Brookdale News – December 2014 / January 2015

0161-439 6095                                                                              6, Liskeard Drive,

 30th November  2014


Dear Members,


It’s been a very busy couple of months since my last letter, during which Ingrid and I have been to 8 Coffee Mornings, 2 Bar Quizzes, 2 Thursday Rambles and visited a Table-Top Sale. I have officiated at two 250 Club Draws, presented the prizes at 2 Thursday Whist Drives and attended 2 General Committee Meetings.


In addition we have been entertained at various Section events throughout October and November. In no particular order: The Travel Section provided and excellent hot-pot Autumn Supper with plenty of opportunity to chat to other members. The November meeting took us on an illustrated trip along the Nile.


The Wine and food Section used a romantic 50’s style Movie Night – complete with pizza and popcorn – to take us on a nostalgic trip to the cinema of the past complete with Pearl and Dean adverts and Tom and Gerry; then for their joint ‘do’ with Caracamp used a magic carpet to whisk us on a Turkish Themed evening complete with spiced meatballs, rice and Turkish Delight. The evening wound up with a hilarious account by Rod Bracewell of the excitement and pitfalls of laying carpets in England, Europe and the Middle East.


With two Walrus lunches under my belt, I can vouch for the success of the new caterer. After a few lunches of uncertain quality, Bryan has engaged one that seems to deliver the goods. Those of you who had been put off attending recently can return to your regular engagement at Walrus with confidence! The speakers after these meals took us to the Himalayas in October and in November we were entertained to a musical discourse on the Gershwin brothers – who achieved far more than I ever realised.


The Theatre Section continue to stage productions of note. The Agatha Christie spoof in October and just last week the Musical ‘Grease’. What talented youngsters we are fortunate to have – they maintained unbelievable energy and drive all week, in this fast moving show, despite giving 9 performances in 7 days. On a lighter note, following a supper, the Theatre Social took the form of an enjoyable ‘Race Night’ where fortunes hung on the nail-biting throw of a dice.


The Linguists, always to be relied upon for unusual activities, have come up trumps again. Their delicious Afternoon Cream Tea was followed by a talk on the sweets of our childhood – humbugs, gob-stoppers, sherbert dips and the like – given by a member of the Tatton Hall team then their V.P’s event was a tasteful display by a talented belly dancer who, as well as performing, gave us insight into the cultural history of the art and shattered a few illusions by revealing that the popular image of belly-dancing was created by the Hollywood film industry of the 1930’s. I also managed to find time to join the regular English group of the Linguists where the topics were “Superstitions” for October and “Mountains” in November. It is so enlightening to receive as many different approaches to the subjects as there were  members present. Each offering something completely different from everyone else.


The rambles – followed by pleasant, satisfying lunches, were around Lyme Park in October and Etherow Park in November. On both occasions the weather was kind, the rain waiting till we were at lunch before appearing, In particularly, the November walk was held on the only dry morning of the week.


The Dancing Section invited us to their Autumn Dance and Supper, where V.P Kim Althorp and other members of the Committee expertly and kindly led us through many of the dances so Ingrid and I didn’t have to sit them all out!


On Remembrance Sunday, I had the privilege of laying a wreath at the Bramhall War Memorial during the official service. This year it was made all the more poignant by the presence of the son of the acting Minister at St. Michael’s Church. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, having served several spells of duty in Afganistan and returned unscathed. The Minister, Rev. Stoter, who is also a Club member, thus had personal insight into the anguish of having loved ones serving in dangerous situations.


I have now selected a Charity for my appeal that will take place in June next year. It will be the Christie Cancer Charity Fund and we hope to be able to puchase, with the proceeds, a piece of medical machinery to be used in a new diagnostics unit which is opening in the Autumn of next year. I look forwards to receiving the same support that our members have given my predecessors.


I have had two unscheduled and very pleasant duties to perform.


Firstly John Mullen selected to join the cohort of Life Members of the Club. The conferment would normally take place at the Club AGM in September, but John was still recovering from a spell in hospital and couldn’t be there, so I presented him with his badge at the combined Wine/Caracamp meeting – what better placer than among his friends. Then on 25th November I visited Elsie Howard, a member of Bridge and Walrus, with a basket of flowers and greetings as she became the latest Club member to reach their Century – congratulations Elsie. There must be something about Bridge – nearly all the Club’s previous Centenarians have been Bridge Players.


Finally we were all saddened to hear of the death of John Birch-Jones after a protracted illness. Our thoughts are with Wendy and family.



Ray Halls






Raymond G Halls (Ray) was born in December 1944 in South-west London, within earshot of the Twickenham Rugby Ground where he grew up listening to the cheers of the rugby crowds on International and Ox-Bridge Derby Match days.


