Brookdale News – April 2015 / May 2015

31st March 2015


Dear Members,


Ingrid and I continue to enjoy our roles as President and Escort. We have been royally entertained by many Sections. It amazes us just how versatile and varied are the Section activities we have been attending. We even managed a couple of days break and a family lunch party to celebrate Ingrid’s 70th birthday.


There have been several very satisfying Section annual lunches and dinners, some held at the Club, some at hotels such as the Alma Lodge and the Deanwater. We have spent most Saturdays at Coffee Mornings, enjoying the company and chance to chat with members. A number of interesting talks have fascinated us, including a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway, an inside look at the Taj-Mahal and a Flower Arranging demonstration. Socials have included a Karaoke Night, a Casino Night, the Valentine’s Dance and a Folk Singer. We’ve tried our hand at indoor Bowling and closely observed the Bridge players in action and I was persuaded to join an Art Watercolour workshop – my efforts, while not prize-winning, weren’t a complete diaster. We have enjoyed a couple of Rambles (followed by Lunch), watched a superbly acted Play and, just to keep me from getting bored, attended a couple of General Committee meetings and the annual room booking meeting!


Time rushes by and it will soon be time for President’s Evening – this year on Saturday 16th May – invitation Cards are included in this newsletter and we would appreciate a reply if you intend to come. This is a free event for members but we hold a grand raffle to cover the costs of the refreshment and entertainment. Your gifts for this raffle would be most appreciated and can be given to myself or Brian Wood, or taken to the Club on the evening of Friday 15th May.


Another, even more important, event is also in the offing – my Charity Appeal – which this year is in aid of the Christie Cancer Charity Fund. We are aiming to cover the cost of some medical instruments which are needed for a new integrated unit which is opening later this year.


The Charity Day is Saturday 20th June and will take the customary form of a Charity Fair followed by an exotic Luncheon. The following Saturday evening (June 27th) will see the Charity Concert and Supper, which this year features the superb Ashton-on-Mersey Show Band.


We are staging another Photographic Competition, the topic for which is “Photos of the Family”. I am giving advance warning of this so you can start lining up your winning shots.


I am also depending on Sections to support my appeal with their usual range of activities, on and around Charity Day.


Next month a special Charity Edition of Brookdale News will be published containing all the details and booking forms for all the activities connected with my Charity.


Finally our thoughts are with those families who have suffered recent bereavements.


Ray Halls






in aid of the






A new integrated diagnostic unit is opening later this year at the hospital, which needs equipping. We are aiming to purchase a piece of medical machinery to assist in this task. We will learn after Easter exactly what is required so we can make a choice.


Charity Day is Saturday 20th June with the customary Charity Fair in the morning, followed by the traditional Charity Luncheon provided by Niel Lingwood and his team. The Deputy Mayor will be present.


On the following Saturday 27th June we are holding the Charity Concert and supper, featuring the fabulous Ashton-on-Mersey Show band.


The topic for this year’s ‘Photo competition is “Photos of the Family


Look out for the special Charity Issue of Brookdale News, to be published early in May, which will contain full details of all the Charity activities being undertaken by the Sections, together with Booking Forms.





The mission from GCHQ is to seek out and interview the individual/s responsible for organising room bookings at Brookdale….How are they contacted? Who is responsible? What are their tasks?


The name’s Blake, Kerry Blake, (KB). Message from GCHQ received and understood. My first move is to make contact ….. I rang the ‘bookings’ number …0161 439 9990


I left my NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER and BRIEF DETAILS OF MY REQUIREMENTS as instructed by the answering message….. A short delay and my phone rang… It was Marilyn Webley, (MW) also known as



KB:        You returned my call quickly MW, although I had heard you may                         not be at home.

MW:       I (or any of my team}, can dial the 0161 439 9990 number and respond as needed to booking requests.

KB:         Does this task take up a lot of your personal time?

MW:       Definitely not! I dial into the Bookings Number daily, at a time to suit myself. The beauty of the simple system we have refined over several years, is the ONE contact number 0161 439 9990. This is the same number used for all 3 types of Bookings for Room Hire at Brookdale and if I am absent, any one of my backup team can deal with bookings requests that come in. The single telephone number, along with the ‘bookings bible’ The Master List and simple instructions are all that is needed to ensure efficient continuity.


KB:         What do you see as your main tasks?

MW:       There are 3 key areas of Room Bookings that we handle here at Brookdale. We try to deal with all requests.

  • Section Bookings, 2) One-off Private Bookings, 3) Regular outside Bookings


  • SECTION BOOKINGS- 0161 439 9990


Annually, during October, each Brookdale Section’s Secretary is asked to confirm their section’s room booking requirements for the following year September to August. The response requests are input by ANOther onto a Master bookings sheet. Photocopies are provided for each section. Any clashes are resolved at the Annual Bookings Meeting held in February each year- currently chaired by Andy Altree.

(E.g.: Oct 2014, section secretary completes request form for September 2015 to August 2016 with clashes resolved at meeting in February 2015).


If further room hire is required by a section they phone the bookings number. Alterations can be made. The Master bookings list is updated immediately and the displayed reference list, which is attached to the Admin Board in the foyer, is renewed MONTHLY after the invoices for each section have been produced by ANOther


Charges for Section Room Hire

Each section is charged at a set morning/afternoon/evening rate depending on the size of the room they require.

Each Section is invoiced monthly and the Individual Section Treasurer settles the invoice. The bills are checked by the Hon. Booking Secretary and left for the relevant Treasurers in section pigeon holes.


  • ONE–OFF PRIVATE BOOKINGS 0161 439 9990 for individuals to hire a room at Brookdale.

Bookings include: Children’s parties, Wedding Anniversaries, Funerals, and are subject to Strict Fire Regulations*, No bookings taken for 18th or 21st birthdays, other than for Brookdale members, nor for Bank Holidays.

*Fire Regulations dictate the maximum capacity of people acceptable for all of the available rooms.

MW: I return the call, check the Master Booking List and if the date is free, I send an application form to the enquirer. When the completed application is returned, I issue a contract and invoice, which must be paid in full prior to the hire of the room. When payment has been received, I update the Master List then contact ANOther to arrange for the clubhouse to be opened and closed on that date.



