If your event is not shown, please send an email to [email protected] and I will add it with pleasure. Send me as much detail as you can please.

Clicking on an event may supply you with more details.  NB Event end times are not accurate.
To see the fuller details, select “Agenda” from the top right tabs.

Events are initially taken from the bookdale news.

If you use Google Calendar, you can automatically have the Brookdale Club linked to your own calendar. From your Google Calendar, select ‘other calendars’ and ‘select a friend’s calendar’. Then enter the email address of [email protected].  Google calendar is a free service, so if you do not have one, sign up and then link to our calendar.

List View of Calendar

Any errors or omissions should be notified to [email protected] please Please ignore any “End” times shown on this calendar.  Events default to 1 hour duration. SPECIAL NOTE We are having technical problems with this page.  It will be sorted before 13 November 2017 so please bear with us.  Thank you.  

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