He was educated at Hampton Grammar School, arriving in its 400th anniversary year. His studies led him to a specialisation in the sciences. For leisure Ray took up cycling and 50-70 mile round trips in the Surrey and Sussex countryside became the norm. In the winter he hung up his bike clips and dabbled in Electronics, building his first transistor radio at the age of 11 and began his career in amateur dramatics by helping with sound and lighting back-stage, first at school and later at University.


He went to Liverpool University, achieving an Honours degree in Biological Sciences. When not studying he joined a walking group enjoying hikes on Sundays in Wales, the Lake District and the Derbyshire Peak District, with vacations spent in the Highlands of Scotland. Friendships’ made at that time have endured and led to more extended hikes to places such as the Austrian Alps.


Following graduation Ray got his first job in Altrincham, married a fellow student from the walking group, settled in the area and has remained in the North-west ever since. Here he taught in several Grammar Schools in the area, finishing at Loreto College in Hulme.


His insatiable interest in electronics, returned him to University, this time to gain an M.Sc in Computer Science, securing him a lectureship at Liverpool University in its Computing Department.


Industrial Archaeology came next and as a result of walking along derelict canals started to campaign for their restoration, joining the Inland Waterways Association and becoming the Chairman of the Manchester Branch.


Sadly, in November 1985, after a short illness, his wife died, and his plans to move to Merseyside changed. He continued with the Waterways campaigning and lecturing in Liverpool. He met Ingrid and they married in 1989. He rejoiced when the Montgomery Canal and the two Trans-Pennine waterways were fully re-opened for navigation.


After unexpectedly being offered early retirement in 1997 and in order to avoid boredom and stagnation, he joined the Brookdale Club. He soon became fully involved in backstage work with the Theatre Section, electrical work with the Maintenance team walking with the Ramblers Section. As he became more familiar with Brookdale, he joined the Wine Society and was elected to be their Vice President.

Ingrid retired from work in 2007 and his involvement in Brookdale became even greater, becoming a longstanding Chairman of the Digital Photography Section.


With endless energy and enthusiasm apparent, Ray was elected to General Committee and a couple of years later became its Chairman – a position he occupied for the next six years.


Ray it is impossible for us to think what talents still lay undiscovered within you. Your hard work and endeavours have brought you this richly deserved honour and Brookdale offers you a very warm welcome to the role, along with all our support.


* * * * *




In order to clarify any ambiguity which might arise, the General Committee have asked me to say that at a recent meeting it was confirmed that the ban on smoking which applies to the Club premises extends to the use of e-cigarettes.


* * * * *




Open Whist Drives are held in the Upper hall on the third Thursday of the month.  Anyone “Club or visitor” is welcome to join us  Play commences at 7.30 pm and the admission charge of £2.00 includes tea and biscuits in the interval, when the raffle tickets are sold.  No partner is needed to join us and you could win any of the Whist or raffle prizes.  The next dates are Thursdays, 18th December- (Christmas Special), 15th January, 19th February, 19th March.




250 CLUB


The number of members joining the 250 club, since the last news was issued, has increased and sot he prize money has also increased.


The draw takes place in the bar at 11.45 am on the first Saturday of the month, when the cheques are normally handed to the winners by the President.


Anyone wishing to join, or to increase their chances of winning, would only need to pay £8.00 for each “share” or number, to enter for the draws to be held from January to August.

The winners of the last draws were:


OCTOBER 1st Dennis Hill NOVEMBER 1st Jean Tudge
2nd David Greenfield 2nd Rana Das
3rd Neville Nixon 3rd Harry Newton


* * * * *




Many thanks to Lawrence Rayner for his interesting Quiz and to Niel and Jo Lingwood for theirs. We have George and Hazel Wilson for the December one and in January, to see in the New Year, is our Panto Man, Ray Wood!

As you will be aware, we decided to close the Bar on Mondays as there was so little custom that it was a waste of time for our volunteer stewards.


We need a few helpers for the weeks of shows to help behind the bar, as people arrive and at the interval when it is busiest.

Please, if you could manage to come and learn to be a steward, we should love to have you and also someone to help clean up the bar shelves on a Tuesday morning.


Please come and join us for the “Christmas  Eve in the Bar” when we have lots of singing to get you in the mood for the festivities.


Congratulations to Harry Newton on his ninetieth birthday on December 28th-  as I told him, all the best people have December birthdays!,  don’t they President!  A very happy one, Harry and a good New Year .