Occasional requests are received for a regular booking by an outside organisation. If the requested ‘slot’ is free, this request is passed to the Hon. Club Treasurer to deal with.

KB: I must say that all sounds pretty straight forward now, even to a special agent like me.

MW: I vill say this vonce again…Steps were taken early on to simplify the task, I have been Hon Booking Secretary for the past 5 years and ve haf found vays to make the dyob vork.

KB: ….This is Blake – Kerry Blake …..Mission accomplished GCHQ…Over and Out.


  1. This Edition of the News encloses your membership renewal form for the year ended 30th April 2016. If you are unable to find your form please contact me urgently and I will send you a replacement. Members who joined recently in 2015 and have introductory membership do not need to pay until this time next year.

2.Please send your renewal form and payment to me at the Club address as soon as possible after 30th April and please let me have a stamped addressed envelope for the return of your membership card.


  1. To take advantage of the £5 discount on the full membership subscription you must have paid by Sunday 31st May 2015 and that means it must be in the Membership Secretary’s Box by midnight on that day.


  1. Reminders will be issued to anyone who has not paid their subscription and following this reminder if payment is not made by 31st July you will be considered as a defaulter. We will therefore assume you have resigned your membership and remove you from our records. If you receive a reminder and think you have paid please contact me to resolve the matter.


  1. Anyone not intending to renew their membership, please let me know by sending me a note of your name and address as soon as possible.


* * * * *



The Club holds a number of back copies of the Brookdale News, which take up a great deal of space and inevitably deteriorate over time. It is therefore proposed that they should be scanned and saved digitally (CDs or Memory Sticks) so that the hard copies can, if necessary, be destroyed without losing archive material. This is, of course, a time consuming activity, so we would like to arrange a team of people willing to use their scanners to save the paper copies. If you would be willing to help with this, please contact David Greenfield on 0161-439-9371 or at [email protected].


* * * **




And of course everyone who is interested in photography at the Brookdale

The Digital Photo Section has gone online.


We all lament the closing of the section in 2014, due to various things, but worry not. The section lives on in a forum that is online. So, all your questions and techniques can be answered within the forum.

Joining the forum is free, so don’t worry. Hopefully we will have a lot of activity and banter within the forum.

It has the blessing of our erstwhile President, indeed he is already a member, and it is the intention that we will have a link within the Brookdale website as well.

Membership will be limited to the Brookdale only, and of course as a result be controlled by the Administrator.

It is hoped that with enough members, we can have online competitions, fun stuff, and indeed meet ups.


The link to the forum is:


So why not register and login, Although the Tuesday nights are gone, there is a future in cyberspace.


* * * * *




We thank the Theatregoers for their quiz in February and Arthur Watson for the March one and it was very nice to see Sheila Watson back with us again and wish her well for a good year.


On Sunday 12th April we have the Linguists, put forward for a week as the 5th was Easter Sunday and many are away and the quizzers were not available. Similarly, on Sunday 3rd May, we have a Choral Evening, which clashed with our quiz date so this was also put forward a week to Sunday 10th May. On Sunday 7th June we have Iain Dickinson and Sunday 21st June is our Charity Quiz with Harvey Dickinson, so do come and raise cash for our President’s charity, The Christie Cancer Fund. As a result of this change , we have no quiz in July.


Have you been taking our paper coffee cups?! We seem to have lost quite a few so only use them if you buy a coffee.


Please come and help behind the bar if you can as we are short of bar stewards at times.

We send our good wishes to Trudy Dickson who is going into hospital for a hip operation .Get well soon , Trudy.


* * * * *




Table Top Sales


Thanks to Alex Joyce and helpers for running the February Sale which turned out to be quite popular. The next Table Top Sales will be on Sundays May 10th and September 27th 2015. The telephone number for anyone wanting to book a table is 439 0606. Anyone who is willing to help with these Sales in any way will be very welcome. The tasks are not onerous and most need only take just over an hour of your valuable time. If anyone not already on my list feels able to volunteer, you will be most welcome – Ray Rodwell – 0161 485 4665. After 8 years of co-ordinating Sales I am looking to step down from the role. The Sales raise around £2000 per year for the Club and the job is not as onerous as you might think. If you are looking for a new job (!!) or could be interested, I would be very happy to talk to you about it – just get in touch.


Affinity Choir Sunday, Sunday 3rd May


We will be welcoming this Multi Award winning show choir to the Brookdale stage on May 3rd. They are a local choir and past winners of the Llangollen International Eisteddfod Close Harmony Award. They have also performed at Stockport Plaza. As well as items from the complete choir, we can expect smaller groups in the choir to perform popular musical numbers. Review comments include “Vocal diamonds”, “Spectacular and beautiful in every way”, “What a sound, Awesome!” The performance starts at 7.30 pm. Tickets are £10 from Mrs. Diane Bowker (0161 483 2913), and include a free ice cream. If you haven’t booked yet, please don’t delay, we are sure this will be a very enjoyable evening.


Social Committee AGM


Our AGM this year will be at 2.30 pm on Tuesday 19th May. All are welcome. If you would like to join the friendly team organising events and raising funds for the whole Club, please come along and talk to us.


* * * * *





A Whist Drive, which is open to non-Brookdale members also, is held on the third Thursday of each month in the Upper hall. Play commences at 7.30 pm, admission is £2.00 per person which includes tea and biscuits in the short interval, when raffle tickets are sold.


You do not have to bring a partner to play, but we ask that you do have some knowledge of the game of Whist.


Five Whist prizes are there to be won, plus raffle prizes.


The next dates are Thursdays 16th April, 21st May, and the President’s charity Whist drive on Thursday 18th June when the admission will be £2.50 and all the money raised on that evening goes to the Charity.


(We return to £2.00 admission on Thursday 16th July).


250 CLUB


The draw for this takes place in the bar at 11.45 am on the first Saturday of the month, and the President normally draws the winning three numbers. Cheques are given to those winners who are present and if the first prize winner is present, he or she receives a bottle of wine as well. People can join the Draw at any time, application forms with instructions are on the stand in the club entrance. To enter for the remaining four draws, May to August you only need to pay £4.00 which would give you one number in each draw.


