.


We send our best wishes to any or our members who are in ill-health or who are recovering.


* * * * *




Well, as mentioned in our previous issue we are now well into our 2014/15 season as well as into the Autumn of the year heading towards Christmas. I think the years seem to fly by so quickly because we are so involved with all that happens in our lives these days and Brookdale, I feel sure, is a large part of that.

However, here we are again, and once the usual comments on our weather about which very few of us can complain this year. August had a bit of a rainy blip but September has really turned up trumps.  As I write this I see that the forecasters are already mentioning rain for the early part of October.  But you never know what sort of an ‘Indian Summer’ may occur.


So September has passed without a great deal of incident. We have all said farewell and thank you to last season’s President and all his Vice Presidents and now we say hello and welcome to our new President Ray Halls and his supporting Vice Presidents hoping that they all have an enjoyable year at the many functions they will be attending.


We have already enjoyed our first Lunch of the season on Wednesday 17th  September  when our speaker was Keith Birkett from Roberts Bakery in Northwich who told us of the interesting history of the company and also graciously brought us samples of their biscuits to take home. Our new caterers did us well and all seemed satisfied.


Our forthcoming Lunch on Wednesday 15th October  is advertised on the Club Notice Board and we hope as many will support us them as possible, when our Speakers will be Anna and Stuart Drackley talking about “ Tales of the Unexpected”.


For our November Lunch on We4dnesday the 19th we are looking forward to a return visit from Brian Greene and his music, which on this occasion will be I Got Gershwin”.  So do all make a note of this date in you diaries.


Our Christmas Lunch on Wednesday 17th December will be very much in line with Christmas itself when Robert McGregor will be coming to us from Middlewich to talk about “The Magic of Toys”.


We are still working on Speakers for 2015 which will be revealed in due course.


In the meantime that’s about it for now. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible soon when perhaps you might like introduce a friend to our activities  .Keep your eyes on the Notice Board and keep well. Have you all had your Flu Jabs yet?


* * * * *




Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to…..Nantwich. Appropriate words from the original song could have accompanied the 46 members of our Section who set off on 5th Sept to the Food and Drink Festival. The sun was shining as we arrived and there was so much to see and taste we could have stayed for the weekend. We meandered around the town bumping into fellow Brookdalians, drank coffee, ate lunch and tasted all sorts of delicious food and drinks.


Everyone enjoyed the day so much we may well make it an annual event!


We were glad to welcome John Swait as our new Vice-President at the recent VP evening which was enjoyed by all our members who attended. Thank you to Carol Pimlott for her valuable contributions during her year in office.


May we also offer sincere and well deserved congratulations to our new President Ray Halls and Ingrid and wish them both a fantastic year in office. We are glad also to welcome back our treasurer, Ron Clare and committee member Joan back into the fold after their brilliant year.


Our next meeting, the Foodie Movie night was on Friday 3rd October, before the News went to print so more of that next time.


The annual joint meeting with Caracamp will be held on Friday 14th November. A two course meal will be served, accompanied by our home made wine and then…..We are in for a treat….Rodney Bracewell, the Genie of Brookdale, will be presenting’ My Life on the Carpet’. Those who know Rodney (pretty well everyone!) will realise that this may be the highlight of our year! Tickets are £12 and are available from Barbara Dickinson 0161 439 1707


Our stall at the Christmas Fair on Saturday 6th December is a departure from our traditional Wine Wheel which has asked for a rest! Instead we will run a bottle stall with a difference which we hope will raise lots of money. Can we count on your generosity to provide the committee with bottles of all sorts? A few suggestions….wine, beer, perfume, sauces, even water (or whisky) ….the choice is yours. The more bottles we have, the more money we will make!


Moving on to Friday 12th December and ho ho ho it’s Christmas Party time. This year will be as spectacular as our previous events (we hope). Watch out for details on the notice board.