So sorry to hear of the passing of John Birch-Jones


* * * * *




Wednesday 31st December. NYE. ‘Starlight Ball’


Please note the change of time from that on your application form. The reception is now at 6.30pm – half an hour earlier. This is in order to begin the buffet half an hour earlier. (now 7.30pm) The original time did not allow sufficient time to eat before the comedian began. We thought that ‘clearing away’ noises during the act would not be conducive to good hearing so an earlier start should help avoid this. This should be another good ‘do’ organised by the Social Committee. I wonder how many songs featuring stars, moon or planets etc you be able to recognise during the buffet (played quietly of course so you can enjoy conversation) Each one will feature something astronomical. This wasn’t meant to be a quiz, but you may like to note them if you feel like it. Who knows, we might yet decide to give a prize. Tickets for NYE were sold in record time according to our ticket seller/ seating planner, with requests coming in faster than they could be printed at one point! We usually dress up for this occasion so get out your bow ties and smart evening wear and enjoy the party. Don’t forget – it’s a 6.30 start!


Table top Sales.

Sunday 26th October Sale. Thanks go to Bob Wallman and Team for this. Also to anyone who helped clear up or contributed in any way including the kitchen volunteers led by Elizabeth Lockhart who provide drink and snacks at every sale.


Sunday, 8th February 2015. This is the next Table-top Sale date. Please ring 439 0606 if you could use an opportunity to ‘declutter’ your home a bit.


Sunday, 3rd May. The Affinity Show Choir. Details later in the New Year.


* * * * *


Sections News (in alphabetical order)




We have been very busy rehearsing for the forthcoming concert and again we have been practising twice a week hopefully to produce a really good show.  By the time you read this the concert will be over and hopefully you will have enjoyed it.


Thanks to all of you who have bought tickets and given your support.


We will also be singing Carols in the foyer of Brookdale for the Christmas Fair which we hope will be a great success.


As usual we invite you to join us on Wednesday evenings at Brookdale.


Have a good Christmas break and we’ll see you all again in the New Year.


* * * * *




The indoor short mat bowling season is now well underway and we have welcomed several new bowlers.  Numbers bowling each week are just about enough to cover the room rent and we haven’t needed to invoke the ‘busy day’ rules too often.  Bowling will end with the session on Sunday morning, 21st December and will resume on Sunday morning 4th January 2015.  Please note that there will be no bowling on Sunday 8th February because of the Table Top Sale that morning.


Our annual lunch will be held as usual at the Alma Lodge on Sunday 18th January but our secretary, Hilary Black, needs final numbers before Christmas so do not delay sending in your form.


We are pleased to report that the North Wales Bowling Centre at Prestatyn has re-opened following considerable refurbishment and forms for our visit on Friday 27th March will be available early in the New Year.


All the bowlers wish Harry Newton a very Happy 90th Birthday which he is celebrating on 28th December.


* * * * *





As ever I begin with the sick and the infirm! Anne Thompson sustained an ankle injury in mid- October, causing her to hobble a bit; since then all is well through  wearing a splint and being helped by the sympathy expressed by so many – no flowers are required.  Sybil Browne, another of our section’s dear and honoured ladies, has undergone knee replacement surgery. We wish her a speedy recovery, allowing her to concentrate on her bridge skills. Elsie Howard has made it – she now has become a Brookdale Centenarian. Sadly she is not playing much bridge.


The Winter Teams of Four League is up and running. As of now John and Linda Varley’s team are leading the way but Lesley Hubbard and Ailsa Mack’s team are not far behind. The club’s winners of the Children in Need “Sim” Pairs are, N/S, Mike and Alison Thomas, 6o%; and  E/W, David Joyce, but modesty forbids that I should name his Partner, 63%. Well done – congratulations to all four!


Mike Parr is unable to give us his bridge trickery in this current issue, so here’s Gil Fletcher’s teaser instead. It comes, reputedly from the Oz City Congress pairs. Do you want to be Declarer (Dorothy) or Defender (Wicked Witch of the West ) in this critical, game all, last board.


South opens 1 NT (15- 17), West passes and North bids 3NT.  WW West leads 4C to QC, 5C and 3C. How can Dorothy make 9 tricks or the Witch hold her to 8.



S    J 8 3

H    9 8 7 5 2

D   A K 5

C   Q  6


W                                                                         E

S   7                                                                     S   10 6 5 2

H  A 6 4                                                              H   Q J 3

D  Q J 8 3                                                           D   10 7 4

C  A J 9 4 2                                                         C   10 8 5



S  A K Q 9 4

H  K 10

D  9 6 2

C  K 7 3

Solution, next Issue.

I conclude  by wishing all a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year – Bridge Players and indeed to every Brookdale member.