The winners of the last draws were:


FEBRUARY 1st John Swait MARCH 1st Richard Church
2nd Ray Halls 2nd Betty Nixon
3rd B & H Dickinson 3rd Jean Tudge (Neil Wood)


* * * * *



Sections News (in alphabetical order)




Our coffee morning is very close now on Saturday 25th April, starting at 10:30am. We look forward to your support and I’m sure you will enjoy the new songs as usual chosen and arranged for us by Alan Steak our musical director. There will be the usual raffle, songs by the choir which you can join in with if you like and coffee and biscuits for you to enjoy.


We are also looking forward to singing in another concert on Sunday 12th July at 3pm for the President’s charity. Whinge and Racket on keyboard and piano will also be performing. The cost will be £5 and the raffle will be one prize of half the total takings for the raffle tickets. It will be a nice way to spend a relaxed afternoon so please come along. Look out for more adverts nearer to the day.


On Wednesday 20th May we will be holding our AGM when we will be saying goodbye to David Smith as Treasurer and Pam Griffiths as Secretary. David has been treasurer for fifteen years and he has made a great contribution over the years in so many ways. He had sold and produced all the tickets for our functions, he has looked after the funds and used his position as a Caracamp member to organise the meals for our concerts and has always been there to lend a helping hand. Pam has been secretary for five years and she has always given her all in writing minutes of the committee meetings and arranging rooms for each of our functions including extra practices for the Christmas concert. Thanks to both for their commitment and hard work over the years.


Our yearly meal out will be on Saturday 25th July at the Whitecliff Hotel, Ristorante Umberto. Brian Wood our VP is organising the event.


Our sincere condolences go out to Audrey Bruckshaw for the loss of her husband Peter. We look forward to her return to the choir and hopefully we can go some way in helping her through the sadness.


We welcome Peter Meddows, who has recently joined our tenor section and as usual you are invited to sing along with us at our Wednesday night practices.



* * * * *





Hello everyone the clocks have gone forward ,the weather seems to be picking up, the daffodils  are wonderful. What a good time to get inspired and pick  up your paint brush!


We had a very good turnout for our annual meal at the Deanwater Hotel  the food and service was excellent . We were joined on the day by the President of  the Brookdale Club Ray Halls and his wife Ingrid . Ray informed everyone about the charity he is supporting during his year in office which is the Christy Cancer Charity. Kerry Blake, our  chairman ,presented Ingrid with a beautiful plant  ,Ingrid was delighted plus the flowers were white –her favourite colour.


Thanks go to Pauline Borodenko and Janet Wood for producing the lovely name cards for the tables. Our recent workshop with Yvonne Williams, one of our very talented artist, was totally engrossing. On behalf of everyone who attended can I say a huge thank you to Yvonne.


Margarta Martnuik gave a demonstration with some new techniques, like touching kissing and all things horizontal . Phew! can someone open that window?   No it’s  not something from 50 Shades of Gray there’s a relief.


A date for your diary is Wednesday 20th May for our A G M. Delia Haslam has decided to step down as secretary. If anyone would care to take on the role please let the committee know. We would all like to thank  Delia for the sterling work she has done over many years.


Tuesday 21st April at 9-30 am we welcome Anna Massay to our group for a workshop in painting landscapes which includes figures. Sadly for some it is fully booked . There will also be normal painting for those who did not manage to get a place.


On Presidents evening there is a chance to add some skills to your C. V. We are looking  for waiters to serve tea and coffee so come on gents. See Kerry Blake. She is starting a list.  The next focus days are Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th May. These seem very popular. We are attempting  to paint self portraits. Bring your own mirror. I have stuck a picture of Bradd Pitt to my mirror. We would like you to paint a picture so we can produce them into cards for the Charity day as soon as possible.   Our trip to Patchings Art and Craft show is planned for June  date to be finalised. Well that’s all for now .


* * * * *



We held a Coffee Morning in March and were pleased to welcome 88 bowlers and friends through the door. It was a special morning as we were pleased to announce that Harry Newton and Denis Cherrington have been granted life membership of the bowling section. Certificates had been made to celebrate the occasion, thoroughly deserved by both members. Continuing with the celebrations, the Blackshaw Cup for the indoor short mat competition was presented to Clare Bradley after a close match with Hilary Black.


Following irreparable damage to the Elizabeth Barnes cup an alternative cup has been found and this was awarded to Philip Edwards for the improvement he has shown since starting indoor bowling last October. He will hold this trophy until October when it will be given to the player showing most improvement at crown green bowls during the summer.


We enjoyed returning for our annual visit to the North Wales Bowls Centre at Prestatyn. After its closure last year the venue has been refurbished and looks very smart. We enjoyed playing on the long mats and most of us were getting the hang of it by the middle of the final game!


The new lunch menu was enjoyed by all and many enjoyed a quick walk through the sand dunes before returning home. The competition was won with a grand total of 39 points by team F comprising Charles Piggin, Audrey Theobald and David Leach, with team G – Jeanette McLeod, Harry Pickford and Kerry Blake taking second place with 23 points.


By the time you read this the outdoor bowling season will have started and we were pleased to welcome the President, Ray Halls to bowl the first wood. Just a reminder that we meet on the club car park at about 1.00pm on bowling afternoons in order to fill up cars to travel up to the green, the last car leaving at 1.15pm. On Sunday mornings it is 9.30am and 9.45am. Also, please note that we play on Mondays as well as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The SMBC Bowling Permits also allow access to all municipal greens throughout the season and to all winter greens from October.


Several members have been in hospital or are about to receive treatment and we hope that Janet Burnett, Denis Cherrington, Margaret Longden, Linda Morrissey and Peter Withington are all fully recovered by now.


Our AGM will be held on Tuesday, 12th May at 8.00pm in the Upper Hall. Please ensure that you collect a calling notice and also give some thought as to whether you would be prepared to volunteer as a member of the committee. Section subscriptions of £6 will also be collected at this meeting.