* * * * *




We would like to welcome the following new members to Brookdale:-





Miss Sandra Dyson
Mr David Stafford


Transfers of Introductory to Full

Mr D G Booth Mr J Chapman Mr P Corry
Mrs I Livesey



Mrs I Appleton Mr R Burford Mr C Cochran
Mrs D Cook Mrs L Dicken Mrs A Edwards
Mr D Draper Mrs M Hyde Mrs B Kilpatrick
Mr K Patrick Miss W Lynas Mrs J McNab
Mrs E Peate Miss A Robertshaw Mr G Scholes
Mrs D Sullivan Mr J Sullivan Mr K Tomasin
Mrs R Van den Berg Mr R Welsh Mrs S Welsh
Mr R Wigfield Mrs S Waterson


Resigned – being defaulters as at 15 August 2014

Mrs J Berry Mrs D Bruce Miss A Carley
Mr D Carlile Mrs W M Charnock Mrs D Craddock
Mr A Cryne Mrs A Davies Mrs K Denison
Mrs B Eaves Mr P Fendall Miss R Gazeley
Mrs V Geary Mrs J Gwinnet Miss P J Harvey
Mrs J Hatch Mrs C Hetherington Mr A Jepson
Mrs S Jepson Mr P Joshi Mr N Kilgariff
Mrs E Litherland Mr H R Litherland Mr D Marshall
Mrs J McIntosh Mrs M Oates Mrs B Oliver
Mrs M E Parker Miss C Petch Mrs T Ridway
Mrs J Schnieden Mrs Barbara Smith Mr James Smith
Mrs C Sumner Mr E Sumner Mrs A Targett
Mrs A Taylor Mrs A Ward Ms Nicole Welch
Mrs G Whiston Mrs P White Miss P Withers



Mrs Isobel Garlick Mr Dick Mattinson






Mrs Marjorie Duffield Dr Philip N Edwards Mrs Stephanie Edwards
Mr Andrew Garlick Ms Sally Heap Mr Tony Moore
Mrs Viv Moore


* * * * *





The Art Section congratulate Ray Halls and Ingrid on being elected President and first lady we wish them a great year.


The Bowling Section send best wishes to our members who havenotbeen well recently and hope for a speedy recovery.


The Dancing Section has two or three members who have been in hospital with various problems and we send them our best wishes for a speedy recovery.


The Gardeners send best wishes for a speedy recovery to David Lythgoe, also to Harry Newton who is at present in hospital


The Linguists send their very best wishes to Joan Tate for a speedy recovery and return to keep us in order.


The Linguist’s send all good wishes to Sheila Haley for a speedy recovery from her recent operation.


The Linguists send congratulations to Harry Newton, who our spies say reaches a significant birthday on 28th December.


The Ramblers are pleased to hear that Kim Apthorpe is Dancing Bowling and Rambling again after knee surgery. Jenny Valance is home after hip surgery and doing well. We wish her a speedy recovery.


The Theatre Section sends best wishes to any members who have been under the weather recently especially to Jane Booth.

Wine and Food are sorry to hear that Jane Booth and Jenny Valance have been in hospital and we wish them both a full and speedy recovery



* * *



Dear Mr President, VPs  and friends from the Brookdale Club.  On behalf of Irene and myself we wish to thank everyone for the many get well cards, flowers and kind thoughts sent to us following Irene’s illness.


I am pleased to say Irene is recovering well and has  started to get involved with life again; though it will be a little while before she is fully back to normal.


Many thanks, Frank Sinton.


* * * * *




On behalf of the President and members of the Club donations have been made to St George’s church, Heaviley  in  memory of Mrs Isobel Garlick, and to Durham Cathedral Choir Association in memory of Mr Dick Mattinson who passed away recently.