* * * * *




It is very sad to have to report the recent death of our great friend John Birch-Jones after a long illness which he bore so bravely.


John and Wendy have been Brookdale members for over forty years and members of  Caracamp  for over thirty.  There are still members of the section who took their children on rally weekends together with John and Wendy and their two children, Guy and Jane. All these families will have happy memories of John and we send our love to Wendy, Guy and Jane, and their children.


It is now a great pleasure to say “Congratulations” to John Mullen on the announcement that he has been made a Club Life Member.  The President presented John with his badge at the recent, very successful, joint Caracamp / Wine and Food open evening. It was good to have both John and Sheilah back with us and looking well.


A very entertaining “ Life on the Carpet” with Rodney Bracewell ,delicious food and “fine wines” from their section members ensured a most enjoyable social evening and thanks go to both sections for the work they put in.


Important dates for the New Year start with our first Coffee Morning on Saturday 10th January  when we will serve scones and jam and have the opportunity to discuss our section meal out a little later on in the new year.


There will be a Carachat on Monday 9th February at 8.00pm when we shall be having a return visit from Betty Althorpe (who has talked to us previously about the Tall Ships) and her talk this time will be about the Trans Siberian Railway.  All club members are welcome.

There will also be a Coffee Morning on Saturday 28th  February  when cakes will be served.


Plans are well in hand for “HARVEY’S BRASS-TACULAR”  on Saturday 28th March  and already two bookings have been made for Carabreaks in 2015.  More details next time!


* * * * *



The Caribbean Samba was revised thoroughly in October and for newcomers there were some pretty tricky steps to learn; thanks go to Richard and Susan Church.


The Autumn Dance was well received by members and guests, including our President, Ray, and Ingrid.  Dennis Hill, our MC for the evening, put together a super programme of dance and music and the committee worked hard to produce popular refreshments and to appropriately dress the room.


We look forward to our Dancing Section Christmas party dance on Saturday 17th December.  Our next Saturday dance is the VP’s night on February 14th with a ‘Valentine’ theme.


Our best wishes for Christmas and a happy and healthy year in 2015 go out to our section members and all members of the Brookdale Club.


* * * * *




In the Garden


It is a dormant time in the garden, however if you wish to make the most of this time, removing autumn leaves and debris followed by a good hoe to remove weeds from your herbaceous borders will keep you busy. It is a worthwhile job clearing your garden as this will improve the health of your garden by removing pests and risk of disease from your borders.


It is also the time, as it was recently in the Brookdale garden, to fell old trees. Other jobs include lagging outside water pipes; outside taps; tidying green houses and sheds.


It is also a good time to review how the garden has been in the past year, and plan ahead for an even better year, whilst putting your feet up, with a warm drink and mince pie.


In the House


Houseplants, especially Poinsettias make lovely displays and add colour for Christmas decoration. Position in a warm room away from direct sunlight and do not over water. Also make use of holly and ivy too for table decorations


25th October Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10am.

Our Coffee morning on 25th October was well attended and a good time was had by all.


Friday 31st October – “Purely Perennials” – Martin Blow

This evening was well attended and Martin’s talk on Perennials was interesting. Perennials from his nursery were on sale at the meeting.


15th November Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10am.

Our Coffee morning on 15th November was well attended. The table flower displays were once again very attractive and testament to the skill and dedication of all who contributed. Our Head Gardener and Chairperson Maureen gave good gardening advice to all, as ever and Colin Smith our VP provided the group with much jollity and mirth. Conversation, tea and coffee flowed in abundance.  Another successful morning!


Forthcoming Events for your diary


20th December – Coffee morning with mince pies and traditional Christmas Table Decorations in the Main Hall – 10am.  Further details are available at the notice board.


31st January 2015 Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10am.


7th February 2015 the Gardeners Annual Social Evening A traditional meal of Steak Pie and Chips followed by Sponge Pudding and Custard, tea or coffee is on the menu.  [Vegetarian menu will be provided on request]. Entertainment will be provided by Geoff Higginbottom, a singer of popular folk songs, who was well received at a recent Brookdale event. Further details are available at the coffee morning and at the notice board.  Bookings can be made at the coffee mornings, or from Christine Pickford on 0161 439 1948.


14th February 2015 Coffee Morning and Bulb Show in the Main Hall – 10am. Further details are available at the coffee morning and at the notice board.


27th February 2015 Evening Event – Flower arranging demonstration by Mark of Hazel Grove Flowers. Further details will be available at a later date at the coffee morning and at the notice board.


21st March 2015 Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10am.