* * * * *




My tale is sad to tell; Pat Humphries and husband should be celebrating their Golden Wedding, but today, 2nd April, he passed away, we offer our sincere condolences.


Derek Bailey, so often working on our behalf, is currently caring for his wife; she is poorly. Bryan Lingwood and his wife, Jean, are about to have their Diamond Wedding around this time, but again poor health is getting in the way. We offer our sympathies to all six. They remain in our thoughts and prayers.


Let’s get back to our Game! The winter Teams of Four are now completed. We offer our heartiest congratulations to winners – John and Linda Varley, Pam Humphries and (the ageless) Elizabeth Lockhart. This form of our game remains attractive and popular. Well done to the organisers. All our Bridge sessions in Spring and Summer are likely to be very busy; come and enjoy. We remain loyal to our Committee and certainly admire that bundle of fun, our VP, Karen McNicol, cheered on by her Mum, Jean Screeton.


Welcome to all new members; may all “Improvers” continue so to do; long live those who have been at the game for years, but new blood is essential!


* * * * *




We have just enjoyed an excellent evening’s entertainment – Harvey’s Brasstacular! The Hazel Grove Brass Band performed a varied and very accomplished programme for us and the soloists included Harvey and Barbara’s grandson playing the cornet which made their VP evening extra special. Everyone appreciated the evening which began with a good traditional Hot-Pot supper.


Sadly as we now know this was to be Harry Newton’s last event at Brookdale as he died very soon afterwards. Harry has been a wonderfully loyal member of this section and enjoyed Caracamp weekends with Margaret for many years before serving on the committee and becoming our chairman until last year. Harry was a very active member of Brookdale and will be sadly missed by many people.


The next date to note is the section AGM on Thursday 14th May at 8pm in the Lesser Hall. After that it’s “outdoors” until the autumn with the two Carabreaks already published in May and June.


We would like to send Good Wishes to Marion Barber who is celebrating her 90th birthday about now. Our best wishes also go to Joyce Doodson who hasn’t been too well recently.


* * * * *




At last there are signs of spring and the nasty colds and coughs so many of us suffered over the winter are mostly becoming just a memory.


Our VP dance in February was well attended by 72 people and much enjoyed by Ray, our president, his wife Ingrid and all the VPs and their escorts. We look forward to our Spring Dance on Saturday 18th April and our Charity Tea Dance on Sunday 21st June.


The section AGM will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th May prior to our weekly dancing session.

Special thanks go to our hard-working MCs who produce the programmes of music and dances for our weekly sessions and our special occasions. We all appreciate the amount of time and effort they put in.


* * * * *




In the Garden


The Blossom is out in force with everything from flowering cherries to common or garden fruit trees contributing to the show. Now is the time to get into the garden and enjoy it. However even in April short frosts can still catch you out so don’t be tempted into planting tender bedding and patio flowers too soon.


It will soon be May heralding the end of spring and the start of summer with the excitement of seeing new flowers opening every time you step outdoors.


May is also the time to keep tabs on the new rash of garden pests that start to appear as it warms up. It is also time to keep up to date with routine mowing, weeding and hoeing


Indoors Plants


April is the time to give your indoor plants a spring clean, removing dead leaves and washing off dust. Slightly increase the rate of watering and give cacti their first watering of the season. Give a liquid house-plant fertiliser to all plants you have had for more than six months.


May onwards you should water all plants liberally until autumn. Give liquid fertiliser. Avoid standing plants in a direct draft. See that plants apart from succulents do not remain in south facing windows-sill at mid-day.


The coffee morning and Bulb show in the Main Hall on Saturday 14th February was well attended. The entries to the “Bulb Show were testament to the skill and dedication of all who contributed. Our Head Gardener and Chairperson Maureen gave good gardening advice to all, as ever and Colin Smith our VP provided much hilarity with his now “infamous selection of e-mails” and anecdotes.


The Saturday 27th February Evening Event in the Main Hall was a great success with a superb demonstration of Exotic and Traditional Flower arranging by Mark of Hazel Grove Flowers. All Flower arrangements were raffled on the night. Trudy Dickson kindly donated her prize to the Brookdale which was regally place in the club foyer and drew many an admiring comment. This was truly a marvellous meeting and all had a good time.


Saturday 21st March – Coffee Morning.

Our Coffee morning was well attended. The spring flower table decorations with their glorious colours and fragrances lifted the spirits and all who contributed should be commended. Our Head Gardener and Chairperson Maureen gave good gardening advice to all followed by Colin Smith our VP who was as entertaining as ever. The coffee, tea and delicious biscuits rounded off a most delightful morning.


Forthcoming Events for your diary


Saturday 18th April – Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10am.


Tuesday 21st April – visit to RHS Harlow Carr – Further details are available at the coffee morning and at the notice board or from Christine Pickford on 0161 439 1948.


Friday 24th April – A Fun Evening “Gardeners Question Time” In the Upper Hall at 8pm

A panel of expert gardeners answer your questions on your gardening problems and give sound practical advice on virtually any problem that might arise in your garden relating to Trees, Shrubs and Herbaceous, Houseplants, Fruit and Vegetables and Pests and Diseases. The main emphasis of the evening will be “Fun” followed by a Raffle. Further details are available at the coffee morning and at the notice board. All members of the Brookdale Club are welcome.


Saturday 9th May – Coffee Morning in the Main Hall – 10.00am.


Thursday 21st May – Gardening Section AGM in the Upper Hall at 8pm. Further details will be available at the coffee morning and at the notice board.


Tuesday 23rd June – Visit to Hopton Hall near Carsington Water, Derbyshire. Further details will be available at the coffee morning and at the notice board.


Thursday 23rd July – visit to Portmerion. Further details of this eagerly awaited visit will be available at the coffee morning and at the notice board.


To any of our members who are in ill health, or, are recovering, we send our best wishes.


* * * * *




I wrote last time about clearing up the Christmas debris, but scarcely has this been done before the lounge is again covered with colourful paper – this time the holiday brochures! And this must mean that spring is here and another Linguist’s season is drawing to a close.