* * * * *




Andante Brian Wood 480 1988
Bowling Hilary Black 440 9074
Bridge Karen McNicoll 485 2850
Caracamp Harvey Dickinson 439 1707
Dancing Kim Apthorpe 900 6784
Gardening Colin Smith 439 6177
Linguists David Greenfield 439 9371
Theatre Iain Dickinson 456 5045
Travel Edna Prophet 483 5773
Walrus Arthur Watson 483 2338
Wind and Food John Swait 485 1086
Club Carol Streak 285 6369





If you have any queries concerning a Section or Event you may find the following list helpful:-


Section Secretary Telephone No.
Andante Pam Griffiths 419 9727
Art Delia Haslam 486 0550
Bar* Angela Cowap 439 5598
Bowling Hiliary Black 440 9074
Bridge Rosemary Moorhouse 427 6001
B Green Bridge Thomas Burniston 439 1463
Caracamp Wendy Birch-Jones 483 1672
Dancing Alison Dawson 439 7518
Gardening Valerie Evans 01625 525580
Kitchens* Wendy Joyce 01625 873601
Linguists Sheila Haley 439 5240
Ramblers Shirley Cropper 483 0626
Social* Carol Pimlott 439 5398
TheatreTheatregoers* Marilyn WebleyVivien Whittaker 456 5588439 2648
Travel Jean Hopkins 439 6626
Walrus Jean Lingwood 439 3181
Wine and Food Janet Pimlott 292 2741

*Sub- Committee


  • Contact details for Club Officials and the Editor are inside the front cover.


  • If you would like any information about joining any of the above groups or helping the committees then please do not hesitate to ring the Secretary shown above for more information.








Weds 15th Walrus luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 16th Open Whist drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 17th Travel:  Autumn Supper MAIN HALL
Sat 18th Art section coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:00
Sat 18th Linguists VP’s evening: An evening of Easter n promise MAIN  HALL 19:20
Sat 25th Gardening Coffee morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Sun 26th Ramblers: Ramble See notice board 10:30
Sun 26th Table Top sale CLUB 9:15
Fri 31st Gardening Section:  “Purely Perennials” – Martin Blow  OPEN TO ALL UPPER HALL 20:00
Sa 1st Theatre coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 1st 250 club draw BAR 11:45
Sat 1st Theatre Social: Race night MAIN HALL 19:30
Sun 2nd Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Sat 8th Christmas fair collection coffee morning MAIN HALL 09:30
Sat 8th Dancing Section:  Autumn dance MAIN HALL 19:30
Mon-Sat 10th-29th Theatre box office open BOX OFFICE 19:00 -21:00
Thurs 13th Ramblers:  Ramble See notice board   9:30
Fri 14th Wine & food  joint evening with Caracamp MAIN HALL 19:30
Sat 15th Gardening Coffee morning MAIN  HALL 10:00
Weds 19th Walrus luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 20th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 21st Travel: “ 600 miles down the Nile” – Alan Hayhurst UPPER HALL 20:00
Sun 23rd Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Weds 26th Ravel day out DEP CLUB 09:30
Mon -Sat 24th -29th BYT production: Grease MAIN HALL 19:30
Sat 29th BYT production Grease matinee MAIN HALL 14:15
Sat 29th Linguists Christmas Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 6th 250 Club draw BAR 11:45
Sat 6th Christmas Fair CLUB 09:30
Sun 7th Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Thurs 11th Ramblers: Ramble See notice board 09:30
Fri 12th Wine & food  Christmas Extravaganza UPPER HALL 20:00
Weds 17th Walrus luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 18th Christmas Whist drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 19th Travel: “ Kilda, The island of  the edge of the World” – Don Reid UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 20th Gardening Christmas Coffee morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Sun 21st Bowling Christmas Break
Weds 31st New Year’s Eve party Reception for all UPPER HALL 19:00
Sat 3rd Theatre Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 3rd 250 Club draw BAR 11:45
Sun 4th Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Mon -Sat 5th -24th Theatre box office open BOX OFFICE 19:00 -21:00
Thurs 8th Ramblers: Ramble See notice board 09:30
Thurs 15th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 16th Travel: “Patagonia” – Reg Way UPPER HALL 20:00
Weds -Sat 21st -24th Theatre production: Present Laughter MAIN HALL 19:45
Sun 25th Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Sat 31st Gardening Coffee Morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Sat 7th Gardeners Annual Social eveningq MAIN HALL tba





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April to May 31st March 15th  April May to July
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