We send congratulations and best wishes to Harry Newton and Earnest Howbrook who both reach a significant birthday in December.


To any of our members who are in ill health, or, are recovering, we send our best wishes.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year


* * * * *




If the cuckoo is the first sign of Spring, then the first sign of winter is surely the appearance of the first sore throat of the season – from which you will guess that you find me sneezing over my keyboard. But ever onward – the muse must not be denied.


So to business. The first event of the year, our Tea Afternoon, brought us a most interesting talk on “Sweet Memories” by Janet Bradshaw, which I am sure recreated pleasures of the past for all of us. The Cream Tea afterwards was particularly welcome as a result, and added the “cream” to a most enjoyable afternoon.


The talk by “Fatma” on the culture of Belly Dancing which was the subject of our VP’s Evening leaves me (uniquely) at a loss for words. As they say, you had to be there. I will just say a huge thank you to those of our members who joined in (no, not dancing) so enthusiastically, and I hope to hear more of the Brookdale Eastern Orchestra. The excellent supper afterwards completed one of the best evenings I can remember.


As always, a massive thank you also to our hard-working committee and their helpers – so much work is done behind the scenes to present these events, and they do a splendid job.


The next event for your diary is our Winter Coffee Morning on Saturday, 29th November, and I will report on this next time. There are two further events for your diary, namely the New Year Coffee Morning on Saturday Saturday 24th January and the Spring Coffee Morning on Saturday 21st February, both at 10.30am in the Upper Hall. Do join us for both of these to brighten the dark days of winter and look forward to balmy days ahead.


Also, a very early notice that our “Main Event” will be on Saturday 21st March, and will feature a talk by Brian Hallworth entitled “Down Forget-Me-Not Lane 1960-65. More details of this in the next “News”.


Also, a big thank you to all those who contributed to this year’s “Clipboard”, which is going to press as I write and will be an excellent and varied edition. What a wealth of talent we have!


Do think about joining one of language groups if you are not already a member. They require a reasonable knowledge of the language concerned, and most have some expert speakers. The English group is for anyone with an interest in the spoken and written language, and its activities are very varied – come and try it, and relish our varied and beautiful language! To find out more, do contact the Group Leaders who are:-


FRENCH               Jo Moor                                 0161-439-9818

GERMAN             Peter Miles                            0161-488-4130

WELSH                 George Beaumont               0161-439-5445

ENGLISH             Jean Harrington                   0161-456-8761

SPANISH              David Singleton                   0161-485-5123


* * * * *






Our October Ramble was the Outer Round North.


This is a 4-mile circular walk starting from the Timber Yard in Lyme Park.

There were 11 in our group. It was a varied walk:-  paths at the side of the stream, a ford, a small section of the Grid Stone Trail, a house with a garden full of interesting objects especially for the photographer, wonderful views of Disley and Marple and a locked gate!


Our coffee break was on seats in the Woodland Garden Project. This is in the grounds of the church of St Mary the Virgin founded in the 1520s by Sir Piers Legh V, a knight and priest.


Lunch was in the Timber Yard Café. Leader:   Rita Chadwick


Ramble on Thursday 13th November


On a fine blustery autumn morning, seventeen of us set off for Etherow Park, Compstall, to walk its nature trails surrounded by beautiful woodland, lakes and rivers not to mention the weir, which was quite a spectacle after the heavy rainfall of the previous two days.  There was plenty of colourful leaves to see plus the many species of ducks and waterfowl on the lake.  Some of us spotted a wagtail and a rather wooden kingfisher.  We walked up hill and down dale for a couple of hours and then drove towards Glossop stopping at the Peruga Restaurant (formerly Woodheys) for a lovely chatty meal.  I think we all enjoyed our time together.    Leader: Sheila Salden




Etherow Country Park Stroll on Sunday 24th August 2014


Ten strollers set off from Etherow Country Park car park on a lovely warm and sunny day. We walked along the middle path that cuts the old millpond in two. The smaller part of the millpond was full of Canada geese, ducks, and people sailing model boats. Several people were sailing on the larger part of the millpond and taking advantage of the sunny weather.


As we walked along, we saw plenty of fishermen trying their luck but didn’t see any catches. A few hundred yards past the end of the millpond, we crossed over the bridge to the west side of the stream that feeds it. The path was tree lined but opened out to a clearing as we reached the weir, with Weir Cottage uphill to our left. The area was bathed in sunshine and looked a perfect spot for a picnic.