So I now have the last Linguists social events of the season to report on. First, the Spring Coffee Morning on Saturday 21st February, which provided another welcome opportunity for members to indulge in their favourite pastime of drinking coffee, chatting to friends and eating biscuits. All very enjoyable.


Secondly, there was our Main Event on Saturday 21st March, which was a very special evening celebrating our Section’s Golden Anniversary. How appropriate, then, that we were entertained by a talk from Brian Hallworth on the music and events of the sixties, a decade which I am sure holds many memories for all of us. But first, we were given a Buffet Supper with a sixties “Berni Inn” theme, which was delicious. Congratulations and thanks to our committee and their helpers for all the hard work they have done in providing the Anniversary evening, the Coffee Morning, and indeed all the events we have been part of during another successful Brookdale season for the Linguists.


Which means there is only one note for your diary this time – our Annual General Meeting on Monday, 11th May at 8.00pm in the Upper Hall. This is not our most glamorous event, but it is important for us all, since it is the opportunity to meet the Committee and hear about their work for this season and next, and also to put your views on what our Section should be doing. So do be there.


We would like to start our second fifty years by extending the range of our activities, and to this end we are thinking of starting a “Scrabble Group”, where members can meet to play this ever challenging game. We might also broaden the group to take in other games, depending on what the members want. I have no details, because of course all depends on what those participating would like, but if you are interested, please contact David Greenfield on 0161-439-9371 or at [email protected] or speak to any member of the Committee so that we can assess how many people might be interested.


Finally, the usual trumpet call for our language groups, which always welcome new members. They require a reasonable knowledge of the language concerned, and most have some expert speakers. The English group is for anyone with an interest in the spoken and written language, and its activities are very varied – come and try it, and relish our varied and beautiful language! To find out more, do contact the Group Leaders who are:-


FRENCH                        Jo Moor                                   0161-439-9818

GERMAN                      Peter Miles                               0161-488-4130

WELSH                          George Beaumont                 0161-439-5445

ENGLISH                      Jean Harrington                     0161-456-8761

SPANISH                       David Singleton                      0161-485-5123


* * * * *




The Ramblers Committee is looking into starting Long Rambles again.

The Long Rambles would take place on the fourth Thursday of each month from March to October .They will be 6 to 8 miles long.


Meeting in Brookdale Car Park at 9-30 am for car sharing to the Peak District or other good walking areas. A packed lunch would be required.


If you have any queries or are interested then please contact

Denis Downham 0161 292 2350       [email protected]



Fletcher Moss Park Stroll on Sunday, 22nd February 2015


Five stalwarts set off from The Didsbury pub car park and walked down Stenner Lane on a very cold and cloudy day with a biting wind. A bit of sleet at the start thankfully soon stopped. We turned left at the bottom of the hill onto the path along Poplar Avenue.  We stopped for a few minutes to watch rugby match played by 10 or so year olds. There was a goodly crowd of around 20 parents and friends and 1 dog. The handling on display was excellent despite the wet and windy conditions. Who knows, maybe we were watching some future England stars.


We continued along Poplar Avenue, muddy in places, to the Mersey. At this point, we met a group of people with three small poodles dressed in smart red body warmers. The dogs were very friendly and came rushing up for us to stroke them. However, a lady with them said that this show of friendliness was misleading. They could be very vicious and usually attacked as a pack to compensate for their small size. This was said with a smile but we kept an eye on them as we carried on.


We walked along the riverbank a short distance and then turned left at Millgate Fields. We followed the path in a loop back to Poplar Avenue, with Millgate Fields and Stenner Woods on our right. A slight drizzle started as we walked along Poplar Avenue but held off until we got back to The Didsbury for a very welcome warm and a lunch. A non-stroller joined us for an excellent lunch.   Leaders Alan Barker and Tony Cummings


Lyme View Marina / Brookledge Lane Stroll on Sunday, 22nd March 2015


Nine strollers gathered in the Miners Arms car park on a lovely, warm and sunny day. We decided to walk along Middlewood Way to Brookledge Lane and return via the canal rather than the other way around There are 20 or so fairly steep steps from Middlewood Way up to Brookledge Lane, though there is a handrail. We agreed that if anyone felt that they could not manage the steps, the party would split into two groups each with a leader. One group would return along the canal and the other would return along Middlewood Way. We set off along Middlewood Way heading south along the cutting . About halfway along the route opened out to give some splendid views of the lush green Cheshire countryside, which we stopped briefly to admire.

When we reached the bridge at Brookledge Lane, everyone managed the steps up to the road. We walked up the road for 50 yards or so, past some lovely stone cottages on our right, and then took the short cobbled ramp down to the canal.  Not far along the canal, the path had partly sunk into the canal so we were careful not to fall in. A few yards further on we stopped and had a rest for 5 minutes.  The house high up on the opposite bank had a beautifully kept large garden, which swept down to its own mooring for two canal boats. Very nice. We carried on back to Lyme View Marina passing a small sunken 2-man cruiser complete with warning signs on the canal bank.  We saw a couple of canal boats on the move during our walk along the canal bank, hopefully heralding the start of Spring and some good weather.

We had an excellent lunch at the Miners Arms to round off a perfect Spring day out.

Leaders: Alan Barker and Tony Cummings



Broadbottom – Thursday 12th February 2015.


The weather on that Thursday was dry, overcast and with little wind. The snow of the previous week had gone and there had been no rain from the previous few days.   Nine ramblers, including the President and his wife, assembled at Lymefield Visitor Centre, Broadbottom and our 5.25 mile ramble, and not  4.0 miles as stated on the newspaper’s ‘Weekend Walk’ column. It took us along tracks, across fields, through woods, down very steep wooded hillsides and twice across the River Etherow.Leaving the Visitor Centre. We passed through the Broad Mill Heritage Site where interpretation boards explained the history of this old cotton-spinning mill. Then using Warrastfold footbridge we crossed the gorge and the River Etherow, passing Warhurst Fold farm and more isolated and quaint stone houses. One was under construction, with magnificent views across the valley. We reached Rosegrove Cottage and took a single span footbridge across a small stream and moving on to eventually reach the attractive hamlet of Boarfold.