We stopped for a few minutes admiring the weir and the surrounding area and then headed back along the path to the east side of the stream. We arrived back at the car park after an enjoyable stroll. All of us headed off to the nearby Andrew Arms for an excellent lunch. The landlady was also the cook and did a marvellous job catering for 10 strollers with no long delays. After chatting away after the meal most of us sat on the benches outside the pub taking the sun. A brilliant way to finish a stroll. Presumably, the pub is named after George Andrew the local landowner who built Compstall mill and village in the 1820s.  So thanks to him.

Leaders: Alan Barker and Tony Cummings


* * * * *




The runners and riders – and all the spectators – enjoyed the Race Night last month with prizes galore and a lovely supper. Thanks to the committee and all their helpers.  It was great fun.


Congratulations to BYT and all involved with Grease, it was Electrifyin’!  Welcome to all the new members who took part, whether on or off stage.  Hope you had a great time; the audience certainly did!

Looking ahead to the next production, we have Present Laughter by Noel Coward

(21st – 24th January 2015) so look forward to an evening of witty repartee with this classic smooth comedy.  The booking form is in this newsletter.  Don’t forget to book your tickets soon, and remember you can now use your debit or credit card to pay over the phone or at the box office.


There was no theatre coffee morning in December but I hope you enjoyed the Brookdale Christmas Market on the 6th to kick off your festive season.  The next theatre coffee morning will be on Saturday 3rd January.


Make a note in your diaries that the next theatre social is on Saturday 28th February.  The committee is planning a Karaoke evening with a professional DJ.  Look out for further details, come along and enjoy the singing – will you be tempted to give it a go?


But, in the meantime, the theatre committee wishes all club members a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.


* * *





The Halle Carol Concert at the Bridgewater Hall is on Sunday 21st December and the coach will be leaving the Brookdale Club at 1.30pm


The musical Top Hat has been booked for a matinee performance on Thursday 19th February 2015 at the Opera House in Manchester.  We have stall seats and the cost is £28 including coach and gratuity. Please see the notice board and sign the list if you wish to join us.


* * * * *




I missed the Autumn supper, but I have heard good things about it.  The photographs and the decorations were much admired, and the food was very tasty.


By the time the newsletter comes out we will already have been 800 miles Down the Nile with Alan Hayhurst so I will comment on that later.


Friday 19th December Mr Don Reid is taking us ot “St Kilda – the islands at the Edge of the World”.  Friday 16th January we will be seeing “Patagonia”.  Tuesday 10th February is the travel trip to Bents Garden World.  Friday 20th February, Mr James Moss lets us into “The Secrets of the Taj Mahal.” Friday 20th February, we are having a change from our usual dinner and are having a lunch at The Alma Lodge.  I will tell you more about that when all the details are finalised.


Don’t forget to keep your eye on the Notice board for details of the trips.  Finally, our best wishes for a speedy recovery to any of our members who are “under the weather”.




The Travel section wish to say “Happy Birthday” to Elsie Howard who will celebrate her 100th birthday.


* * * * *




Once again the Calendar year has almost turned full circle when we reach the period looking forward to our Christmas celebrations and to the coming of yet another year in 2015. I feel sure that the year we are leaving behind has many memories for us all and in the context of \Brookdale one that has  been successful for most of our activities.A busy time has been had by your committee in meeting several changes that presented themselves the major of which has been finding caterers for our lunches following the departure of Ian Milne on his retirement to Spain at the end of 2013


Once again the weather comes up for comment on being so much milder than usual.(I still have a Fuchsia on flower in the garden ). The forecast for the coming weeks sounds as though it will soon be much more wintry, November brought us our first lunch with our new Vice President Arthur Watson together with his very able  escort in his wife Sheila. We hope that they both have an enjoyable year working their way around all the other Sections of the Club The November Lunch was a success with an excellent Hot Pot for all to enjoy followed by another of Brian Greens polished presentations, which on this occasion was entitled ‘I Got Gershwin’ which brought many memories back of the haunting music we used to hear.


The DATE  of our Christmas Lunch on Wednesday 17th December  has been altered to Wednesday 10th December  as most of you may already know from both the October Lunch and the notice displayed on our notice board with the December bookings list. We hope those of you who are interested will make your bookings as usual. The event will be very much in line with Christmas itself when Robert McGregor will be coming to us from Middlewich to talk about “The Magic of Toys”.


As mentioned last month that we were busy sorting out Speakers for 2015, so you will be pleased to learn that excellent speakers have now been booked for the first 3 months of the Year.


At our first Lunch on Wednesday 14th January  which, please note, is the second Wednesday of the Month, we are looking forward to a visit from Susan Craig whose talk on that day is to be, “Look Back with Laughter”Susan is the wife of the late Mike Craig, who was, of course, the nationally acclaimed script writer for so many of our past well known comedians such as ‘ Morecambe and Wise’ and ‘ Al Read’ etc .We look forward to welcoming Susan to Walrus.