Continuing on we reached the River Etherow again and crossed it using a green metal footbridge. Here we stopped for our tea or coffee break. Refurbished we pressed on and passed the14th century Botham’s Hall followed by fields with sheep and winter lambs prancing about. Passing along and then through the Great Wood an ancient woodland at least 400 years old which in medieval times was part of the Longdendale Royal Forest of the Peak we reached Hodge Lane. Proceeding on we passed the old stone Dye Vats of a calico print works that date from 1805. Further, on we passed the 1676 agricultural workers stone cottages, which are quaint, well kept and lived in. At the end of Hodge Lane, we reached the track, which enabled us to retrace our steps back through Broad Mill to our cars at Lymefield Visitor Centre.


With changed footwear, the nine ramblers strolled down the lane to the Tea Room at Lymefield Garden Centre where we enjoyed the social chat our lunchtime meal.

Leader: Denis Downham


Thursday 12th March Ramble


On a somewhat cloudy day 16 of us set off from the famous old pub The Ring O’ Bells, Marple, situated where the Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals meet. We had intended a circular walk along the Peak Forest Canal up to the Romper and back to Marple, but on our leaders’ attempt, the previous Monday, in pouring rain, it was discovered that the towpath had been closed by the River authorities for essential repair work.  Undaunted, we stuck with the Macclesfield Canal which was fairly muddy but passable, up to the A6 Junction where we rested a while, turned tail and returned for a great meal (8 of us) to the Pub.  No, we didn’t lose anyone – some just had to get back, the forecasted rain didn’t appear, and we had a fine time.

Leaders: Sheila and Dieter Salden.


* * * * *




The karaoke event in February was a great evening, with a tasty supper, some glorious singing – and some not so glorious – but all performed in the enthusiastic and can-do spirit typical of karaoke. VP Iain is quite the crooner! Michael Bublé eat your heart out!


Listening to various audience comments as they left the auditorium during the week of Two, it was clear that people were engaged in appreciative and lively debate. The play was a challenge, not only for the actors, but also to some extent for the audience who were called upon to use their imagination rather more than usual. The fact that it took no time at all to “see” the other pub regulars, the beer pumps and pint pots, is testament to the ability of the two actors. A play with a difference! Congratulations to everyone involved.


Next, all are eyes on Fiddler on the Roof (27th April to 2nd May). If you were at the April coffee morning, you will have been treated to some musical numbers performed by members of the cast. We hope this whetted your appetite for more! If so, do complete and return the enclosed booking form without delay, tickets are going fast! Not only will you see some familiar faces on stage, along with young people from BYT, but we are also joined by dancers from the Podilya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.


EXCITING NEWS: Your VP Iain Dickinson recently announced next season’s productions and those of you on email and Facebook will already know that they are (drum roll)….

  • Curtain Up, a comedy by Peter Quilter – 7th to 10th October 2015;
  • Crazy for You, a musical by Ken Ludwig and featuring music of George and Ira Gershwin, presented by BYT – 23rd to 28th November 2015;
  • Robin Hood and Maid Marion, a pantomime by Ray Wood – 18th to 23rd January 2016;
  • Natural Causes, a black comedy by Eric Chappell – 9th to 12th March 2016;
  • Singin’ in the Rain, a musical based on the MGM film – 25th to 30th April 2016.

Get-togethers and auditions are being scheduled in the near future and dates will be announced at the coffee morning, on the Theatre noticeboard and via email.


The Theatre AGM is on 28th May: do make a note in your diaries to come along and have your say – or just catch up with friends. And, if you would like to take a more active role in the running of the section, why not put yourself forward for the Executive Committee. Marilyn Webley can give you more information and a nomination form.


Finally, the Committee is planning a Barbeque later in the Summer – look out for details in the next newsletter.


* * *




Our visit to the musical Top Hat was a great success. Irving Berlin’s songs still stand the test of time and the energy, skill and enthusiasm of the whole cast was to be wondered at. We were thankful to be on the coach for our journey home and not having to drive ourselves in the horrendous rush hour traffic.


We hope our next theatre visit will be to see The Woman in Black at The Buxton Opera House on Tuesday 16th June, coach leaving at 5.45pm.   At the time of writing we don’t have enough people signed up to make it a viable visit. We need a minimum of 45 people, so if you would like to join us, please do sign the list now so that I can make a firm booking.


The Woman in Black sold out the first night it was staged in 1987 in London and is now one of the longest running plays in theatrical history. It is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary by running a parallel national tour. Apparently the book is part of the national curriculum so you may have young family members who would like to join us. We look forward to seeing you.


* * * * *




Since the last newsletter we had a talk from James Moss on the “The Secrets of the Taj Mahal”. It was our VP evening and we had a very good turn out to support Edna Prophet.


The luncheon at the Alma Lodge was very successful. Everyone seemed to enjoy a very tasty lunch. The general feeling was that we should do it again.


Coming up on Friday 17th April Peter Kirk is talking about “East Africa Game Parks”. Personally I am looking forward to this; I think it will be very interesting.


Friday 22nd May is our AGM. Do come along and support us .and of course, find out who will be our next VP


Friday 26th June we have Gordon Gadsby talking about “Highlands, Island and Alps”.


Saturday 11th July is our coffee morning.


On President Charity Day we are having a yellow/green/white stall. I know I have mentioned it previously but I am giving you plenty of time to find something for us. Thank you in advance.


Finally our good wishes for a speedy recovery to any of our members who are “under the weather”.


* * * * *




This entry of the news is for publication later in April but as I write this copy March the weather is behaving very true to the old saying that “ March goes out like a Lion”. We really have had almost everything that one can imagine, with the exception of snow, and my Daffodils are finding it very hard to smile in such conditions.