On Wednesday 18th February  we will be welcoming Neil Cliffe whose talk on that day will be ‘How I Made my First Million and Spent It’ and on Wednesday 18th  March, Eric Newton who will speak about ‘ The Life and Times of a Busker’


Hopefully the prior notice of these interesting Speakers will attract most of you to make notes in your diaries now so as not to miss the booking notice when it appears on our Notice Board.

Before closing we cannot let the News pass of the 100th Birthday recently enjoyed by Elsie Howard. We send our very best belated Birthday Wishes to Elsie and look forward to her visits to Walrus as soon as is possible.

New Members of our Section are always welcome. If interested come along and gives us a tasting test. No membership fee is charged for your first visit, just sufficient to cover a very sociable occasion.


That’s about it for this month do watch the weather and keep warm when the weather turns nasty, see you all soon.


* * * * *




Brrrr, it’s cold today. However, we can’t complain as we’ve had a pretty good Autumn so far; it’s the last day of November as I write, and there are still leaves on the trees.


Yesterday we took our grandchildren to see the BYT production of Grease. May I say what an uplifting and entertaining show it was and how lucky we are to have such a talented group of young folk in our midst. Congratulations to everyone involved in this fabulous event.


Back to ‘the oldies’ …..


We have had two gatherings since I last wrote. Our October event, A Foodie Movie night, was a lot of fun, where we welcomed Ray and Ingrid  Hall to their first Wine and Food meeting as President and Lady. We enjoyed pizza and homemade popcorn, and watched Pearl and Dean, Pathe news, a cartoon and a feature film ‘A Big Night Out’ about an Italian restaurant (your comments were appreciated!!) . Thank you to those who worked hard to produce the evening.


Much to my disappointment I missed our November meeting,  but I’ve  had dozens of amazing comments about our Brookdale genie himself, Rodney Bracewell, who  enthralled and humorously entertained the  audience of 114 members of Wine and Food  and Caracamp with stories of his Life on the Carpet. Wish I could watch it on iplayer!  The Turkish themed food was absolutely delicious and for that we owe massive thanks to Sue Khouri ( and Ron) for choosing the menu, preparing  and cooking such a variety of flavours and lovely choices. A triumph!


We have our Christmas Party on Friday 12th December . Arrangements are well underway. Where else can you get a night out with a light supper, a glass of wine and fabulous entertainment for just £5? Come and join us!


Ahead of the Christmas Market on Saturday 6th December a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to produce a brand new Wine and Food stall. Do hope you will all have seen it and ‘had a go’ by the time this News lands on you doormat. It promises to be a masterpiece.


Our first offering of 2015 , on Friday 9th January, is entitled ‘Time Gentleman Please’ .Ian Bostock is an ex pub landlord, who will give us a humorous talk on his life behind the bar. The details will be posted on the noticeboard after the Christmas event.


In February we will be holding a Lucky for Some Casino Night. This promises  to be a fun evening and will be held on Friday 13th.  Good Luck!


Our March get together, on 13th , is yet to be confirmed, so watch this space (and the noticeboard).


Our VP’s wife, Anne Swait is recovering from surgery and hasn’t been too well lately, A lovely lady, we wish her well, and look forward to seeing her back soon.


On behalf of the Wine and Food section may I wish each and every one of you reading this, a very special Christmas and a healthy, peaceful and happy New Year.


Ho Ho Ho!




We would like to welcome the following new members to Brookdale:-



Mrs Jacqueline Chang Mrs Angela Dodd Mr Jonathan Mounteney
Mr Keith Ridgeway Mr Philip Ridgeway Mrs Marian Ruscoe
Mrs Mavis Stott Mrs Elizabeth Wilde
Miss Danielle Bohen Miss Emily Edwards



Benjamin Bateman Cameron Blades Sadie Blades
Danile Blake-Pugh Natasha Boon Olivia Buckle
Millie Carman Amy Corcoran Jake Hanley
Daniel Morris Jack Parsons Ben Parry
Charlotte Pickering Jack Piper Polly Prytherch
Lexi Roscoe Connie Sandbach Jonathan Sargent
Georgia Shaw Amber Smith Sophie Ward
Emilie Wellens Jessica Woodcock


Membership re-instated

Mr Andrew Jolley Mrs Sally Jolley


* * * * *




Caracamp send love and condolences to Wendy Birch-Jones and her family following John’s recent death.


Caracamp  sends “ Congratulations” to John Mullen on his appointment as a  Club Life Member.