Never mind I feel sure that you all remembered to change your clocks to Summertime last weekend and are allwaiting for more Springlike days when we can get out to straighten up our gardens once again. Reflecting on the March Lunch on the 18th everyone seemed to enjoy Eric Newton on “The Life and Times of a Busker” together with his highly accomplished renditions n his Clarinet


The above comments lead me on to our lunch on Wednesday 15th April when Estelle Weiner will

talk to us on The History and Mystery of Abney Hall. You may remember that a little while ago Estelle came to speak to us with a very interesting talk on the industry of Diamonds. Everyone found this very fascinating and I feel sure that her new researches and talk about Abney Hall, which is so local to us will be well worth listening to.


Our lunch on Wednesday 20th May is our AGM when we have a Salmon and Salad lunch etc Hopefully you will all have collected your notice and agenda at the April Lunch. We look forward to the introduction by our Vice-President of his successor together with the other items which are listed and open for discussion by all those present.


On Wednesday 17th June we have a special event with our Afternoon Tea when our Vice President entertains all the other Sectional and Club Vice Presidents. This is always a popular event at a popular price when we hope as many of you as possible will attend. Following this event we have our annual break until September.


Before closing this entry I am taking the unusual step of mentioning the loss of one of our Members on Sunday 29th March By the time you read this many of you will know that I refer to Harry Newton who has been a Walrus member and Committee Member for many years. Together with his late wife, Harry joined Brookdale in the August of 1978 and has been interested in many activities throughout his membership. Recently enjoying his 90th Birthday in the Clubhouse with an active concert of the music he loved. He will be long remembered and much missed..


Now that Spring has arrived we hope that you are all looking forward to a good summer.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on our smart new notice board for all future activities.


* * * * *




I was about to write the April news when I heard the sad news that Harry Newton had passed away. We had been with him at Caracamp the previous evening where  he was obviously struggling. He and Margaret supported us for many years and he rarely missed a Wine meeting after he lost Margaret and was involved in entertaining us on many occasions. He was such a lovely gentleman and Brookdale  had become his second home over the past few years- it was unusual to visit the Club without seeing him there.
He will be fondly remembered. We will miss him, may he rest in peace.
On to happier things…
We transformed the main hall into a Vegas Casino one Friday evening in February. Everyone had a fantastic evening and we have been overwhelmed by requests to ‘ do it again’ ! So WATCH THIS SPACE. A lot of hard work by the committee went in to preparing the occasion, and particular thanks must go to Kerry and Arthur Blake who, although not members of the section (yet!), helped tremendously with the ‘props’, and on the night. Sue’s canapés were out of this world by the way!


The March meeting, unfortunately, fared less well. For various reasons, we only managed 32 folk at The Price is Right. Those of us who played the game had some fun and we enjoyed delicious home made burgers and chocolate brownies, courtesy of Sue and Ron Khouri. Massive thanks to Ian McEwen who was quizmaster and The Dickinson Duo who had prepared all the questions and took us back to the time when we spent far less money. A new mini for £700!!


Back to the present..


As you read this issue, many members of Wine and Food and their friends will be somewhere at sea, having sailed on the MV Brookdale and experienced the Gala Dinner on board on Friday 10th April!


On a more serious note please diary our AGM on Friday 8th May. This year seems to have flown by and it’s time to find out who will become our VP elect, and who the new committee will be. We have a lot of fabulous evenings in our section, all of which take time and effort to organise. If you feel you would like to help, then please come and join our merry band. Even if you don’t feel that committees are your thing it would be lovely to see some extra helpers at our various events.


In the centre of the News is an application form for tickets to our VP Evening on 12th June.

This is always a popular evening and this year VP John Swait will welcome you to his Summer Soirée where you will be transported to the 1920s to enjoy a splendid buffet and the wonderful music of the Palm Court era.  Tarry not.


We are already in the process of planning next year’s programme and it looks very exciting. Do encourage your friends to join us! Membership is only a couple of pounds!

Finally, but very sincerely, we send our best wishes to those of you who are or have been below par , Sylvia Hill, Ken Tomasin, and Joan Clare.



* * * * *




We would like to welcome the following new members to Brookdale:-





Mrs Julia Bannister Miss Emma Bradbury Mr John Fortune
Mrs Laila Fortune Mr Stuart Pickering
Mr Simon Bradbury Mrs Janet Rigby
Mr Joachim Jordan
Pheobe Allington Isaac Campion Anine Conne;;
Eva Crager Ailsa Crow Amelia Harris
Daniel Heywood Leoni Jones Lydia Parrott
Francesca Sumpter



Mr Vernon Elliott



Mr Stuart Dickson Mrs Margaret Withington Mrs June Binns
Miss Norah Toyne




Mrs Pamela Bristol Mr Stewart Bristol Mr Jack Thompson
Bethany Burton Taidgh Campbell Maisy Corfield
Georgia Cunningham Chloe Dudley Cameron Henderson
Eleanor Tollerfield
Mr Harold Berrisford


* * * * *




Congratulations  on this wonderful occasion  of Brian and Jean Lingwood  Diamond Wedding   from the Art Group.   The Art group would like to wish a speedy recovery to Joyce Doodson  and Peter Stafford.
The Art Group’s thoughts go to Rosie Barrett on her recent house fire.


Bowling section hopes that all members who have been under-the-weather during the winter months are now feeling fit and well.


The Dancing Section send good wishes to Denis Cherrington who has been in hospital and to our members who are experiencing some health issues and are unable to attend regularly at the moment; we hope you all get well soon.


Two significant wedding anniversaries in March – Bryan and Jean Lingwood (Diamond) and Joyce and Michael Cocker (Golden) – Theatre send congratulations to both couples!


The Theatre section wish Sylvia Hill a speedy recovery from her hip operation.


Travel sends Congratulations to Frank Sinton and Eden Dan who both celebrated their 90th birthdays recently.


Wine and Food Section send heartiest congratulations to Bryan and Jean Lingwood on the occasion of their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in March.


* * *




Jean and Bryan Lingwood would like to thank all those Members and Sections who so kindly sent them cards and Good wishes on the occasion of their Diamond Wedding on Thursday 19th March.


Jean and Roy Tudge thank everyone for their sympathy, cards, calls and attendance at the funeral of their son, Neil Wood. Donations to Bramall Hall in Neil’s memory have raised over £600 for the hall


* * *




The Social Committee would like to send its best wishes and condolences to Jean & Roy Tudge on the sad loss of Jean’s son Neil Wood and also to friends and relations of Harry Newton. Harry was a long time member of Brookdale and got involved in many activities – he will be greatly missed.