The Dancing Section send their good wishes to Joan Tate who appears to be making good progress and hopes to be “back with the pack” soon.  We are also aware of one or two members who are experiencing some health issues and are unable to attend regularly at the moment; we hope you get well soon.


The Gardeners send their best wishes for a speedy recovery to Sybil Browne following her recent operation.


“The  Gardeners  send best wishes for a speedy recovery to Eileen Guest, Joan Tate and Mary Warrington who are unfortunately having health problems”


The Gardeners send congratulations to Harry Newton and Ernest Howbrook, both of whom are celebrating their 90th Birthdays in  December.


The Linguist’s send all good wishes to Sybil Browne and Lewis Tate for a speedy recovery from their recent operations.


The Ramblers send congratulations to Harry Newton for his 90th Birthday on 28th December.

The Ramblers thoughts and best wishes are sent to Eileen Guest.



* * *




Brookdale News Deadlines


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If you have any queries concerning a Section or Event you may find the following list helpful:-


Section Secretary Telephone No.
Andante Pam Griffiths 419 9727
Art Delia Haslam 486 0550
Bar* Angela Cowap 439 5598
Bowling Hiliary Black 440 9074
Bridge Rosemary Moorhouse 427 6001
Caracamp Wendy Birch-Jones 483 1672
Dancing Alison Dawson 439 7518
Digital Photo Ingrid Halls 439 6095
Gardening Dorothy Woodall 483 8229
Kitchens* Wendy Joyce 01625 873601
Linguists Sheila Haley 439 5240
Ramblers Shirley Cropper 483 0626
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TheatreTheatregoers* Marilyn WebleyVivien Whittaker 456 5588439 2648
Travel Jean Hopkins 439 6626
Walrus Jean Lingwood 439 3181
Wine Roger Salt 439 0371

*Sub- Committee


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  • If you would like any information about joining any of the above groups or helping the committees then please do not hesitate to ring the Secretary shown above for more information.










Weds 17th Walrus luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 18th Christmas Whist drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 19th Travel: “ Kilda, The island of  the edge of the World” – Don Reid UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 20th Gardening Christmas Coffee morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Sun 21st Bowling Christmas Break
Weds 24th Christmas Eve in the Bar BAR 19:30
Weds 31st New Year’s Eve party Reception for all UPPER HALL &JUBILEE RM 18:30
Meal and Starlight Ball MAIN HALL 19:30
Sat 3rd Theatre Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 3rd 250 Club draw BAR 11:45
Sun 4th Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Sun 4th Bowling resumes
Fri 9th Time Gentlemen please! UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 10th Caracamp Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Mon -Sat 5th -24th Theatre box office open BOX OFFICE 19:00 -21:00
Thurs 8th Ramblers: Ramble See notice board 09:30
Weds 14th Walrus Luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 15th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 16th Travel: “Patagonia” – Reg Way UPPER HALL 20:00
Sun 18th Bowling annual luncheon TBA
Weds -SatSat 21st -24th24th Theatre production: Present Laughter-By Noel Coward, a light comedyLinguists New Year Coffee morning MAIN HALLUPPER HALL 19:4510:30
Sun 25th Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Sat 31st Gardening Coffee Morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Sat 1st 250 Club draw BAR 11:45
Sat 7th Gardeners Annual Social evening MAIN HALL TBA
Sun 8th Table Top Sale MAIN & LESSER HALL 9:15
Mon 9th Carachat LESSER HALL 20:00
Tues 10th Travel trip -Bents Garden World TBA
Thurs 12th Ramblers: Ramble See notice board   9:30
Fri 13th “Lucky for some” Casino night UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 14th Gardening Coffee morning & bulb show MAIN HALL 10:00
Sat 14th Dancing Section: Kim’s VP Valentine Ball MAIN HALL 19:30
Weds 18th Walrus Luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 19th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 20th Travel: Secrets of the Taj Mahal UPPER HALL 20:00
Sun 22nd Ramblers: Sstroll See notice board 10:30
Fri 27th Gardening Evening Event – Flower Arranging Demonstartion UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 28th Caracamp Coffee Morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 1st 250 Club Draw BAR 11:45
Fri 13th Wine and Food meeting UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 14th Bowling Coffee morning TBA TBA
Thurs 19th Open whist Drive
Sat 21st Gardening Coffee Morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Sat 21st Linguists “Down Forget-Me-Not Lane” 1960 -65 UPPER HALL TBA
Fri 27th Travel Annual Lunch TBA TBA
Fri 27th Bowling Prestatyn trip TBA TBA
Sat 28th Ramblers Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 28th Caracamp Open Evening MAIN HALL 19:30