The Bowling Section on hearing the sad news of the death of Harry Newton would like to express their sympathy to his family , he was a much loved member of the section and will be missed by all.


Members of Caracamp send condolences to all the members of Harry Newton’s family on Harry’s death.


The Gardeners send their sincere condolences to  Jean  and Roy Tudge  following the sad death of Neil ”


The  Gardeners   were saddened to hear of the  death of Harry Newton, their sincere condolences are sent to  Harry’s  family


The Dancing Section were saddened to hear of the death of Don Fletcher, a former member and MC, and our sincere condolences go to Pat and the family.


The Ramblers were saddened to hear of the death of Harry Newton. He was with us at our Coffee Morning on  28th March. He will be greatly missed.

Theatre wish to offer condolences to the family of Harry Newton, a great theatre supporter.


Travel extends their sympathies to Marilyn Baker’s family on hearing of her recent passing.


Wine and Food Section send condolences to the family of Marilyn Baker.


* * * * *








Membership Class Subscription
Ordinary [Full] £65
Introductory £20
Intermediate (aged 18-25 yrs) £15
Junior (under 18 yrs ) £10
Country £10
Associate £10





























If you have any queries concerning a Section or Event you may find the following list helpful:-


Section Secretary Telephone No.
Andante Pam Griffiths 419 9727
Art Delia Haslam 486 0550
Bar* Angela Cowap 439 5598
Bowling Hiliary Black 440 9074
Bridge Rosemary Moorhouse 427 6001
Caracamp Wendy Birch-Jones 483 1672
Dancing Alison Dawson 439 7518
Gardening Valerie Evans 01625 525580
Kitchens* Wendy Joyce 01625 873601
Linguists Sheila Haley 439 5240
Ramblers Shirley Cropper 483 0626
Social* Judy Rodwell 485 4665
TheatreTheatregoers* Marilyn WebleyVivien Whittaker 456 5588439 2648
Travel Jean Hopkins 439 6626
Walrus Jean Lingwood 439 3181
Wine Roger Salt 439 0371

*Sub- Committee


  • Contact details for Club Officials and the Editor are inside the front cover.


  • If you would like any information about joining any of the above groups or helping the committees then please do not hesitate to ring the Secretary shown above for more information.











Weds 15th Walrus Luncheon MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 16th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Fri 17th Travel: “Eat Africa Game Parks” – Peter Kirk UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 18th Gardening Coffee Morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Tues 21st Visit to Harlow Carr COACH tba
Fri 24th Gardeners Question time UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 25th Andante Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sun 26th Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Mon 27th – 1st May Travel spring break See notice board
Mon -Sat 27th -2nd May Theatre Production ” Fidler on the Roof”Saturday matinee MAIN HALL 19:3014:00
Sat 2nd Theatre Coffee Morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 2nd 250 Club Draw BAR 11:45
Sun 3rd Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Sun 3rd Affinity Show Choir HALL 19:30
Fri -Tues 7th -12th Caracamp break OSWESTRY
Fri 8th Wine & Food AGM UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 9th Gardening Coffee Morning MAIN HALL 10:00
Sun 10th Table Top Sale MAIN & LESSER HALLS 9:00
Sun 10th Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Mon 11th Linguists AGM UPPER HALL 19:30
Tues 12th Bowling Section AGM UPPER HALL 20:00
Weds 13th Dancing Section AGM UPPER HALL 19:30
Thurs 14th Ramblers: Ramble, Stroll and Annual meal See notice board 09:30 &10:30
Thurs 14th Caracamp AGM LESSER H;ALL 20:30
Fri 15th President’s night raffle collection MAIN HALL 19:30
Sat 16th President’s evening LESSER HALL 19:00
Mon 18th Ramblers: AGM LESSER HALL 20:00
Tues 19th Social Committee AGM TBA 14:30
Weds 20th Walrus luncheon and AGM MAIN HALL 12:30
Thurs 21st Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Thurs 21st Gardening Section AGM UPPER HALL 20:00
Fri 22nd Travel Section AGM UPPER HALL 20:00
Sun 24th Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Tues 26th Social Committee: AGM tba tba
Thurs 28th Theatre AGM UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 6th Theatre Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 6th 250 Club draw BAR 11:45
Sun 7th Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Thurs 11th Rambler: Ramble See notice board 09:30
Thurs -Tues 11th-16th Caracamp break CAROG NORTH WALES
Fri 12th Wine & Food: VP evening UPPER HALL 19:00 for 19:30
Tues 16th Charity Bowling BOWLING GREEN 13:15
Weds 17th Walrus Afternoon Tea MAIN HALL 14:30
Thurs 18th Bowling Captain’s Day POYNTON SPORTS CLUB 10:30
Thurs 18th Charity Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Sat 20th Charity Fair MAIN HALL From 10:00
Sat 20th Charity Luncheon UPPER HALL 13:00
Sun 21st Charity Tea Dance MAIN HALL 14:00
Sun 21st Charity Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Tues 23rd Hopton Hall COACH tba
Fri 26th Travel: Gordon Gadsby-“Highlands, Islands &Aalps” UPPER HALL 20:00
Sat 27th Charity Concert with Ashton-on-Mersey Showband MAIN HALL 19:30
Sun 28th Ramblers: Stroll See notice board 10:30
Sat 4th Theatre Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 4th 250 Club Draw BAR 11:45
Thurs 9th Ramblers: Ramble See notice board 09:30
Sat 11th Travel Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sun 12th Andante President’s Charity MAIN HALL 15:00
Thurs 16th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Thurs 23rd Portmerion COACH tba
Sun 26th Ramblers Stroll See notice board 10:30
Sat 1st 250 Club draw BAR 11:45
Sun 2nd Bar Quiz BAR 20:00
Thurs 20th Open Whist Drive UPPER HALL 19:30
Sat 5th Theatre Coffee morning UPPER HALL 10:30
Sat 19th VPs Evening TBA












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